Malnutrition is a formidable challenge. Millions of women and children suffer from different forms of malnutrition including micronutrient deficiencies or ‘hidden hunger’. Micronutrients are essential vitamins and minerals required only in small amounts, but critical for our bodies. Deficiencies can lead to serious birth defects, cognitive impairment, and reduced overall productivity.

Over 70% of Indians consume less than half the Recommended Dietary Allowance for micronutrients (NNMB, 2012). According to the National Family Health Survey, more than half of women in the reproductive age group and over 58% of children suffer from anaemia.

Fortifying food — the practice of adding essential micronutrients to regular staples — is one of the several solutions. In India, addition of iodine to salt helped prevent millions of cases of goitre.

There is now an opportunity and the need to do more. To make people aware and to spark conversations on nutrition. To Fortify India, for a healthier tomorrow.

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