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The Indian Express Thinc will organise eight web events on the issue of internal migration in India. These webinars will be spread over a year. Each web event will feature around four to five discussants along with a moderator. A typical panel of discussants will include a leading academic, civil society representative, a key government (either Centre or state-level) minister/bureaucrat, and one IE reporter. Each web event will be for 45 minutes and discuss a specific aspect of migration.

India’s Migration: The State and Statistics!

It will essentially focus on why we are talking about migration and lay out the nature and scope of the issue at hand. The first agenda item would be to understand what we know and what we don’t about the migrations in India. Covid-induced reverse migration in 2020 caught everyone’s attention but that is just the starting point for us to start understanding more about internal migrations in India. Beyond Covid, what are the factors that determine migration? Where do people migrate to? Is it correct to say that most of our migration is from rural to urban areas? Or that most of our migration is from one state to another? If not, then what is the correct picture? Further, do we have timely data on migration? Moreover, is the level of internal migration in India too high or too low for India’s growth requirements? Lastly, the job of the first webinar would also be to set the tone for the rest of the webinars and as such it will alert the viewers about the next sub-topics we will take up. In this regard, the Union Budget may be of consequence.

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speakerNiranjan Sahoo
Senior Fellow ORF
speakerSudha Pai
Political Scientist
speakerAvnish Kumar Awasthi
Secretary UP Govt.
speakerAbhishek Prakash
District Megistrate Lucknow