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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Siddhartha S


Siddhartha S is an author of 5 books — ’60 Keys to Success with NLP’, ‘Thank God it’s Monday’, and many others. He calls himself a ‘weekend writer’ and writes on how to attain peak performance in personal life. The views presented are strictly his personal views and cannot be attributed to any organisation he is or will be part of.

Seven steps to set goals in life
Mon, Jul 20, 2015

Thousands of books have been written about the importance of goal-setting, but only a few of them outline and explain the goal-setting process.

8 tips to improve your public speaking skills
Mon, Jul 13, 2015

People who are interested in mastering the art of public speaking can adopt the following traits.

Master money or it will master you: 7 effective ways to manage your moolah
Mon, Jul 06, 2015

Money cannot solve all the problems in your life, but trust me it takes you a lot closer to the solution.

6 simple steps to overcome your fears
Mon, Jun 29, 2015

Happiness can only be experienced when you confront your worst fears.

Nine negative emotions that you must master for a great life
Mon, Jun 22, 2015

Every negative or disempowering emotion is a signal towards a problem which needs to be rectified. Emotions are our friends if we learn how to interpret them correctly.

5 steps to find your true calling in life
Mon, Jun 15, 2015

True happiness at work is experienced only when we start a business in the area of our passion, something that makes us smile from ear to ear.

Do self help books really work?
Mon, Jun 08, 2015

Personal development or self-help books push you out of your comfort zone and exhort you to explore your potential.

8 keys to handle break-ups and relationships mess
Mon, Jun 01, 2015

End of relationship is not the end of life. It is simply a time to close one chapter of your life.

15 signs of people who hate their work; are you one of them?
Mon, May 25, 2015

I am sure even you know few such people and if you do not, then maybe you are one of them.

10 step formula for everlasting happiness
Mon, May 18, 2015

The world is full of seemingly happy people who are emotionally miserable. But what is happiness?

6 fears of employees who want to start their business
Mon, May 11, 2015

It is possible to face your fears and be successful.

Is India only the land of Khajuraho and Kamasutra?
Thu, May 07, 2015

The work of one author cannot define the reading and writing habits of an entire nation.