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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Kanishka Singh


Kanishka Singh is a Senior Sub-Editor and writes opinions and analyses for He writes mainly on politics, national security and diplomatic affairs.
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Fact check: Donald Trump’s address to Congress filled with rhetoric and inaccuracies
Thu, Jun 18, 2020

The joint address to Congress by Trump was filled with inaccuracies, rhetoric and exaggerations and after a fact-check, it seems clear that he may have just read a half-researched speech off the teleprompter.

Trump’s half-hearted mention of hate crimes in joint address hints unwillingness to take action
Wed, Mar 01, 2017

His campaign was filled with inflammatory rhetoric and this administration’s policies seem no different. Hate crimes like the Kansas attacks have followed a wave of racist attacks and this wave continues unabated.

Government to release first GDP growth estimates after demonetisation, here’s what to watch out for
Tue, Feb 28, 2017

These are the first growth estimates to be put out by CSO after demonetisation and currency recall was implemented last year.

Is BJP getting nervous about majority claims as UP polls enter final phase?
Thu, Jun 18, 2020

A last ditch appeal for majority showing concern of a hung mandate looks uncharacteristic of the usually assured PM.

Kimmel at Oscars and Gurmehar on Ramjas: The contrast in how protests are received
Thu, Jun 18, 2020

The reaction of the public at large on the violent and threatening reaction to a peaceful protest speaks volumes about the culture of protest in India and the even more ironically the ‘acceptability’ of forms of peaceful protest.

Kargil martyr’s daughter mocked for slamming ABVP: Is Twitter pushing celebrities to cross the line?
Thu, Jun 18, 2020

Cricketer Virender Sehwag and actor Randeep Hooda took to Twitter to give their opinion on a Delhi University student who had posted a picture on Facebook and Twitter protesting against the ABVP.

Kansas shooting: Inaction against racial attacks breed hate crimes in US
Thu, Jun 18, 2020

In 2017, there have been at least 55 mass shootings in the US, according to There have been 9,043 cases of gun violence.

BMC elections 2017: The BJP has actually come out stronger; here’s why
Thu, Feb 23, 2017

Mumbai BJP president Ashish Shelar claimed the BJP’s seats have gone up three times from last time while Sena had a marginal increase. Taking a look at the numbers, the win looks impressive.

BMC elections 2017: Uddhav Thackeray’s aggression seems to have paid off for Shiv Sena
Thu, Feb 23, 2017

Winning municipal elections, particularly in Mumbai and Thane is crucial for Sena to recover ground in the state. It will give the Sena a lot more space to fight the BJP in the government’s decisions at the state level.

Ramjas College is now a new front in AISA, ABVP clash
Wed, Feb 22, 2017

Ramjas College clash: ABVP claimed they did not have any part in the cancellation of Umar’s and Shehla’s talks

Body shaming of policemen wrong but why can’t we have regular fitness tests for police like armed forces?
Wed, Feb 22, 2017

A physical test is mandatory to enter service. But does that mean the recruited police official will stay fit physically and by extension fit for duty till the time he/she retires?

Is KCR’s donation to Tirupati temple trust a PR exercise on taxpayers’ money?
Wed, Feb 22, 2017

During his agitations, KCR reportedly vowed to present gold ornaments to appease deities if his wish for a separate Telangana state came true.