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This is what this guy did after he saw a few men eve-teasing 3 women on the train

Act before it's too late.

Milind Chandwani (Source: Facebook) Milind Chandwani (Source: Facebook)

Recently, a lot of women complained of molestation on New Year’s eve in Bengaluru. One of the incidents was even caught on camera in which two bikers could be seen openly manhandling a girl on the street in the city. But what’s more troublesome is the fact that people who were witness to the situation didn’t come forward to take any action including police personnel.

In her Facebook post, 24-year-old photographer Chaitali Wasnik who taught her molester a lesson also mentioned that the cops didn’t do anything while everything was happening right in front of their eyes.

But Hyderabad-resident Milind Chandwani made sure he acted when he saw women being eve-teased on the train in front of him. In a Facebook post, he narrated the whole incident highlighting the importance of taking the right step at the very moment so that the wrongdoers don’t feel encouraged to go further.

Chandwani was on his way back home and waiting for his train at the platform when he saw a couple of men misbehaving with three women in the compartment that stopped in front of him. Initially, he thought to let it go because the train was about to leave but he did not. He went up to them and tried to stop but they didn’t budge. He got into a fight and made sure the guys leave the women alone.

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“DON’T BE AFRAID, for overcoming your fear of such a**holes is much better than overcoming the guilt later!! 🙂 United we stand, divided we fall. Every time you you think “It’s okay”, another person falls prey to teasing, bullying and so much more 🙂 So let us try to be truly independent (sic),” he wrote.

Read his full post here.

After a great day at school, after teaching my kids “why respecting all the teachers equally is important”, after they made greeting cards for all teachers and distributed them, I was sitting peaceful and content at the railway station waiting for my local train. (With Gopi)
I see a group of 3 guys teasing girls in the ladies compartment of the train that had made a stop. (Using filthy language[really vulgar] and making obscene gestures)
I stare at them with anger, hoping for them to stop because someone was observing, but that only seemed to encourage them. Multiple thoughts crossed my mind at this time. “Should I let it be? The train is anyway leaving” “Should I call the police and let them handle it?” “Should I politely request them to stop?” Or “Should I go with the aggression that I had in me!!!”
I chose to take a stick and walk up to them very politely and remind them that it’s not a good thing what they’re doing. No girl deserves this. I used to typical dialogue to get to him “Aapki, meri, kisi ki bhi behen ho sakti hai, aapko bhi accha nai lagega koi usse chedega toh”
He seemed to take pride in the fact that it was somebody’s sister and started abusing even more. Claiming that he couldn’t care less if she was somebody’s mother either. (Apparently he was drunk as well!)
By now Gopi and I were furious 🙂 But I’ve learnt to keep my calm in the last 6 months, so I told him that I may have to call the police if you keep abusing this way. This pushed him to touch my shoulder and say “Do whatever you want!!”
After him pushing us a lot, it got to us. Gopi and I were already pissed and then he abuses from a distance! I ran to give their dumb leader a spere(A wrestling move), but avoided it at the last minute and hurt him in other ways instead. After me choking him, punching him and by mistake tearing his shirt, they knew that they shouldn’t have done this!
One of them then called someone who they thought of as their saviour. The guy comes, respectfully ends the matter and takes them home. (Apparently he tore my shirt as well during the tiny fight :()
All I could think on the way was what have we come down to! There were at least 10 more people around but no one wanted to stop them! They just wanted to stop the fight!
There are hundreds of such scoundrels every square Kilometer and we’ve learnt to keep ourselves away from them!
Why do we forget that if we don’t stop them at this, they might go ahead and do more things that will make us regret later!
DON’T BE AFRAID, for overcoming your fear of such assholes is much better than overcoming the guilt later!! 🙂 United we stand, divided we fall. Every time you you think “It’s okay”, another person falls prey to teasing, bullying and so much more 🙂 So let us try to be truly independent.

First published on: 06-01-2017 at 02:44:01 pm
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