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Sunday, July 03, 2022

Happy birthday Krystle D'souza: Her journey from a sanskari bahu to a social swagger

Krystle D'souza's Instagram account defies her image of a demure woman and testifies the actors’s love for clothes, bags, shoes and everything pretty.

Not so easy business

India’s jump in Ease of Business ranking is welcome. But there is much that it does not capture

Poverty in all its faces

Growth can alleviate poverty but its definition needs to expand to make any tangible difference on the ground.

Sun powers the sails

For the seas, solar-powered ships could be what E-vehicles are for land.

Happy Hours & Happy Seeders

How electioneering throws a spanner on solving real problems.

Women’s March in the United States: Is India capable of showing a similar level of solidarity for our women?

January 24, 2017 10:13:39 am

Indians are known to protest. However, seldom has one seen nation-wide, women-led rallies that fight for empowering women.

The new right is wrong

January 24, 2017 12:45:36 am

It is only the old RSS vision for India recycled

Reclaiming the Gulf

January 24, 2017 12:36:44 am

The region is eager to see India return to its traditional role as a major economic and security partner

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and them

January 24, 2017 12:31:40 am

Raheel Sharif’s taking over as director of a new Saudi Arabia-led alliance against terrorism enables Islamabad to re-establish goodwill with Riyadh

Lose-lose situation

January 24, 2017 12:08:05 am

Government’s response to the Jallikattu protests sets a worrying precedent.

Signs of change

January 24, 2017 12:05:53 am

A dictionary for aurally-challenged is welcome. For the disabled in India, many more barriers need to be dismantled.

Zaira’s dangal

January 24, 2017 12:04:11 am

Targeted by trolls, the young actor seems to have found her real-life fighter’s instinct.

Why We Marched

January 24, 2017 12:02:54 am

Protests against Donald Trump have united diverse groups.

Lawless on the shore

January 24, 2017 12:00:45 am

At Marina, an ‘apolitical’ protest and an unresisting government short-circuit due process.

January 24, 1977, Forty Years Ago: Janata Launched

January 24, 2017 12:00:12 am

The party formed by the coming together of the Old Congress, Jana Sangh, BLD and Socialist Party, will have three general secretaries.

With 103 satellites, ISRO’s showpiece launch may earn it massive satellite business

January 23, 2017 7:36:04 pm

The Indian space agency will comfortably break the record previously held by the Russian Dnepr rocket–a transformed inter-continental ballistic missile–which launched 37 satellites into orbit in 2014.

Two months, three derailments: It’s time the ministry takes a closer look at railway safety

January 23, 2017 6:04:54 pm

With the Railways yet to present a comprehensive plan to avoid these vulnerabilities such accidents continue to claim hundreds of lives. The inability to swiftly tackle the issue of safety raises questions of where the attention and resources of the ministry are focused.