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India 317/4 at stumps on Day 1 of India vs England, 2nd Test: Match highlights

India end day one of the second Test against England at 317/4 after Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara score hundreds.

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India will be very happy with the first day’s play in Vizag as they reach 317 for the loss of four wickets. But they would have loved if they had not lost the wicket of Ajinkya Rahane in the second last over of the day. But centuries from Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara lifted them after England took two early wickets after asked to bowl first by Kohli. Then Kohli and Pujara shared a 226-run stand for the third wicket before Pujara fell for a brilliantly made 117. Kohli continued with supreme concentration and was unbeaten on 151 at stumps with R Ashwin unbeaten on one at the other end.

India vs England, 2nd Test, Day 1

1654 hrs IST: R Ashwin survives the last over of the day and India will be 317 for the loss of four wickets at stumps on Day 1. Excellent day of Test cricket. Pujara and Kohli scored centuries while Anderson picked up the three wickets for England. Ashwin and Kohli will look to score more runs when they come out to bat on Friday

1646 hrs IST: ALMOST! Outside edge off Ashwin’s bat that flies through gully region. A gully would have caught it. Last over of the day coming up. Stuart Broad has the ball and R Ashwin is on strike

1644 hrs IST: WICKET! New ball does the trick for England. Ajinkya Rahane edges one behind to the keeper off James Anderson. What a poor shot from Rahane. Just poking on an outside the off-stump line. No need for that but Anderson rewarded for some good bowling

1641 hrs IST: Two overs remaining in the day! India are 316 for the loss of three wickets in Vizag. England take the new ball after 88 overs. James Anderson to bowl. India needs to survive two overs for the day

1637 hrs IST: Adil Rashid continues after the Anderson over and Virat Kohli takes a single to reach his 150. What an innings this has been. Supreme concentration from the India captain

1633 hrs IST: Four runs from the 86th over and England have still not taken the new ball. Anderson the bowler who will be bowling now. Four overs remaining and it is getting dark in Vizag


1629 hrs IST: Three runs of the over from Ansari. India move on to 304/3. Five overs remaining in the day’s play. The regulation time is already over but we have half an hour to go

1626 hrs IST: 300 up for India in the 84th over. India 301 for the loss of three wickets. This has been an excellent day for them and can be better if they can go to stumps without losing any more wickets. Ansari to bowl now

1622 hrs IST: India move on to 298 for the loss of three wickets in Vizag. Virat Kohli is nearing his 150 as India close in on the 300-run mark. Rashid continues and Kohli will be on strike


1615 hrs IST: England do not take the new ball and continue with Zafar Ansari who gives only 1 run. India live score 295/3. Kohli will be on strike as Rashid comes on to bowl with nine over remaining in the day’s play

1611 hrs IST: Moeen Ali appeals against Virat Kohli for an LBW. Not out says umpire so England review. No bat involved there but the ball is turning a lot and also the height there. It’s umpire’s call on hitting the wickets. Kohli survives

1607 hrs IST: Zafar Ansari gives only 1 run in that over and India move on to 290 for the loss of three wickets. Kohli in complete control of this innings. Rahane has been patient here. Moeen Ali continues

1604 hrs IST: Two more runs from the Moeen Ali over for India and they move on to 289 for the loss of three wickets. Kohli will keep strike as Zafar Ansari is called back into the attack. 12 overs remaining in the day’s play in Vizag

1601 hrs IST: There is nothing stopping Virat Kohli today! He creams another four through the off-side as Stokes struggles. He moves into 130s. India inching closer to 300 run mark. Moeen Ali to continue as Rahane is now strike


1556 hrs IST: Seven runs off the over from Moeen Ali. Nothing working for England here as Rahane gets to the party. Stokes will continue his spell and so will the Kohli and Rahane continue to bat

1553 hrs IST: End of the 75th over and India are 276 for the loss of the three wickets. This will be an important innings for Rahane as he has had a bad run in the last couple of matches for India. Good platform and set up for him to score big runs


1547 hrs IST: Three runs to start with after drinks for India. Moeen Ali bowling a good line but singles available easily. India move on to 267 for the loss of three wickets in Vizag. Rahane and Kohli at the crease. Stokes continues

1543 hrs IST: A loud appeal by Ben Stokes against Ajinkya Rahane but umpire says not out. That will be the end of the over and the players will head for drinks. That was a maiden over from Stokes and Kohli will take strike as Moeen Ali comes on to bowl


1536 hrs IST: Virat Kohli gets a boundary and Rahane gets a single as Rashid gives away 5 runs in his over. India live score 264/3. Kohli is 121*. Ben Stokes is back into the attack replacing James Anderson for England

1534 hrs IST: That is another decent over from Anderson as he gives only four runs. Ajinkya Rahane in off the mark and Kohli is 117*. Rashid will continue to bowl for England. Kohli on strike now

1529 hrs IST: Rashid with a tight over and some turn there but no wicket. 70 overs gone and  India are now 255 for the loss of three wickets. Anderson will continue as the floodlights come on

1526 hrs IST: Anderson gives three runs in that over. England spinners have struggled to pick wickets and that has hurt them the most. Cook running out of ideas now. Rashid to bowl

1521 hrs IST: Three more runs for India in that Adil Rashid over and India cross the 250-run mark. Kohli is the settled batsman while Rahane is the new man. They have to score at a cautious rate and make sure England don’t take any more wicket

1517 hrs IST: Ajinkya Rahane is the new man in for India. James Anderson give away only four runs in that over and India are 248 for the loss of three wickets

1516 hrs IST: WICKET! James Anderson gives England the breakthrough as Cheteshwar Pujara is gone. He chases a wide ball and is caught by the keeper! He is gone after making 119 runs. India three down

1513 hrs IST: Five runs over throw from England and that makes eight runs from the Rashid over. India move on to 244  for the loss of two wickets. Pujara and Kohli have been absolute class today. Anderson back again

1508 hrs IST: James Anderson gives only one run in that over and Virat Kohli moves on to 105*. Pujara is on 109*. England bowlers have been out for six hours now. India live score 236 for the loss of two wickets

1503 hrs IST: 64 overs gone and India are 235 for the loss of two wickets. The partnership is worth 213 now. England trying hard to get the wickets but to no success. James Anderson comes on to bowl again. Kohli on strike

1457 hrs IST: HUNDRED! Virat Kohli now! He scores his 14th Test ton and second against England. Seventh as captain of India. He gets a couple off Anderson to reach the three figure mark! India on a roll in Vizag

1452 hrs IST: The partnership between Kohli and Pujara has now crossed the 200-run mark! What an exceptional partnership this has been. After the first hour of play, it has all been India all they way!

1447 hrs IST: HUNDRED! Cheteshwar Pujara scores his 10th Test ton and what a way to get there. Canters one over square-leg fence for a big six. Third consecutive century in Test for him. What great innings for him. His third century against England in India

1443 hrs IST: A boundary from Kohli fine behind the wicket to move on to 98*. This will be a great hundred. He already has two this year and both have been double ton. Pujara on strike on 99* as Rashid comes on to bowl

1440 hrs IST: Still no hundred as only three runs come from that over from Rashid. Two to Kohli and a single to Pujara. He moves on to 99*. Stuart Broad comes on to bowl after he went to the dressing room in the previous over

1435 hrs IST: No century for Pujara in that over. He takes a single and then Virat kohli takes a single so he has to wait a bit. Kohli will be on strike as Adil Rashid comes on to bowl. Chris Woakes is on for Stuart Broad

1433 hrs IST: Players back on the field for the final session of the day. Stuart Broad will complete his over which was stopped mid-way before Tea. Cheteshwar Pujara on 97* and on strike. He is three runs away from his 10th Test ton

1412 hrs IST: The dog doesn’t leave the field and umpires decide that the players have to leave now. Tea taken in Vizag! Broad will complete the over after Tea. Pujara on 97* and Kohli on 91*

1411 hrs IST: A dog has come on the field and he has stopped play. Two balls into the Stuart Broad over. Pujara is on 97* and will that break his concentration? If the we have play!

1409 hrs IST: Last over before Tea coming from Stuart Broad. India on 210/2. Cheteshwar Pujara is on 97*. Will he get to his century? Virat kohli is on 91*. Here we go

1401 hrs IST: Cheteshwar Pujara finds the gap to get a boundary even after eight men on the off-side. What batting from him. He is a shot away from his third consecutive hundred in Test cricket. Harsha Bhogle praises his footwork against spin

1358 hrs IST: End of the Rashid over. Only four runs in that over but Pujara is now on unbeaten 92. Kohli is on 89*. Stuart Broad continues with the 7-2 off-side field. Clearly England trying to stop the run flow but it is not easy

1357 hrs IST: 200 up for India in the 54th over. Pujara takes a couple of steps out of the crease and puts it between covers and mid-off and it runs away for four! That brings up 200 for India and Pujara into  nineties now. Excellent stuff

1354 hrs IST: India are scoring over four runs an over. Kohli on unbeaten 89, Pujara on unbeaten 87. India are now 199 for the loss of two wickets after 53 overs. Adil Rashid to bowl as England continue their effort to stop the Indian run flow

1350 hrs IST: Pujara gets another boundary off Moeen and that will be thirteen runs off this over and India are 193 for the loss of two wickets. Already 101 runs in this session from India. England need to stop the run flow and now we have Stuart Broad into the attack

1347 hrs IST: Virat Kohli with two magnificent shots to get two boundaries. First was the Kohli cover-drive and the other through third man region. Brilliant technique from him to unsettle Moeen. He takes a single on the next ball

1345 hrs IST: Kohli and Pujara has been exceptional with running between the wickets. Six runs off that Ansari over. India move on to 180 for the loss of two wickets after 51 overs. Moeen Ali back into the attack. Kohli on strike

1342 hrs IST: No more run in the over from Moeen Ali and that is the end of the 50th over from England. India have scored at a quick pace here. They are 175 for the loss of two wickets. Zafar Ansari to continue for England

1340 hrs IST: 150 run stand for Kohli and Pujara as the former gets a bottom edge on ball that kept low. He gets four for that. Virat Kohli moves on to 74* and Pujara is on 78* for India

1338 hrs IST: Pujara ends the over with a four! Comes down the ground and makes it a full-toss. Past the mid-off fielder for four! India live score 170/2 after 49 overs. Moeen Ali back as Kohli takes strike

1337 hrs IST: SIX! Cheteshwar Pujara gets on the back foot and pulls a short ball from Ansari over square leg boundary for a six. First for Pujara, first for the India innings. Excellent batting from the right-hander

1334 hrs IST: End of the 48th over and India move on to 157/2. One big appeal for an caught behind but that hit the pad and that impact was outside off-stump line. Easy going for India. England bring back Zafar Ansari for  his second spell

1329 hrs IST: Some wayward bowling from Ben Stokes makes life difficult, not for the batsmen, but for the keeper. Bairstow having some diving to do to gather some wide balls. India live score 154/2 after 47 overs.  Moeen Ali continues

1327 hrs IST: A bit of grass comes out as Anderson dives to save a boundary on the fine-leg boundary. Anderson’s knee got stuck in it. Seems okay though. He tries to make it even with his foot but a lot of grass has come out

1325 hrs IST: 150 up for India in the 46th over. Kohli takes a couple to bring it up. One more run in the over before Moeen Ali finishes it. Stokes to Kohli again. Coming round the wicket to bowl the short ball

1322 hrs IST: Ben Stokes changed the angles couple of times but fails to trouble the batsmen. Only a single run from his over and India move on to 148 for the loss of two wickets. Moeen Ali to continue for England

1318 hrs IST: Moeen Ali with the first over after drinks and he goes for eight runs off it. Pujara has now leads Kohli in individual scores in this innings. They both are in sixties but while Kohli has attacked, Pujara has played some sublime cricket. Frustrated Stokes back

1311 hrs IST: Kohli finishes the over with a boundary through fine-leg. A miss field from Rashid again. Stokes not happy with that effort. India live score 139/2 after 43 overs. Umpires call for drinks in Vizag after an hour’s play in the second session

1307 hrs IST: DROPPED! Adil Rashid has put down a difficult chance off Virat Kohli at fine-leg. Good set up from Ben Stokes as he bowled a rare bouncer and Kohli is late to realise that. Awkward pull that travels to fine-leg. Rashid coming in from boundary has to dive forward but in no position to hold on to that

1305 hrs ISt: Moeen Ali gives only two runs in his over. India move on to 132/2. what can England do from here to get a wicket? They have tried six bowlers so far. Kohli on strike against Ben Stokes

1302 hrs IST: Shout for LBW against Pujara but the umpire says not out! England are going for the review here. Impact is in question here as Pujara has brought his foot forward. No bat involved. Now the tracker – it shows ball pitched outside the line off-stump, fine. The impact is outside as well. That will remain not out. Ball hitting the wickets but doesn’t matter now. Pujara survives

1300 hrs IST: Ben Stokes has bowled a tight line in this over and has given only three runs. The three runs were taken on the last ball of the overs. Pujara will keep strike as Moeen Ali comes on to bowl his second over

1256 hrs IST: Decent start from Moeen Ali as he gives only 1 run from that over. After 40 overs, India live score 127/2. Virat Kohli batting on 56 and Cheteshwar Pujara batting on 50. Ben Stokes comes on to bowl his seventh over of this innings

1253 hrs IST: Moeen Ali finally comes on to bowl his off spin for England. He had to wait for long but England searching for wickets here. Kohli and Pujara have just been sensational to say the least

1251 hrs IST: FOUR and FIFTY! Cheteshwar Pujara continuing the rich form. Creams Stokes through covers to get the half-century. He has centuries in his last two Test matches. Just saying. The 100-run stand also up between Pujara and Kohli

1246 hrs IST: That is five runs from the over from Rashid. I don’t know why England are keeping him on. Only reason I see is that Kohli and Pujara are right handers and Cook doesn’t want off-spinner Moeen to bowl to them. Anyways, Stokes to bowl

1241 hrs IST: Just the two runs off the Stokes over. India now move on to 112/2. Pujara has been solid and with Kohli he has kept up the run-rate. This partnership was much needed for India after the two early wickets. England continue with Adil Rashid

1238 hrs IST: FIFTY! Virat Kohli gets to his half-century off 87 balls. Seven fours in that innings from him. He ended the Rajkot Test at unbeaten 49. Just a single off Ben Stokes to complete the fifty

1236 hrs IST: Quick over from Rashid as India take only two runs from it. Virat Kohli moves on to 49* and Cheteshwar Pujara moves on to 41*. Rashid has bowled 11 overs now and gone for 29 runs. Only 1 maiden over for him so far! Change in bowling as Ben Stokes comes on to bowl

1234 hrs IST: Single run from the James Anderson over as Pujara ran a single on the first ball. Virat kohli happy to keep it like that for the other five balls. England continue with Rashid. Still no Moeen Ali

1231 hrs IST: Virat Kohli moves on to 48* after he takes two runs from the Adil Rashid over. Plays out the five other delivers and scores no runs. India live score 105/2. Cheteshwar Pujara will be on strike to James Anderson now

1228 hrs IST: Cheteshwar Pujara plays out a maiden. James Anderson has been very tight today. Nothing to give away. But Kohli has scored some exceptional boundaries against him. India remain at 105 for the loss of two wickets. Rashid again

1223 hrs IST: End of the over from Rashid. India and Kohli growing in confidence here. Six runs from the over which takes 105 for the loss of two wickets after 32nd over. Kohli approaching his half-century here

1222 hrs IST: 100 up for India as Virat Kohli brings out his exceptional cover drive with wrist work and super bat speed. Makes room and puts it past cover fielder and sweeper cover has no chance to stop it. Brilliant shot from the captain

1220 hrs IST: James Anderson bowls a maiden to keep India’s score to 99 for the loss of two wickets. India will have to wait for the 100-run mark. It will be Adil Rashid bowling and Virat Kohli will be on strike

1217 hrs IST: Two easy singles off that Adil Rashid over and India are now 99 for the loss of two wickets. This partnership has really pulled India out of the hole in Vizag. Moeen Ali hasn’t bowled yet and we have James Anderson again

1214 hrs IST: End of the James Anderson over! Five runs off it as Virat Kohli takes a single in that over as well. England will attack with leg-spinner Adil Rashid from the other end. 29 overs have been bowled in this Indian innings

1211 hrs IST: Excellent start from Virat Kohli to the session. He gets a four off the first ball after Lunch. Too full from Anderson and on the middle stump line. Kohli flicks it on the on-side and gets a boundary. India live score 96/2

1210 hrs IST: Players back on the field for the second session of play in Vizag. Virat Kohli will take strike as James Anderson comes on to bowl the first over after Lunch. England need some wickets here. Should Moeen Ali been used earliere?

1200 hrs IST: We are ten minutes away from live action in Vizag. This could be an important session for both teams. India need to be cautious if the pitch starts to turn. England spinners will like that to happen quickly. If India do not lose any wicket in this second session, they will have the advantage

1155 hrs IST: England spinners have been unimpressive so far the first couple of hours of play. Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara have punished them. Alastair Cook will need them to bowl with more accuracy and keep the batsmen under control instead of leaking runs

1140 hrs IST: The unbeaten 70-run partnership between Kohli and Pujara has come after Anderson and Broad picked up the two early wickets. KL Rahul,  the comeback man, was out for a duck while Murali Vijay, who was looking fluent, was surprised with a bouncer from Anderson

1131 hrs IST: Lunch on Day 1 of the second Test. India 92/2. Virat Kohli and Chesteshwar Pujara take India to 92/2. After the early wickets, good recovery from the two batsmen. India will be happy with the session but need to continue the good work post Lunch 

1127 hrs IST: Broad trying those variations now!  A leg-cutter that takes off from the surface. Kohli goes for it but it keeps moving away. Rashid back

1122 hrs: Two easy runs from that Rashid over. Kohli and Pujara playing risk free cricket (apart from the risky running between the wickets). Broad comes back as Lunch approaches

1119 hrs IST: Over number 25 in the bag. Only a single from that. Pujara defends the last five ball and keeps it down to only one run in that over. India 83/2. Rashid to bowl

1114 hrs IST: Appeal against Pujara for a LBW off Rashid but umpire says not out early. Pitching outside the leg-stump line. India 83/2 after 24 overs and Stuart Broad continues

1111 hrs IST: Stuart Broad also bowls a maiden on return. Kohli and Pujara are moving on slowly. No risk taken from the two batsmen. England, after that good start, have let it go. Poor bowling from the spinners. Rashid comes on

1106 hrs IST: Only a single run in the next two overs as Rashid bowls a maiden and Ansari keeps it tight. Pujara and Kohli also happy to play it defensively. We have a change in bowling as Broad comes on to bowl now

1100 hrs IST: India will be happy after 20 overs. They are 79/2 and scoring at a rate just below four runs per over. Kohli and Pujara taking the pressure brilliantly 

1058 hrs IST: Pujara is just playing a gem here. Picks Rashid on the full and sends it through mid-wicket area for four! Superb stroke from Pujara. India scoring at quick rate

1056 hrs IST: England spinners proving to be expensive in Vizag. Kohli and Pujara having no problems in playing there shots against them. Ansari goes for six runs and India move onto 74/2 after 18 overs. Rashid to continue

1052 hrs IST: Mix up between Kohli and Pujara after the former takes quick single. The dive saves Pujara. That was very close. Puajra gives a thumps-up to Kohlistraighway

1049 hrs IST: Super over from Ansari as he gives only two runs from the over. Tight line and batsmen failing to score off his ball. India steady as England keep up  the pressure

1046 hrs IST: Rashid gives only a single run from his first over as Pujara flicks one full-toss to the leg-side. Kohli defends the last two balls from Rashid. Ansari again

1043 hrs IST: Another change in the bowling from England as Adil Rashid comes on to bowl the 16th over. Cheteshwar Pujara on strike. India scoring at a rate of just over four runs per over

1041 hrs IST: Lovely batting from Pujara! He takes six runs off the total seven in the Ansari over! India move on to 62 for the loss of two wickets after the 15th over.

1038 hrs IST: Kohli looking in brilliant touch here! Two more boundaries from the over from Stokes as India take their score over 50 in the fourteenth over. Excellent recovery after the two wickets. Ansari again

1034 hrs IST: Ben Stokes will continue after drinks for England. We are all waiting for the turn that was took all the talk before the match. Kohli on strike

1031 hrs IST: First hour of play done in Vizag. India are 45/2 and Kohli and Pujara are the two batsmen out in the middle for them. England will be happy with the start here

1028 hrs IST: Ben Stokes gives away his first runs in his third over. Six off that over as Kohli hits a boundary. India moving on nicely and England happy to continue with Zafar Ansari

1023 hrs IST: Zafar Ansari goes for three runs in that first over. Kohli and Pujara happy to rotate strike in the middle. Kohli moves into double digits after that over. Stokes to continue

1019 hrs IST: Ben Stokes with another maiden over. Cheteshwar Pujara happy to defend most of the deliveries. We have another change in the bowling as left-arm spinner Zafar Ansari comes on to bowl

1014 hrs IST: Virat Kohli is up for the challenge against James Anderson! Drives him for two boundaries in that over to take eight runs. India move on to 36/2.

1010 hrs IST: Ben Stokes also bowls a maiden over. England building up the pressure on the Indian batsmen. Eight over gone and India still 28/2. Anderson to continue to bowl and Kohli is on strike

1007 hrs IST: James Anderson bowls a maiden. India static at 28/2. The Kohli vs Anderson will be the one to look out for. Anderson has dismissed Kohli 5 times in Tests. We have a change in bowling as Ben Stokes comes on to bowl

1002 hrs IST: Six overs gone in Vizag and India have reached 28 for the loss of two wickets. England will be very happy with start after losing the toss. Anderson again

In the batting department, India will be happy to see the return of KL Rahul who was sidelined for more than a month due to a hamstring injury he sustained in the opening Test against New Zealand. This means that Gautam Gambhir has to be left out of the playing XI.

For England, their leading fast bowler James Anderson is back but it will be interesting to see if he can make it to the playing XI. Their spin trio of Adil Rashid, Moeen Ali and Zafar Ansari will once again share the responsibility to bowl out India on this pitch.

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