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Friday, May 27, 2022

Adrija Roychowdhury


Adrija is senior sub-editor, Indian Express. She mainly writes on History and world politics. Follow her on Twitter @AdrijaRoychow

London’s Victorian era pottery find unearths tale of how Indian food became popular in Britain
Wed, Jan 18, 2017

Food from India did not just form a major part of import, but had over time become an essential part of British diet.

MGR: The man who made cult worship the theme of Tamil Nadu politics
Tue, Jan 17, 2017

MGR used his popularity both as an actor and as a public figure to make the AIADMK a successful political party that would go on to achieve sweeping victories over many elections.

One quote that sums up journalist Clare Hollingworth: ‘I must admit I enjoy being in a war’
Wed, Jan 11, 2017

Hollingworth passed away on January 10 having lived a daring, adventurous life of 105 years.

Manipur polls: Congress may just find it tough this time
Thu, Jan 05, 2017

With a population of 0.26 crore and 60 Assembly seats, the state has seen the Congress government in power for the last 15 years with Okram Ibobi Singh in chief ministerial role since 2002.

Rohingya Muslim crisis in Myanmar: The warning signs of a possible ‘genocide’
Thu, Jan 05, 2017

According to majority of the Burmese Buddhists, ‘Rohingyas’ is a fabricated religious identity.

2016: Year in which history was caught in crossfire of narratives
Thu, Jan 05, 2017

In a year that saw several battles between the Left and the Right, history kept getting caught in the middle.

Samajwadi Party then and now: Fight between the past and the present
Tue, Jan 03, 2017

Akhilesh Yadav was convinced of the necessity for the party to break away from the caste based, dynastic electoral strategy and move ahead with changing times.

We should feel sad for History, the worst victim of 2016
Mon, Dec 26, 2016

In 2016, history in India was the victim of ‘nationalism’, the word that in present times is often confused with ‘patriotism’ and ‘Hinduism’.

When Mughal rulers borrowed from Christianity to produce exquisite art works
Fri, Dec 23, 2016

There were several images of Mughal rulers with Biblical characters in the murals above, therefore serving the purpose of religious justification for Mughal rule.

Birth of Bangladesh: When raped women and war babies paid the price of a new nation
Fri, Dec 16, 2016

An official estimate of 200,000 to 400,000 women were raped by the Pakistani military and the supporting Bihari and Bengali Razakar and al-Badr militias.

How the world map kept changing over centuries
Wed, Dec 14, 2016

Each map tells us the story of the world as seen through the eyes of the one creating it

Raees: Will Shah Rukh Khan play Abdul Latif — bootlegger, Robinhood, terrorist?
Tue, Dec 13, 2016

Even as Raees makers deny any resemblance, there are indications that Shah Rukh Khan's character in the film takes inspiration from gangster Abdul Latif who was reportedly involved in Mumbai bomb blasts.