Wednesday, December 08, 2021

How limited premium payment term insurance plan works

June 4, 2021 9:42:05 am

Opting for a Limited Premium Plan comes with countless benefits for one's self & family. Who should opt for a Limited Premium Plan & why, know here.

Donate to help this 2-year-old innocent girl fight a rare and deadly kidney disease

May 24, 2021 2:23:45 pm

Tapasi's dream of becoming a mother came true with a beautiful baby girl coming into her life. All the hardships and pain she had endured had been worth it.

World Hypertension Day: Control your blood pressure with regular checks

May 17, 2021 11:11:07 pm

The theme for World Hypertension Day 2021 is Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer. Stay safe by keeping your blood pressure in check with regular readings and following a healthy lifestyle.

Need money urgently? A personal loan for emergency can help

May 14, 2021 6:30:18 pm

Bajaj Finserv offer an instant personal loan that only needs minimal paperwork such as your id proof and income documents.

Discovery India & OPPO’s latest campaign ‘Life Unscene’ explores hidden gems of the country like never before

May 14, 2021 2:14:39 pm

Watch Life Unscene’s spectacular trek to Sandakphu Phalut with Ganesh Vanare only on Discovery Channel India to discover the hidden treasures of Kurseong with Anunay Sood. Read here.

‘Oxygen Concentrators’: Support Khalsa Aid’s efforts to save critical COVID-19 patients

May 12, 2021 6:58:56 pm

“Recognise the whole human race as one,” reads the motto on the shirts donned by scores of Khalsa Aid volunteers across the nation. The sikh community has made the news multiple times now for their tireless COVID-19 relief efforts, especially in distributing free oxygen concentrators to critical COVID-19 patients.  Their fight has breathed life into […]

Cancer has clutched my son; help me save my 15-year-old boy from the deadly disease

May 7, 2021 1:41:05 pm

“Doctor, please do anything but save my son! He is all I have in this world.” I beseeched the doctor with hands folded... as tears trickled down my face uncontrollably. 

The COVID-19 tsunami: How can we save India’s frontline workers from drowning?

May 4, 2021 10:56:04 am

Be the pillar that supports India’s doctors & healthcare workers in this deadly pandemic.

Pune family’s first girl child in 25 years hangs on the hope of a $2.1 million drug

April 27, 2021 3:26:10 pm

Pune baby’s life hangs on the hope of a $2.1 million drug.

Pune family’s first girl child in 25 years hangs on the hope of a $2.1 million drug

April 27, 2021 2:12:56 pm

Pune baby’s life hangs on the hope of a $2.1 million drug.

Get Set for A ‘Safe’ Summer with Croma’s Cool Life!

April 20, 2021 4:19:13 pm

When you wear your mask, you’re protecting not only yourself from the disease, but your loved ones too! This is the message that Croma intended to spread through ‘The Times Power of Print’ (POP) campaign. Read here to know more.

Cancer has taken over his life & my son has little hope to live, help us save his precious life & win against cancer

April 15, 2021 11:25:41 am

“Every time I look at Fazil, my heart sinks. I’m entirely powerless to help my baby boy smile.” my husband, Kasimasab cried.