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Rio 2016, India Day 2 Olympics Highlights: Dipa Karmakar reahces artistic Gymnastics final at Games

Dipa Karmakar impressed one and all after she qualified for the apparatus final in artistic gymnastics.

dipa karmakar, dipa karmakar live, rio olympics live, olympics 2016 live, live dipa karmakar event, gymnastics olympics live, gymnastics live, dipa karmakar gymnastics, live olympics Dipa Karmakar became India’s first gymnast to qualify for finals. (Source: Reuters)

Dipa Karmakar, after two disappointing days at the Rio Olympics for India, gave the country something to cheer about after after becaming the first Indian to reach the final of apparatus in the artistic Gymnastics. She qualified after finishing eighth in the qualification with a total score of 14.850 in two vaults.

Karmakar scored 15.100 on the first vault through her Prodonova and later on her second the Tsukahara, with scored 14.860, with 6.000 for difficulty and scored 8.860 in execution.

In a total of five subdivisions, the gymnasts tried to qualify by finishing in top eight. After three subdivisions, Karmakar was sixth the her qualification depended on performances from gymnasts from USA, Japan, Canada and Russia.

USA’s Simone Biles, the flying American, who said she “didn’t want to die doing Produnova” tallied a monstrous 16.050 to top the qualification.

Dipa Karmakar’s event in Gymnastics: As it happened

# On the eve of India’s Independence Day, she will try to bring home a medal in Gymnastics, a sport the country has not tapped big

# She will play the final on August 14 at 2317 hrs IST. It will be a big day for her and India

0610 hrs IST: THERE IT IS! HISTORY FOR INDIA! DIPA KARMAKAR becomes first Indian to make apparatus finals of artistic Gymnastics


0600 hrs IST: Canada’s Shallon Olsen does two and half twists to score 15.300. This is one of toughest vaults of the day

0547 hrs IST: Canada’s world finalist Brittany Rogers does a 14.666 on 1st vault

0543 hrs IST: Three Canada gymnasts to go in next each attempting two vaults to get into final. Dipa still 7th


0536 hrs IST: Mexico’s Moreno stumbles a tad off the mat on her first vault. Scores 14.400. Second vault is for 14.633. She is out of finals race after finishing 10th

0528 hrs IST: Scary landing from Cuban first up, she staggered close to table. Second vault stuck

0520 hrs IST; Miyakawa 11th after averaging 14.366. Not in finals contention. Next Vidiaux and Moreno. Dipa still 7th

0505 hrs IST: Japan’s Sae Miyakawa 1st vault 14.966. Average of two vaults considered

0500 hrs IST: Everyone else does just 1 vault, but the remaining 6 gymnasts (mentioned below) will do the mandatory two attempts needed for vault final


0455 hrs IST: Japan to go on vaults now. Sae Miyakawa their vaulting specialist. Dipa currently seventh in standings with last sub division starting

0435 hrs IST: This is the runway Dipa Karmakar will compete given she makes the final



0417 hrs IST: American gymnasts have steadfastly rejected the Produnova and Simone Biles 16.050 is a vindication of their belief that they don’t need a risk vault to win gold

0416 hrs IST: The Produnova, a move that Karmakar banks on, might be devalued to below 7.0 after this Olympics

gymnastics The gymnastics center in Rio where Dipa Karmakar competed. (Source: Express photo)

0413 hrs IST: Sae Miyakawa (Jap), Marcia Vidiaux (Cub), Alexa Moreno (Mex) and Canadians Brittany Rogers, Elsabeth Black, Shallon Olsen are the six remaining gymnasts

0410 hrs IST: Six more gymnasts are scheduled to gun for a place in the Vault final. Dipa currently eighth, the last place to qualify

0407 hrs IST: Dipa Karmakar slips to eighth! China’s Wang Nan’s sneaks into top 8

0405 hrs IST: Uzbeki Oksana Chusovitina who lies 5th with 14.999 might raise the stakes and unveil her Produnova. Oksana is a legend, at her 7th Olympics like Leander Paes, and might go for the Produnova if she finds herself in medal contention

0404 hrs IST: Dipa Karmakar might not be the only gymnast attempting Produnova if she makes the final

0403 hrs IST: Top Russian Maria Paseka had 15.049 though the Indian edged ahead of another Russian Seda Tutkhalian

0400 hrs IST: There’s north Korean Hong un-Jong at 15.683, elegant Swiss Giulia Steingruber at 15.266

0359 hrs IST: Simone Biles, the flying American, who said she “didn’t want to die doing Produnova” tallied a monstrous 16.050

0353 hrs IST: The final qualification round – subdivision 5 has France, Canada and crucially Japan besides individual gymnasts from Ukraine, Poland, Mexico, Cuba and Portugal

0350 hrs IST: The fifth and final round of qualification start an hour from now! Only one gymnast can score more than her. If two score more, Dipa is eliminated

0347 hrs IST: We know that the top eight qualify! USA’s Simone Biles sits at the top. Karmakar averages 14.850 to lie seventh

0344 hrs IST: Okay! This is the latest we have – Dipa Karmakar provisionally 7th in vault qualification with one more Qualification series of 16 gymnasts to go

0200 hrs IST: USA is performing now! This can decide whether Karmakar qualifies or not. They have some world class gymnasts

If you still haven’t got why Dipa Karmakar is not in the final yet, read it here (click)

0101 hrs IST: Dipa Karmakar can only qualify if the other subdivisions give only 2 more gymnasts. That looks higly unlikely

0100 hrs IST: Performances of Japan, China and other countries also left. Her chances of qualifying for final look slim

0050 hrs IST: Team USA’s performance yet to take place. No final result for Dipa Karmakar until they perform. Stay tuned

0040 hrs IST: The two sub-divisions will be held in the next five hours. Till then we have to wait for the final result. Dipa’s qualification will be decided then only

0030 hrs IST: Dipa is currently sixth in Vaults! Top eight qualify for finals. Apparently, there are  two more sub divisions left. Stay tuned for the final result

0017 hrs IST: Dipa Karmakar is 21st overall after 4 apparatus. Her average score is 51.665. Vault: 15.100, Uneven Bars: 11. 666, Balance beam: 12.866, Floor: 12.033

0010 hrs IST: That is it for Dipa Karmakar for today. In  her final rotation, she gets 12.033! 5.200 for difficulty, 7.133 for execution but she got a -0.300 penalty

0005 hrs IST: Dipa Karmakar begins her floor exercise. This is the last rotation for her in the event

2349 hrs IST: Dipa Karmakar gets a score of 12.866 in balance beams! 5.300 for difficulty and 7.566 for execution

2345 hrs IST: Balance beam event for India! She needs a good performance here

2325 hrs IST: Dipa now performs at the uneven bar! A clean performance from her. Only 11.666 the score for her. She won’t be happy with it. Lingers at 38 in uneven bar

2320 hrs IST: Dipa Karmakar is sixth in Vault after 2 attempts! 15.1 the score in first attempt and 14.6 score in second

2313 hrs IST: Dipa Karmakar performs the Produnova! She gets 14.166! She gets a clean performance

2310 hrs IST: Home girl Savaia has sent the crowd cheering. Perfect rotation, perfect performance! She gets 15.133, highest so far

2304 hrs IST: The German gymnast gets 13.66 for her performance. A good show. Followed by a clean performance from Japan. She scores 14.7!

2301 hrs IST: Gaum also with a beautiful vault. Body movement at perfection and she lands clean!

2300 hrs IST: Brazil gymnast first up and she has got it clean on the uneven bars. Good show and the crowd applauads

2250 hrs IST: Dipa Karmakar all set for her event. She will begin at fifth. This is her first Olympics

Dipa Karmakar Profile: Artistic Gymnastics

dipa karmakar, karmakar, dipa karmakar india, dipa karmakar gymnastics, rio 2016, rio 2016 olympics, olympics, olympics pudonova, gymnastics olympics Dipa Karmakar will be competing in her first Olympics.

Dipa Karmakar, India’s first female gymnast to qualify for the quadrennial mega event after 52 years from India. Karmakar was pleasantly surprised when she was informed of a gold pin she was to receive from the international parent body for being a ‘World Class Gymnast’ after her showing at the World Championships in Oct-Nov 2015. Karmakar is one of the five women that have successfully landed the very difficult Produnova vault in competition

Karmakar is a ‘world class gymnast’

rio 2016, rio olympics, rio 2016 olympics, olympics, olympics 2016, dipa karmakar, dipa karmakar india, gymnastics, sports news, sports Dipa Karmakar who has stayed calm and poised through her meteoric rise, finally was keen on celebrating the success. (Source: PTI)

Striving towards a long shot medal in gymnastics at the Rio Olympics, Dipa Karmakar was pleasantly surprised when she was informed of a gold pin she was to receive from the international parent body for being a ‘World Class Gymnast’ after her showing at the World Championships in Oct-Nov 2015.

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