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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

India beat England by 5 runs, level series 1-1: As it happened

Ashish Nehra and Jasprit Bumrah bowled some their heart out at death to help India beat England by 5 runs in Nagpur.

Match EndedEngland tour of India, 2016/17 - 2nd T20I


144/8 (20)


139/6 (20)
Match Ended ( Day - 2nd T20I )
India beat England by 5 runs
By: Express Web Desk | Nagpur |
January 29, 2017 5:25:48 pm
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India pulled it off. After trailing for most part of the match, India managed to win the second T20 international against England by 5 runs even after just making 144 in their innings. England’s chase was always on course except for the early two wickets and the great death bowling by Jasprit Bumrah and Ashish Nehra. Ben Stokes and Joe Root took England to the target before Nehra dismissed the former with England needing 26 off 18 balls. Nehra gave away 16 runs off the penultimate over and Bumrah had to defend 8 off the final over. England had six wickets in hand but Bumrah dismissed Root on the first ball and Buttler off the fourth and then defended 6 off the final ball to bowl India to series levelling win in Nagpur

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India vs England, 2nd T20I

2225 hrs IST: India win! What a turnaround. India win by 5 runs. England can’t believe it. Nagpur has gone mad. England needed 6 off the last ball but Moeen Ali missed it. Jasprit Bumrah, take a bow

2222 hrs IST: WICKET! Jasprit Bumrah has done it. Jos Buttler castled on the fourth ball off the over. England need seven runs off just 2 balls now and Chris Jordan will be on strike

2220 hrs IST: WICKET! Joe Root LBW! Bumrah gets Root LBW first ball. Inside edge on to the thigh pads but umpire thinks it is gone. Excellent bowling from Bumrah. Unlucky for Root

2218 hrs IST: SIX! Jos Buttler with a six off the final ball off the Nehra over. Played a slow one away from the body and towards long on. Virat Kohli tries catching it but it hits his hand and sails over. England need 8 off 6 now

2214 hrs IST: First three balls of the Nehra over and England take four runs off them. Buttler and Root having a discussion. One of them is taking the risk for sure now


2212 hrs IST: What an over from Bumrah! Just the three runs and almost had the wicket of Joe Root. England need 24 more runs off 12 balls. Ashish Nehra comes on to bowl the penultimate over of the match

2207 hrs IST: Is there hope for India? England need 27 runs off last 18 balls. Jasprit Bumrah the new bowler. England have 6 wickets in hand. Joe Root on strike for England. Let’s see the climax of this match

2205 hrs IST: WICKET! Ben Stokes LBW b Ashish Nehra. Brilliant bowling once again from Nehra. He gets Stokes LBW with a brilliant slower one. Stokes too early into his shot. They still need 28 off 20. India with an outside chance?


2202 hrs IST: 50-run stand up between Joe Root and Ben Stokes off just 40 balls. This partnership is taking England towards a series win. No Indian bowler actually proving threatening to them

2200 hrs IST: This is becoming too easy for England. They need just 32 more off 24 balls. Ashish Nehra is back to bowl his final two overs. Ben Stokes has just turned this game around. Can he take England to a series win?

2155 hrs IST: 11 runs off the 15th over as Ben Stokes gets a six in that over. England are on course now as they move on to 104 for the loss of three wickets. They need 41 more runs off 30 balls. India need couple of quick wickets

2150 hrs IST: 13 runs off the 15th over and England continue their rise in this chase. They are 93 for the loss of three wickets and need only 52 more runs off 36 balls. Chahal to bowl out now

2148 hrs IST: Four and six! Ben Stokes starts the 14th over with 10 runs off two balls off Raina. Both shots down the ground and clean strikes. Brilliant batting taking some pressure off England


2146 hrs IST: A good over from Mishra. He has bowled out and England are 80 for the loss of three wickets. Suresh Raina will bowl out as well. England need 65 off 42 balls

2143 hrs IST: Eventful over from Suresh Raina comes to an end. Eight runs off it and England need 68 more runs off 48 balls. Ben Stokes and Joe Root at the crease and it will be Mishra who will bowl out in Nagpur


2139 hrs IST: Suresh Raina starts with two wides. Some extra runs for England. They move closer to the target now. Ben Stokes can be dangerous and so can be any other England batsmen

2136 hrs IST: Amit Mishra bowls Ben Stokes with a dream ball but it is called no-ball by third umpire. That was a gem of a delivery by Mishra. Straight and quicker one that hit the top off the off-stump


2133 hrs IST: WICKET! Eoin Morgan picks the fielder in the deep. Mishra tosses it up and Morgan tries the slog sweep. Not the greatest connection and it goes up in the air and straight to deep square-leg. England lose their third

2130 hrs IST: Five from the 10th over and England are 65 for the loss of two wickets at the halfway mark in their chase. They need 80 more runs off 60 balls to win this match and the series. Root and Morgan at the crease

2127 hrs IST: An 11-run over and England are 60/2 after 9 overs. Need 85 more off 66 balls. Two boundaries in that over. England getting that over at a nice time. Suresh Raina will continue for India now

2125 hrs IST: Root times one shot to perfection and between short fine-leg and square-leg for four. Then gets an inside edge that also travels for four as Nehra can’t keep up to the pace of the ball

2122 hrs IST: Suresh Raina’s first over costs five runs. Englanda are 49 for the loss of two wickets. Not many runs but they have wickets in hand and they bat deep. India need to keep picking wickets if they want to win. Mishra again

2116 hrs IST: An appeal for run-out on the last ball off the Mishra over but Root is safely in. England move on to 44 for the loss of two wickets. Mishra gives eight runs off that over. England need 101 more runs from 78 balls

2112 hrs IST: End of the powerplay and England are 36 for the loss of two wickets. That is scoring at 6 runs per over. Amit Mishra is the new bowler into the attack. Can he pick a couple of wickets for India?

2107 hrs IST: What a comeback from Chahal! Just five runs from the over and England are 29 for the loss of two wickets. Jasprit Bumrah the new bowler for India. England have an experienced pair in the middle

2103 hrs IST: Super over from Ashish Nehra. England are 24 for the loss of two wickets. Chahal will continue despite being expensive in the last over. Root on strike. Morgan at the other end

2059 hrs IST: WICKET! Nehra on a hat-trick after Jason Roy gets a leading edge and is caught. This excellent from Nehra. Jason Roy down the wicket and then tries to play it on the leg-side. Bit high on the bat is caught at mid-on

2057 hrs IST: OUT! Sam Billings is gone! Nehra sees Billings charging down the pitch and he pulls out a short one which comes quickly to Billings. A top edge that travels straight to fine-leg

2056 hrs IST: Chahal took another six, this time from Roy but his fifth ball took an inside edge off the latter’s bat and went to his pad. 15 runs have come off this third  over.

2053 hrs IST: Chahal continues and bowls to Billings, he comes down the track and swings it over long on for the first SIX of the innings.

2052 hrs IST: Jason Roy’s bat breaks after the second ball from Ashish Nehra. Billings went after the fifth ball but it didn’t quite rise as much as he would have expected and it goes straight to the fielder at deep midwicket. Five runs came off the second over.

2043 hrs IST: Jason Roy and Sam Billings open for EnglandYuzvendra Chahal bowls the first over and it has gone for just two runs. It’s a good start for the hosts.

2035 hrs IST: England have a great batting line up. One that can attack this Indian bowling. But this pitch is on the slower side. Can Indian spinners make this a game? We will be back shortly

2031 hrs IST: WICKET! MS Dhoni bowled. No after Mishra’s run-out, Dhoni is bowled on the final ball off the Indian innings and they are restricted to just 144 for the loss of eight wickets. Not a great total but still competitive

2027 hrs IST: WICKET! Pandya hits one straight back. Jordan removes the stumps from the base to cause a run-out. The shot had broken the stumps and Jordan was quick to remove the stumps from the ground

2025 hrs IST: MS Dhoni is the man on strike as Jordan comes on to bowl the final over of the innings. Hardik Pandya is on the other end. India are 139 for the loss of five wickets. India need a big over

2022 hrs IST: WICKET! Bowled’em. Pandey gets another slower one and Pandey fails to play it. Misses it completely and is bowled. Super bowling from Mills. Padney is out after making 30 off 26

2020 hrs IST: SIX! Manish Pandey gets hold of it, finally. Sends it over mid-wicket for a six. Slower one from Mills but that is pitched up and in the slot. Pandey doesn’t misses this time

2018 hrs IST: Still no boundary for India as another over ends. After 18, India are 129 for the loss of four wickets. Two overs remaining and they need at least 30 runs to post a good total in Nagpur. Mills to bowl to Pandey

2015 hrs IST: WICKET! KL Rahul picks the fielder in the deep. Out for 71. Superb timing on the shot from  KL Rahul but it is straight to deep mid-wicket. He is gone for 71 and an important innings from Rahul. MS Dhoni walks in

2013 hrs IST: A boundary after long for India. An outside edge that goes fine. KL Rahul moves on to 71* India are 124 for the loss of three wickets. Jordan the new bowler. Three overs remaining in the Indian innings

2008 hrs IST: Brilliant from Tymal Mills in the 16th over. Just six runs. No boundaries. Singles off each ball. India are 114 for the loss of three wickets after 16 overs. 24 balls remaining and Ben Stokes is the bowler

2003 hrs IST: Tymal Mills to bowl the 16th over. Pandey on strike. England going for pacers instead of spinners. Morgan has releasied that it is better to bowl with them. Also, they can mix up the pace

2002 hrs IST: Ben Stokes hits Pandey’s stumps but the bails do not fall. Pandey survives. The light on the zinger stumps did go up but the bails remained in their place. Smiles from Pandey

1958 hrs IST: 100 up for India in the 14th over. Great from KL Rahul as he gets going. Couple of boundaries for India in that over. Six overs remaining and India need a decent total to win on this pitch. They are 105 for the loss of three wickets now. Ben Stokes now

1954 hrs IST: Great bowling from Moeen Ali. Just six singles from the over. India are 93 for the loss of three wickets. Adil Rashid will bowl the next over after Dawson’s expensive over.  Rahul on strike for India

1952 hrs IST: FIFTY! KL Rahul brings up his half-century off just 32 balls. He has held on to one end but India need more. MS Dhoni appreciates the half-century. India are 89 for the loss of three wickets

1947 hrs IST: Five runs off the 11th over and it is all going wrong for India. They are 72 for the loss of three wickets. Liam Dawson will start a new over after opening the bowling. Manish Pandey on strike

1944 hrs IST: WICKET! Yuvraj Singh lbw Moeen Ali. Nothing saving Yuvraj Singh this time. A back-of-the-length delivery from Moeen and Yuvraj Singh tries the sweep. Misses it comepletly and is struck on the pads right in front of the stumps. Umpire has no doubt in his mind

1941 hrs IST: 10 overs gone and India are 67 for the loss of two wickets. 10 runs from that last over. KL rahul has to take that odd risk to keep India going. Halfway through this innings and they seem to be lagging behind

1938 hrs IST: This is just great bowling from England. Moeen Ali gives only one run. India are 57 for the loss of two wickets. Nothing going their way. Adil Rashid comes on again as KL Rahul  takes strike

1935 hrs IST: Two runs and a wicket from that over. What a start from Adil Rashid. They are 56 for the loss of two  wickets after eight overs. This will be a great challenge from India to make a big total from here

1933 hrs IST: WICKET! Suresh Raina c Chris Jordan b Adil Rashid. The googly doing the trick for Rashid. He has a wicket in his first over of this series. Raina tries to clear the ropes but skies it straight to long-on where Jordan has a safe pair of hands. Yuvraj Singh comes in

1931 hrs IST: Adil Rashid finally gets to bowl after not given the ball in the last T20I in Kanpur. India need to rebuild and keep scoring runs a good pace. Raina and KL Rahul at the crease. India are 54 for one after seven overs

1928 hrs IST: FIFTY up for India in the 7th over. Off 40 balls. KL Rahul with a reverse sweep for three. Moeen Ali trying some variation there. But Rahul nicely plays it past the kepeer

1926 hrs IST: Nine runs off the last over of powerplay. KL Rahul with a delightful boundary through covers. India are 46 for the loss of one wicket after six overs. They would have liked to get to the 50 in the first six overs. But four runs short

1921 hrs IST: Seven runs from the over for India but a wicket for England in that. After five overs, India are 37 for the loss of one wicket. Suresh Raina the new man in. Can he lead India’s recovery once again in Nagpur? Ben Stokes the bowler

1918 hrs IST: WICKET! Virat Kohli is gone. A slower ball from Chris Jordan has done the trick. That was smart from Jordan. Kohli comes down the pitch and has to stretch out to reach the delivery. Hits the toe end of the bat and it lobs up. Straight to long on. Kohli is not pleased

1916 hrs IST: 15 runs off the fourth over and India are up and running. They are 30 for no loss. Kohli with a six and boundary in that over. That will give India some momentum. Much needed. Two over remaining in the powerplay

1912 hrs IST: SIX! That is a stunning shot from Virat Kohli. Off the back-foot and it goes over the long-off boundary. Just smashes it standing upright. First six off the Indian innings

1911 hrs IST: Another good over for England. Another five-run over. India not attacking. They are 15 for no loss after three overs. That is half of the powerplay done. Kohli will once again take strike as Mills continues

1908 hrs IST: Virat Kohli survives! A huge LBW appeal from England against Kohli. Umpire says not out. That was too close. Looked plumb but the umpire doesn’t think so. Ball-tracker says hitting middle of leg stump

1906 hrs IST: Mills with a decent over. Only the five runs off his over. Chris Jordan will bowl the third over for England. Virat Kohli will once again be on strike. India 10 for no loss after 2 overs

1903 hrs IST: That was close! Virat Kohli gets a pacy bouncer and Kohli gets a top edge that flies over the keeper’s head. The third man tried to catch it with one hand but just out of reach. First boundary for India

1902 hrs IST: Nice start from Liam Dawson. Only the five runs off the first over and pitching it in the right areas. Mills, who impressed everyone in the last match, will bowl the second over. Kohli on strike for India

1859 hrs IST: England will begin the bowling with left-arm spinner Liam Dawson. Virat Kohli will be on strike. Nice move from the visitors. They have the long-off outside the circle. There is a slip in place as well

1856 hrs IST: We are done with both National Anthems. Indian openers will out to the middle and it will be the same pair as the 1st T20I. Virat Kohli and KL Rahul to open the batting for India. Such an important game

1850 hrs IST: It is time for the National Anthems in Nagpur. The two teams are walking out on the ground. First we will have the England National Anthem followed by the National Anthem of India.

1845 hrs IST: Missed the toss from Nagpur? Here is video

1835 hrs IST: Playing XI for India

KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Manish Pandey, Hardik Pandya, Suresh Raina, Amit Mishra, Yuzvender Chahal, Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah

1833 hrs IST: Playing XI for England

Jason Roy, Sam Billings, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, Moeen Ali, Chris Jordan, Liam Dawson, Adil Rashid, Tymal Mills

1830 hrs IST: England win toss and elect to bowl against India in Nagpur. Morgan says it is good pitch to bat on. Virat Kohli says he is not unhappy to lose the toss but wanted to bowl first as well

1826 hrs IST: Virat Kohli and Eoin Morgan are in the middle with the match referee for the toss. An important for India. Morgan won the toss in Kanpur and elected to bowl. Who will be it today?

1815 hrs IST: We are just 15 minutes away from toss. This is an important one for Kohli. A good batting pitch with dew later in the evening. Bowl first anyone who wins the toss?

1800 hrs IST: England are one win away from sealing the series. it is very rare for India to be in this situation. Devedra Pandey who was in Nagpur and wrote this – Visitors have hosts in unfamiliar terrority

1745 hrs IST: Roger Federer has just won his 18th Grand Slam title. You can see it here

1730 hrs IST: Welcome to the coverage of the second T20 international between India and England from Nagpur. Big game for India. They are one match down in the three-match series. A win here will keep them alive in this series. England are looking for their first series win on this tour. We are hoping a cracker in Nagpur

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