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Ashwin, Jadeja pick 4 wickets each, India beat Bangladesh: Match highlights, as it happened

India completed a convincing win over Bangladesh in the one-off Test with Ashwin and Jadeja taking 4 wickets.

Match EndedBangladesh tour of India, 2017 - One-off Test


687/6 (166) u0026 159/4 (29)


388 (127.5) u0026 250 (100.3)
Match Ended ( Day - One-off Test )
India beat Bangladesh by 208 runs
By: Express Web Desk | Hyderabad |
February 13, 2017 8:41:39 am
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Virat Kohli on Australia series: “It is a big series for us. All the guys are ready to go for that. Everyone has their mind and heart on that series”

Virat Kohli says “Good toss to win and put runs on the board. The opposition batted nicely in the first innings. The pitch did not offer much  for the bowlers and we did well to take the 20 wickets. Ishant Sharma’s spell in second innings was wonderful. Everyone did their responsibility.

WATCH VIDEO | India vs Bangladesh Test 2017: India Beat Bangladesh By 208 Runs In One-Off Test

Mushfiqur Rahim says “Hopefully we will  take a lot of positives from this series as we prepare for Sri Lanka. There were a lot of positives like we batting so many overs and also the bowlers did a good job”

India extend their unbeaten streak in Test to 19 matches. The last time they lost was back in 2015 against Sri Lanka. Virat Kohli is now behind Ricky Ponting and Clive Llyod in longest winnings streak in Tests.

1416 hrs IST: Review for leg-before. There is no edge and it is all three reds! India win the Test match in Hyderabad. Ashwin picks his fourth. Virat Kohli pulls off the stumps.

1414 hrs IST: What happened there? We have an review from the umpires. India appeal for a leg-before in which the umpire is not interested. They are checking for an edge and bump. There is no inside edge. So India have to review if they need to check the leg-before

1411 hrs IST: 250 up for Bangladesh. Their target is still 209 runs away. We have an extended half hour of play becuase only one wicket is remaining. Ashwin and Jadeja bowling in tandem

1406 hrs IST: WICKET! Jadeja has done it. He picks up his fourth wicket and India have Bangladesh nine down. Another one with extra bounce on it. Taijul gets a top edge and it has gone up in the air. Vijay at short leg is all set to take the catch before KL Rahul, square short-leg, also goes for it. Finally they manage to hang on to it

1403 hrs IST: Jadeja now. Probably the penultimate over before Tea if India do no pick another wicket. Play can be extended if India pick the ninth wicket. Can Jadeja do it?

1359 hrs IST: India back to Ashwin and Jadeja bowling in tandem. Still the two wickets needed for a win. 10 minutes remaining for Tea in Hyderabad. Ashwin to continue

1354 hrs IST: Nothing much in that Ishant Sharma over. Wide deliveries that were left alone. Jadeja to continue. He has been the go to bowler for India. And he has always given India the wicket.

1349 hrs IST: Virat Kohli brings back Ishant Sharma in the attack. Takes Jadeja off. Ishant’s pace can give him the two remaining wickets. Bangladesh are 242 for the loss of eight wickets

1345 hrs IST: Ashwin to continue from the other end. India need two wickets. Taijul Islam and Kamrul the two batsmen out in the middle for Bangladesh. 25 minutes remaining in Tea

1342 hrs IST: WICKET! Jadeja strikes again. Mehedi Hasan gone. That took off the pitch. Extra bounce on that delivery from Jadeja and Mehedi Hasan gets an outside edge and Saha has taken a very good catch behind the stumps. Did he edge it?

1337 hrs IST: So finally we have Jadeja and Ashwin bowling in tandem. Kohli continues with Jadeja from the end. Three wickets are proving too difficult for India now

1333 hrs IST: Bangladesh move on to 239 for the loss of seven wickets. India searching for those three wickets. Ashwin to continue for India. Mehedi Hasan on strike for Bangladesh

1328 hrs IST: Kamrul is off the mark after facing 29 balls. He takes a couple off Ashwin delivery through the point region. 19 overs bowled in this session so far. Umesh Yadav into the attack now

1326 hrs IST: Ashwin into the attack for the first time after Lunch. With the new ball. Kamrul is yet to get off the mark. He is off strike for now. Mehedi Hasan to be on strike

1322 hrs IST: Mehedi Hasan takes charge and sends it over mid-off for four! That is the first Bangladesh boundary after long. They are at 235 for the loss of seven wickets. Bhuvi to continue

1316 hrs IST: So another maiden over from Jadeja. Nothing given away. He gets some turn on it as well. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl from the other end. India need three wickets to win

1314 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja to continue after drinks. This is the second new ball that he has to bowl. This has been a rather long spell for him of left-arm spin

1311 hrs IST: India take the second new ball for the final ball of Bhuvneshwar Kumar over. And that is a dot ball. Drinks called in Hyderabad after the maiden over. Bangladesh are 230 for the loss of seven wickets.

1307 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar replaces Ishant Sharma. 80 overs gone but India have not taken the new ball. Bangladesh are 230 for the loss of seven wickets.

1303 hrs IST: DROPPED! Murali Vijay puts down a regulation catch at slips. Unlucky for Ishant. Simplest of catches to Vijay at first slips. Should have taken it. Would have beem curtains for Mehedi

1300 hrs IST: India need three wickets to win the Test. Mehedi Hasan is playing his shots. Cuts one from Ishant Sharma for four! Bangladesh can only delay the inevitable at best

1255 hrs IST: Loud appeal for a leg-before on the final ball of the Ishant Sharma over. Umpire says not out. India don’t have a review. Kamrul was very fortunate as the ball tracker shows all three reds. Saha says the impact would have been outside the line but DRS thinks otherwise. Kohli also thinks impact would have been outside

1251 hrs IST: WICKET! Mahmudullah has hit one straight to fine-leg. Ishant strikes again. Awkward shot from Mahmudullah. Gets a short ball from Ishant straight into his body to which he tries to pull. Gets a leading edge and Bhuvneshwar Kumar takes the catch

1249 hrs IST: A couple of runs off Jadeja over. Mahmudullah and Mehedi Hasan can help Bangladesh be stable and steady. They are currently at 225 for the loss of six wickets. Ishant gets another over

1245 hrs IST: Ishant with another good over. The pitch is slowing down. The ball is keeping low. Batsmen playing with a lower bat. Jadeja to continue for India. Kohli must have some logic in keeping him going

1241 hrs IST: It is still pace and spin for India from the two ends. Ishant Sharma clearly has his tail up. He is bowling with a lot of effort. Jadeja has been bowling consistently since morning

1236 hrs IST: It’s through slips again! Mehedi Hasan gets an outside edge and it goes between second and third slip. No player dived to stop it. Lucky boundary for Bangladesh

1232 hrs IST: End of a maiden over from Jadeja. Bangladesh remain at 213 for the loss of six wickets. The four wickets will be something India will look to pick very quickly. Ishant to continue

1230 hrs IST: MISSED! Off the rough it turns and Mahmudullah is down the pitch. Misses and Saha, not expecting it to come to him, gets it straight into his groin. Can’t collect it in hands though. Mahmudullah survives

1230 hrs IST: Jadeja will continue for India. Bangladesh are 213 for the loss of six wickets. Mehedi Hasan, the half-centurion of the first innings, is the new man in.

1227 hrs IST: WICKET! Ishant Sharma gives India the sixth wicket. Sabbir is given LBW. He is reviewing the umpire’s decision. That is plumb! Waste of a review from Sabbir. Dead straight. Bit low but nothing that could have saved Sabbir here. A mouthful from Ishant to Sabbir

1224 hrs IST: That was a tactical review from India. 10 overs remaining to 80 overs and the reviews will be reset. Ishant Sharma continue to bowl for India

1220 hrs IST: Review! India have an appeal for leg-before. Umpire says not out. India review. Legal delivery, no bat involved. Ball tracker shoed the impact inside the line of stumps but the ball is just clipping the stumps. Umpire’s call on that. Not out the decision

1213 hrs IST: Four runs from the Jadeja over. So it won’t be Ashwin from the other end. India chose Ishant Sharma to share the attack with Jadeja. Mahmudullah on strike for Bangladesh

1210 hrs IST: So after the break, it will be Ravindra Jadeja who will start with the ball, just like he did at the start of the day’s play. Bangladesh resume at 202 for 5 and needing 257 more runs for a win

1209 hrs IST: The players have walked out to the middle for the second session of play in Hyderabad. This can be a very crucial session for both teams. If Bangladesh go wicketless in this, their chances to saving this Test go way up

India will be happy with the first session. They would have talked about the gameplan before coming on to the field and getting the wickets of Shakib and Mushfiqur will be treated a success for India

1131 hrs IST: Lunch in Hyderabad! Virat Kohli is not happy. He thinks India could have had one more over before the break. He is talking to umpire Joel Wilson, who took his time to reach his position

1127 hrs IST: 200 up for Bangladesh. Quick runs is the past few overs for Bangladesh. All boundaries for Bangladesh. Umesh not getting the desired reverse swing. This may the penultimate over before Lunch

1123 hrs IST: Another lucky four for Sabbir! Inside edge onto the thigh pads and it goes between keeper and second slip. No first slip there. Bangladesh are 193 for the loss of five wickets. Ashwin to continue

1119 hrs IST: A full toss from Ashwin and Sabbir Rahman sends it over the ropes. Perfect delivery to hit over mid-wicket. Bangladesh move on to 188 for the loss of five wickets. Umesh to continue

1116 hrs IST: Ashwin with change of ends. Jadeja finally getting a break from bowling that long spell. We are just 15 minutes away from Lunch in Hyderabad

1116 hrs IST: FIFTY! Mahmudullah gets a four through slips and gets his half-century. Tries the drive but gets a thick outside edge for four! He has batted nicely so far. Slow but steady

1110 hrs IST: Another maiden over from Jadeja. India bring back Umesh Yadav. Looking for reverse swing. May be a change of ends for Ashwin as well as Jadeja has bowled a long spell

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1107 hrs IST: While Jadeja is bowling left-arm over, Ashwin has come right-arm around the wickets. Jadeja chances to get a leg-before wicket get diminished with that angle. Ashwin back over the wicket now

1104 hrs IST: Jadeja gets no break. He is up for another over. Bangladesh are 169 for the loss of five wickets. Attacking wicekt with silly point, slip and leg-slip in place

1058 hrs IST: That what these two spinners do. Jadeja and Ashwin complete an over each. Bangladesh will have to deal with this and India will have a few more over than 90 today. Bangladesh need 291 more runs to win

1053 hrs IST: Sabbir Rahman is the new man in for Bangladesh and he is yet to get off the mark. Ashwin completes his over. Mahmudullah has slowly gone on to 46*. Jadeja to continue for India

1050 hrs IST: And Jadeja bowls a decent over after the wicket over from Ashwin. Bangladesh are 162 for the loss of five wickets. India are five wickets down. India vs Bangladesh Live Score

1047 hrs IST: Mahmudullah tries to play a big shot off Ashwin after that wicket?! Falls short off the fielder. But what are Bangladesh thinking here? They have a minimal chance to win in Hyderabad

1045 hrs IST: WICKET! Ashwin gets Mushfiqur, who was trying to unsettle Ashwin with big shots. That is just kiddish from Mushfiqur. After getting a four, he tries to loft Ashwin again but mistimes and caught at mid-on

1043 hrs IST: An appeal for leg-before from Jadeja but clear inside edge off Mahmudullah’s bat. No review from India. And finally Ashwin into the attack. Mushfiqur on strike for Bangladesh

1040 hrs IST: 50-run partnership up between Mushfiqur and Mahmudullah as the former takes a single down the leg-side. Just dealing in single now Bangladesh. This pitch turning as much as India would have liked

1038 hrs IST: And that is another maiden over for India. No runs given by Ishant Sharma. India continue with Ravindra Jadeja from the other end. Bangladesh remain at 155 for 4

1034 hrs IST: India continue to bowl with Ishant Sharma after drinks. No signs of Ashwin yet. Indian spinners need to exploit the rough otherwise this pitch is too good to bat on. No problems for batsmen

india vs bangladesh, ind vs ban, india bangladesh score, ind vs bang test score, ashwin, jadeja, cricket score, cricket news, cricket Mahmudullah is unbeaten for 58 for Bangladesh in Hyderabad. (Source: AP)

1030 hrs IST: Drinks being called Hyderabad. Bangladesh are 155 for the loss of four wickets. They need 304 more runs to win this match. India need six more wickets to win

1029 hrs IST: 150 up for Bangladesh. Mahmudullah steps out and sends it over mid off for a four. He follows it up with another attacking shot. This time over mid-on and the result is the same

1026 hrs IST: Seems like the fourth ball of the over from Ishant was a no-ball. Initially not given by the umpire. They had to check again. So an extra delivery now. He bowls it nicely and completes the over

1025 hrs IST: 14 overs bowled in the morning session so far. Good over rate from India. There is a delay in the proceedings as Kohli has once again taken the ball to umpire as he thinks it is out of shape. Umpire checks it. Thinks it is okay.

1021 hrs IST: SIX! Mushfiqur gets a short ball from Ishant Sharma and he wastes no time to pull the ball. Over the fine-leg fielder for a six. Connected very well there

1020 hrs IST: Mushfiqur Rahim is trying some shots off Jadeja. Sweep and reverse sweep. But fails to connect properly. Ishant Sharma will continue. Bangladesh are 136 for hte loss of four wickets

1015 hrs IST: An appeal for leg-before against Mahmudullah off Ishant Sharma. It comes back into the batsman. Umpire says not out and India are now review it. Looks going down the leg-side

1012 hrs IST: First change of bowling in the day. Umesh Yadav is being replaced by Ishant Sharma. Umesh is also off the field. Bangladesh are 131 for the loss of four wickets. Mushfiqur on strike

1005 hrs IST: A couple of close calls but Bangladesh batsmen are surviving. It’s not as packed as it was yesterday in Hyderabad being a Monday. But still India having the upper hand in this match

1001 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav with a beautiful delivery to finish the over. Bangladesh move on to 120 for the loss of four wickets. Two right-handers at the crease and Jadeja continuing. He cannot exploit the rough much now

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0957 hrs IST: Maiden over from Ravindra Jadeja. He is going through his over quickly. India have 90 overs to bowl today but if Ashwin and Jadeja bowl in tandem, they can squeeze in a few more than the 90

0955 hrs IST: Eight runs off that Umesh over. Bangladesh live score is 118 for the loss of four wickets. 41 overs bowled in this innings. Ravindra Jadeja will bowl the 42 over. Mushfiqur on strike

0952 hrs IST: First four of the morning for Bangladesh. Mahmudullah gets a thick outside edge and it goes over the slips after first bounce. Some runs coming for Bangladesh in that over

0949 hrs IST: Mushfiqur takes a couple of runs to square leg in that Jadeja over. Bangladesh move on to 108 for 4. Umesh Yadav will continue for India. India vs Bangladesh Live Score here

0947 hrs IST: Maiden over from Umesh Yadav. He got the last ball of his over to move the other way after bringing the ball into the right-handed Mahmudullah before this. Jadeja to continue to Mushfiqur

0945 hrs IST: India show the ball to umpire. Kohli says it is out of shape but the umpire tells them to continue with the same. Umesh trying to get that reverse swing.

0943 hrs IST: India continue with pace from the other end. Umesh will continue after that wicket in the last over. Bangladesh are 108 for the loss of four wickets and this will be a big test for them

0939 hrs IST: WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja draws first blood. Shakib Al Hasan gone. Pitched in the rough and took off. No fault of Shakib as he gets a glove on it and it goes to the short-leg fielder. Simple catch. Fourth wickets down

0937 hrs IST: Nothing but only a run in that over from Umesh Yadav. Good line and length from the pacer. Making the batsman play. Ravindra Jadeja will continue for India with Bangladesh on 106 for 3

0933 hrs IST: Just the two runs from the first over. Mahmudullah tried a big shot but could not connect. It will interesting to see Bangladesh’s approach today. Umesh Yadav will bowl from the other end

0930 hrs IST: So we are beginning with live action. Ravindra Jadeja will bowl the first over of the day and Mahmudullah is on strike for Bangladesh. All set now

0927 hrs IST: The players are waiting at the boundary ropes and will head out to the middle in sometime. Bangladesh will resume at 103 for the loss of 3 wickets with Shakib Al Hasan and Mahmudullah

0920 hrs IST: 10 minutes to play in Hyderabad. India will be banking on their spinners R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja for a good show. Even the pacers can hope to get some reverse swing, which was a big factor in the first innings

0910 hrs IST: Jadeja on today’s gameplan “We need to bowl in the right areas. Pitch in the right areas and then out as soon as possible.” He also explains his bowling “I had to change my bowling style a bit as there is nothing in the pitch”

0905 hrs IST: What do you think about this pitch? Can India take the seven wickets today? Bangladesh extend their first innings close to 400. Though it will be difficult this time around, but they can sure give a fight

0900 hrs IST: India have been unbeaten at home this season. They racked up wins against New Zealand, England and are now on the verge of another win agaisnt Bangladesh. This is a great set up before the important home series agaisnt Australia

0845 hrs IST: However bleak they may be, Bangladesh have a chance to save this match and a lot will depend on Shakib Al Hasan, the overnight batsman, and Mushfiqur Rahim, the first innings centurion. But with this Test, Mushfiqur’s career as captain and wicket-keeper may be over. Sriram Veera with the story – Tiger burns to give Bangladesh glimmer of hope

0840 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to the coverage of the final day of the only Test between India and Bangladesh from Hyderabad. Bangladesh need 356 runs from the three sessions while India need 7 wickets.

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