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Video: How to eat corn off a drill and live to fake the tale

The video of a girl trying to eat corn off the drill has gone viral, but it seems to have quite a few sceptics questioning its authenticity as well.

bizarre, bizarre video, viral videos, girl loses hair after eating corn off a drill, internet challenge, Don’t try this at home. While eating corn off a drill sounds fun, it can go very wrong as this video proves. (Source: Daily Mail/Facebook)

There is no limit to what people would attempt for an Internet challenge. The latest to do the rounds is eating corn off a drill. Imagine a rapidly-rolling corn on the cob, the corn kernels flying off your teeth. Sounds like a fun experiment for those who love corn. But this video shows how it can go very, very wrong.

Provided, of course, you believe it. But watch the video here, first.

The original video went viral with over 7.2 million shares and 200,000 comments on Facebook. Some are, of course, sceptical of the authenticity of the video.

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A Facebook user posted, “Sorry but this is fake. Look closely you can see its already been shaved and the hair placed strategically!!!! There would have been a lot more trauma to the scalp if this happened for real!!!”

Another commented, “Poor girl sentenced herself to 6 months wearing caps.” One Facebook user addressed a thought on everybody’s mind, “Forget losing the hair, what gets me the most is how calm she is after it happens. You’d hear me screaming a mile away.”

All very valid observations, but nevertheless, the video does make for some interesting viewing.

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First published on: 12-05-2016 at 06:39 IST
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