Wednesday, October 27, 2021

3 Things

3 Things Description: The daily news show from the Indian Express where we talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it

3 Things3 Things Description: The daily news show from the Indian Express where we talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it
Episode May 24, 2018

#42 Police firing at Sterlite protesters, jockeying for Cabinet posts in Karnataka

Today on 3 things, reporter Arun Janardhan discusses the anti-Sterlite protests and the continuing violence that has already seen 11 deaths. Post H D Kumaraswamy's swearing in as Karnataka CM, our Senior Assistant Editor Manoj...

Episode May 23, 2018

#41 Drones with night vision may curb illegal mining, a CCTV controversy in the capital

Today on 3 things, our Gujarat correspondent Avinash Nair joins us on call from Ahmedabad to discuss the government's drone surveillance project. Speaking of surveillance, what is the CCTV controversy in the capital about? Sourav...

Episode May 15, 2018

#35 India’s relationship with Iran going forward, the violence in the West Bengal panchayat elections and a porter who studied using free station WiFi

On 3 Things, Senior Editor Shubhajit Roy tells me what could happen now that the United States has pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, especially for India, after which Kolkata Bureau Chief Esha Roy...

Episode May 14, 2018

#34 The Walmart Flipkart deal, some pelting in the valley and the zero milestone

On 3 Things, Pranav Mukul from the business desk explains the implications of the Flipkart buyout by Walmart, and then editor Nirupama Subramanian talks about the way the Kashmir valley is reacting to stone pelting...

Episode May 11, 2018

#33 Interview with Prakash Raj, Indians recruited to IS, funny excuses for late taxes

On 3 Things, Manoj Kumar from our digital team spoke to Prakash Raj who is currently touring Karnataka with his #JustAsking campaign, and we have an excerpt from that exclusive interview. After that, Senior Assistant...

Episode May 10, 2018

#32 Congress campaign in Karnataka, the CJI impeachment petition and a scam pretending to be NASA

On 3 Things, after Liz Mathew gave us insight into the BJP campaign yesterday, Senior Assistant Editor Manoj CG is here to tell us the Congress story. After which Ananthakrishnan G, who covers the Supreme...

Episode May 9, 2018

#31 Election special: Bureau Chief Ravish Tiwari unpacks the election trail in an exclusive interview with Amit Shah. Listen in.

Today on 3 Things, we have a very special excerpt from National Bureau Chief Ravish Tiwari’s interview of BJP President Amit Shah, after which Associate Editor Liz Mathew lays out the BJP’s campaign and prospects...

Episode May 8, 2018

#30 Seven Indians abducted in Afghanistan

We explore the story around seven Indians working with Indian power company KEC International who were abducted by suspected Taliban gunmen in northern Baghlan province of Afghanistan on Sunday. Senior Editor Shubhajit Roy, who covered...

Episode May 7, 2018

#29 Dalits leave village in fear

I speak to Principal Correspondent Aniruddha Ghosal, who gives me the background on reports that several Dalit families have abandoned their homes to flee Bhagpat village after two members of the community were severely beaten,...

Episode May 4, 2018

#28 Protesters throwing stones injure children in a schoolbus in Kashmir

After the headlines, Principal Correspondent Bashaarat Masood talks to me from Srinagar to talk about the unfortunate injury of children in a stone pelting incident, and how people are reacting to it.

Episode May 3, 2018

#27 Official shot dead in Kasauli

After the headlines, Resident Editor Punjab, Nirupama Subramnian tells the shocking story how how a town planning offical was shot dead in broad daylight in the course of carrying out her duty, by an enraged...

Episode May 2, 2018

#26 DNA testing identifies Jeddah suicide bomber as Indian national

After the headlines, Assistant Editor Rashmi Rajput unpacks the fascinating story of how DNA testing helped the governments of India and Saudi Arabia establish the identity of the suicide bomber in the 2016 attack on...