Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

3 Things

3 Things Description: The daily news show from the Indian Express where we talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it

3 Things3 Things Description: The daily news show from the Indian Express where we talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it
Episode 3 August 4, 2022

#53 The Church and the State, Fall in Maternal Mortality Rate

Political interventions by the Church, decline in Maternal Mortality Rate and the national river linking project.

Episode June 12, 2018

#55 Whatsapp group of doctors saving lives in Kashmir, Social media rumours incites mob violence in Assam

Save Hearts initiative connecting doctors through Whatsapp, social media rumours about child abductors leading to lynching of Assamese men, Kenyan artist using flip flops to save marine biodiversity.

Episode June 11, 2018

#54 Dwindling open prayer spaces for Muslims, Making art accessible to children

Today on 3 Things we discuss why open prayer spaces for Muslims in Gurgaon have decreased, how writers are making art accessible to children and how building blocks of life were found on Mars.

Episode June 7, 2018

#52 Absenteeism and crumbling buildings at a Delhi school, Drunk tanks in Russia for FIFA 2018

Today on 3 Things, the dismal state of an MCD Delhi school, drunk tanks revived in Russia and how the Bangalore police rescued an abandoned baby.

Episode 4 June 6, 2018

#51 Have CBSE marks been spiked? Why won’t anyone bid on Air India?

Today on 3 Things, we discuss why so many CBSE students seem to have specifically scored 95, why no one is bidding on Air India and why there is trouble between the Adivasis and Lambadas...

Episode June 5, 2018

#50 Mass Conversion of Dalits to Buddhism in Haryana, Sunil Chhetri’s 100th International match

In our 50th episode, we discuss the mass conversion of Dalits to Buddhism in Haryana, Sunil Chhetri's 100th International match and the first visually challenged female IAS officer.

Episode June 4, 2018

#49 Why are the farmers on a 10-day strike? Why was a curfew imposed on Shillong?

Today on 3 Things, our rural affairs and agriculture editor Harish Damodaran explains why the farmers are on a 10-day strike and how it may affect the upcoming Madhya Pradesh elections. Then, Northeast correspondent Abhishek...

Episode June 1, 2018

#48 What does Kairana mean for 2019, the link between encounters and recruitment in Kashmir

Today on 3 Things, national bureau chief Ravish Tiwari discusses the significance of the Kairana bypolls for the 2019 elections. Then, J&K specialist Muzamil Jaleel breaks down why encounters in the Kashmir valley may be leading...

Episode May 30, 2018

#46 Will the order to shut down Sterlite stand in court? Will healthcare in Delhi become more affordable?

Today on 3 Things, activist and writer Nityanand Jayaraman joins us to discuss the tipping point that led to thirteen people being killed by police in Thoothukudi and why the order to shut down Sterlite...

Episode May 29, 2018

#45 Rajnath Singh on 4 years of BJP governance, Minorities facing the brunt of Bihar’s Prohibition law

Today on 3 Things, reporter Rahul Tripathi discusses his interview with Rajnath Singh on four years of governance, the situation in Kashmir and the judiciary. Next, correspondent Santosh Singh explains why minorities are facing the...

Episode May 28, 2018

#44 Unpacking the CobraPost expose, fairy-tale IPL finale

Today on 3 Things, reporter Krishn Kaushik unpacks the CobraPost sting and its significance. Next, Bharat Sundaresan from the sports desk talks about the Chennai Super Kings' fairy-tale IPL finale. Finally, Ireland votes to amend...

Episode May 25, 2018

#43 SBI stock continues to grow despite record loss, Nipah virus explained

State Bank of India's record loss and stock growth, Nipah virus, fire-fighting drone.