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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Siddhartha S


Siddhartha S is an author of 5 books — ’60 Keys to Success with NLP’, ‘Thank God it’s Monday’, and many others. He calls himself a ‘weekend writer’ and writes on how to attain peak performance in personal life. The views presented are strictly his personal views and cannot be attributed to any organisation he is or will be part of.

Working It Out: How to master the art of concentration at work
Mon, Mar 14, 2016

Between you and your goals, there exists an ocean called distraction.

Working It Out: Yes, you can love your job (It’s quite simple, actually)
Mon, Feb 22, 2016

“Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water” – Zen Proverb It’s Monday. Are you loving it, living it or lamenting it? If you’re a complainer or a blamer you will not be able to finish this article. In fact, the title of the article might have already irritated […]

‘I do not know where my time goes’: 5 steps to manage your time better
Mon, Feb 08, 2016

Time cannot be saved, it can only be wasted or invested. What are you doing with your time?

7 destructive habits that waste your time at work
Tue, Jan 19, 2016

People waste their precious energy by talking about things they cannot change or did not cause. So, choose your conversations wisely at work.

How to make sure your New Year resolutions don’t fail
Mon, Jan 04, 2016

Resolutions are not important for what you will get. They are important for what they will make of you.

7 sure-shot steps to master any skill
Mon, Dec 21, 2015

It does not matter which new skill you want to master, there exists a step-by-step formula that can accelerate your learning.

7-step process to simplify your life and be successful
Mon, Dec 07, 2015

It is very important to feel centred and balanced in your life, otherwise every single day will turn into a battle for survival.

Master these nine negative emotions to improve your life
Wed, Oct 14, 2015

Every negative or disempowering emotion is a signal towards a problem which needs to be rectified. Emotions are our friends if we learn how to interpret them correctly.

What is fear and how to handle it?
Mon, Aug 10, 2015

Fear is apparently a universal emotion; all persons consciously or unconsciously face fear of some sort.

7 ways: How to manage your money effectively
Mon, Aug 03, 2015

We were never taught the important subjects of money, relationships, health and happiness. Here are 7 principles of money mastery for you.

Do you believe in luck?
Mon, Aug 03, 2015

Do you view ‘luck’ as ‘master’ or ‘servant’?

Don’t give up your goals: Believe in the power of affirmations
Mon, Jul 27, 2015

People give up on so many goals and dreams just because someone else talked negatively about them or their passions.