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India vs Bangladesh Test 2017: Day 1 Highlights

Ind vs Ban Test 2017: Centuries from Murali Vijay and Virat Kohli took India to 356 for 3 at stumps on Day 1 against Bangladesh.

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India managed to reach a massive 356 for 3 at stumps on day one of the only Test against Bangladesh after centuries each from Murali Vijay and Virat Kohli. Vijay scored 108 and Kohli remained unbeaten on 111 at the end of the day. Ajinkya Rahane was unbeaten on 45 for India. Earlier, India lost KL Rahul in the first over. Cheteshwar Pujara made 83

India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Day 1

1642 hrs IST: STUMPS! India go to stumps at 356 for 3. Rahane defends the final ball of the day and India go to stumps at 356 for three. Kohli is unbeaten on 111 and Rahane is on 45*

1639 hrs IST: 350 up for India as Kohli smashes yet another boundary! He just hits it through covers. Gets his back leg up in the air to get the balance. India are 350 for with last over of the day coming up

1633 hrs IST: Unbelievable from Kohli. He just puts one through point region and sends it for four. India are 346 for the loss of three wickets. A small drinks breaks between the 88th ball. What display

1629 hrs IST: HUNDRED! WOW! VIRAT KOHLI IS JUST PLAYING ON ANOTHER PLANET. This is just ridiculous from Kohli. He has done this effortlessly. Off just 130 balls. Only 40 runs in boundaries.

1627 hrs IST: Ajinkya Rahane with a beautiful cut shot and gets a boundary! That is just exceptional batting from Rahane. Virat Kohli on 96*

1625 hrs IST: Straight down the ground and Virat Kohli gets a boundary! Beautiful shot that teased the fielder till the end. India are 325 for the loss of three wickets. Virat Kohli are 94*


1621 hrs IST: End of the 85th over and India are 319 for the loss of three wickets. Virat Kohli batting on 90* and Rahane is batting on 29*. Taskin with the 86th over of the day. Can Kohli get a hundred today?

1619 hrs IST: Rahane is looking in good touch here. He pulls one beautifully and gets a four! India scoring some quick runs in the last 20 minutes. Kohli also focussing on running hard

1615 hrs IST: Another good over for India. Three runs from it and India are 308 for the loss of three wickets. Six overs remaining in the day and Rahane is on strike for India


1610 hrs IST: Rahane gets into the act now. He creams one through covers and gets a four! India are 305 for the loss of three wickets. Virat Kohli on strike as Taskin comes on to bowl the 84th over of the day

1605 hrs IST: 300 up for India. Kohli takes a couple through the covers. Good running from the captain and Rahane. Still eight overs remaining in the day and Kohli is into the 80s

1604 hrs IST: Seven runs off the first over with the second new ball. Kohli is taking charge of the proceedings in the middle. India are 298 for the loss of three wickets

1600 hrs IST: Bangladesh take the second new ball. Taskin Ahmed has been given the ball. Virat Kohli is on strike. 81 overs have been bowled and India are 291 for the loss of three wickets

1556 hrs IST: Cut and cut hard. Brilliant shot from Rahane and he gets a four! Nicely timed and placed from the right hander. India are 289 for 3 now. Mehedi needs to get his line right here


1555 hrs IST: 80 overs have been bowled and the new ball is available for Bangladesh. India are 285 for the loss of three wickets. Mehedi Hasan is the bowlers and Bangladesh are continuing with the old ball

1548 hrs IST: Turn and bounce for Taijul Islam in the 78th over of the day. Kohli is surprised. A maiden over from Taijul. India remain at 277 for the loss of three wickets. Super good over from the spinner


1545 hrs IST: A small break in the play. Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane taking a break. Actually, Kohli is getting some medical attention from the physio. He has called for him. India are 277 for 3

1538 hrs IST: India take three runs in the over after drinks. 75 overs bowled in the Indian innings. They are 269 for the loss of three wickets. Taijul will continue the bowling for Bangladesh


1531 hrs IST: Time for drinks in Hyderabad with one hour of play remaining in the day. India are 266 for three after 74 overs. After six overs, Bangladesh can ask for new ball. But do they need it?

1526 hrs IST: FIFTY! Virat Kohli has a half-century. He has once again reached the mark and this has been a trend in this home season. Brilliant batting from the captain who has reached the mark off just 70 balls

1523 hrs IST: Another quick over from Taijul. Five runs off it. Bangladesh fielding has been a disaster in this match so far. Virat Kohli is batting on 48* as Shakib comes on to bowl

1521 hrs IST: 250 up for India in the 71st over. Kohli will be on strike as Taijul continues for Bangladesh. Kohli and Rahane need to make sure India do not lose anymore wickets till the close of play

1518 hrs IST: 70 overs bowled in the Indian innings. 10 overs remaining until new ball becomes available. India taking things slowly now. Four runs of the previous over.

1514 hrs IST: Second maiden in a row for Bangladesh. Taijul will continue. Two left arm spinners bowling to two right handed batsmen. This will be an interesting battle between batsmen and bowlers

1511 hrs IST: Maiden over for Taijul. And India are 242 for 3. Shakib Al Hasan is back into the attack for Bangladesh. Virat Kohli will be on strike for India. He is batting on 39*

1507 hrs IST: 67 overs bowled and India are 242 for the loss of three wickets. Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane are batting in the middle for India. They are 242 for the loss of three wickets. Taijul to continue

1502 hrs IST: Two runs from the over of Mehedi Hasan. India are 236 for the loss of three wickets. Ajinkya Rahane on strike as Taijul continues for Bangladesh. India need to rebuild again

1459 hrs IST: Ajinkya Rahane is the new man in for India. Virat Kohli has settled in nicely and now Rahane has to get used to the pitch and the pace of it. Mehedi Hasn is into the attack now

1455 hrs IST: WICKET! Murali Vijay bowled round is legs. Trying to play the sweep shot but gets too much across. That is just not acceptable of a batsman who has made 100. Taijul is rewarded. Unnecessary shot from Vijay

1450 hrs IST: Beautiful batting from Vijay. He uses the wrist to get a boundary. Brilliant shot to pick it from off-side and send it towards mid-wicket. India are 229 for the loss of two wickets now

1445 hrs IST: Review! Whoa! What happened there? Mushfiqur appealed for something and I think it was for leg-before. He reviews it after umpire dismisses the appeal. That is strange. The replays show that it hit the middle of the bat.

1444 hrs IST: Taijul Islam will continue for Bangladesh. Virat Kohli on strike with India on 223 for the loss of two wickets. This a great batting display from the hosts. Nice batting

1441 hrs IST: HUNDRED! MURALI VIJAY WITH HIS 9TH TEST CENTURY.  Cuts it through cover and point and runs a couple. Back to back hundreds for the Monk. He thanks the heavens. Brilliant batting

1439 hrs IST: 60 overs bowled in the Indian innings and India are 218 for the loss of 2 wickets. Murali Vijay is on 99*. Kamrul will continue but it will be Virat Kohli on strike

1435 hrs IST: Four and four! Brilliant batting from Kohli. He first hits a up-ish cover drive and gets a four! Then plays a cut shot and sends it over point for four! 10 runs from the over and India are 216 for the loss of two wickets

1432 hrs IST: Virat Kohli will take strike as Kamrul takes the ball to begin proceedings in the final session of the day’s play. India resume at 206 for the loss of two wickets.

1426 hrs IST: Apart from the wicket of Pujara, India have managed to maintain a steady flow of runs throughout the second session. 120 runs have been scored of the 30 overs bowled. Murali Vijay, just two runs away from his century, is showing once again why he is a class act.

1410 hrs IST: Tea in Hyderabad! Murali Vijay doesn’t score a century and is kept on 98*. The only wicket to fall in this session was that of Pujara for 83. India are 206 for the loss of two wickets 

1408 hrs IST: Murali Vijay has to wait more as the final ball of the over is a dot ball. He has moved on to 98*. Virat Kohli will takes from the new over on the other end. Final over before Tea coming up

1404 hrs IST: Mehedi Hasan will bowl the new over. Kohli is on strike. Vijay has made the Hyderabad crowd a bit more for his century. He is still on 97*. India are 202 for the loss of two wickets

1400 hrs IST: Single off the final ball for Kohli and he will keep strike against Taskin, who will bowl the next over. India are 201 for the loss of two wickets in Hyderabad

1358 hrs IST: 200 up for India as Vijay takes a single. Virat Kohli and Vijay in the middle. Vijay moves on to 97 and is just three runs away from the hundred. He has played a lot to score the 97 runs

1356 hrs IST: A maiden over from Taskin! Vijay happy to leave alone most of the balls. India remain on 198 for 2 and Vijay is on 96*. Mehedi Hasan will continue for Bangladesh with Virat kohli on strike

1353 hrs IST: Some tricky bounce off the pitch for Taskin. Murali Vijay is very cautious of all  this. He has played first four as dot balls of the Taskin over. He is still on 96*

1351 hrs IST: Five runs off the Mehedi Hasan over. Murali Vijay is on 96* and will be on strike as Taskin Ahmed comes on to bowl. India are 198 for the loss of two wickets. Can he score his century here?

1347 hrs IST: Brilliant over for India as Kohli gets two boundaries in it. He like looking very positive in his movements and looks in fine touch. Good connection with bat and ball. Mehedi to continue for Bangladesh

1342 hrs IST: Virat Kohli is the new man in for India and he is off the mark straightaway with a brilliant cover drive that goes for four! India are 184 for the loss of two wickets. Bangladesh will like one more wicket here

1339 hrs IST: WICKET! Cheteshwar Pujara is caught behind. Finally a Bangladesh fielder hangs on to a edge. Mehedi comes over the over and induces the edge. Hits Mushfiqur on the pads and he dives to catch it. Pujara gone for 83

1337 hrs IST: A long over from Taskin. Reverse swing as well for him but it was called a no ball as he had over-stepped. But overall Taskin should be happy. Mehedi Hasan coming round the wicket for Vijay

1331 hrs IST: Five off the over off Mehedi Hasan. India are 169 for the loss of one wicket. Bangladesh with another change in the bowling and Taskin Ahmed is back into the attack. Murali Vijay on strike

1328 hrs IST: Excellent start to the new over from Vijay. He plays a late-cut off Mehedi Hasan and gets a four! Plays it very late. Moves on to 84* after that boundary. India move on to 168 for 1

1324 hrs IST: A boundary again for Pujara. He takes a single off the final ball to keep strike. Both Vijay and Pujara are in 70s. Bangladesh continue with Taijul Islam. India are 162 for the loss of one wicket

1320 hrs IST: A boundary in that over and India are 156 for the loss of one wicket. Pujara just flicks one on the leg-side. Controlled batting from both the batsmen in the middle.

1317 hrs IST: Single off the last ball again and that is 150-run stand up for Vijay and Pujara for the second wicket. India are 152 for the loss of one wicket. Pujara will be on strike as Taijul comes on

1316 hrs IST: 150 up for India in the 45th over. Both Pujara and Vijay have been brilliant so far for India. India are now 151 for the loss of one wicket.

1311 hrs IST: Maiden over from Shakib and it will be drinks in Hyderabad. Bangladesh have done well to get their over-rate in order. 17 overs in the hour after Lunch. An hour to go before Tea in Hyderabad

1308 hrs IST: Five runs from the Mehedi Hasan over. India are moving on nicely here. Murali Vijay and Che Pujara can score big hundreds and this is an ideal platform for them. Brilliant batting from them

1305 hrs IST: Just a single off the final ball off the Taijul Islam over. Pujara will keep strike for the next over. India are 141 for 1. Mehedi Hasan is back into the attack. Pujara on 60 and Vijay on 74*.

1302 hrs IST: Murali Vijay goes big and clears the straight boundary. Brilliant lofted shot over the bowler’s head to get a six. 10 runs for him on the final two balls off that over. India are 140 for 1

1259 hrs IST: A single on the final ball off the Taijul over. India move on to 127 for the loss of one wicket. 40 overs have been bowled in the Indian innings. Bangladesh continue with Shakib

1255 hrs IST: Two runs from the over. India are 126 for one. That couple of leg-byes on the final ball off the previous over. Taijul will continue. But Vijay has called for some drinks. We are all set now

1253 hrs IST: Some turn for Shakib. The delivery pitches on the middle stump line and then grips the pitch and straightens. Beats the bat and straight to the keeper. Interesting on the first day of the match

1252 hrs IST: Six runs from the last two overs and India are 124 for the loss of one wicket. Shakib is continuing. Bangladesh keeping the two left-arm spinners to the two right handed batsmen.

1246 hrs IST: Taijul Islam with a quick over. It is a maiden for him. India remain at 118 for the loss of one wicket. Shakib to continue. The field is up for him. Will be interesting if Vijay tries an attacking shot

1242 hrs IST: End of the 35th over and India are 118 for the loss of one wicket. Pujara and Vijay are slowly moving on in their innings. Change in bowling as Bangladesh bring on Taijul Islam into the attack

1239 hrs IST: Decent over for India that. They are 115 for the loss of one wicket. Shakib will continue for Bangladesh. The sun is beating down now and the players will feel the heat. The pitch will me easier to bat on but on the slower side

1237 hrs IST: FIFTY! Cheteshwar Pujara gets to his half-century. Brilliant innings from the ever-consistent batsman. He has done it once again. He should gone and get a big one now

1231 hrs IST: Eight runs off the over from Rabbi. India are 111 for the loss of one wicket after 32 overs. Vijay has got to his 50 while Pujara is on 48*. He will be on strike as Shakib comes on to bowl for Bangladesh

1229 hrs IST: Two boundaries for Vijay in that new over from Rabbi. Both on the leg-side. Pulls the first one for four. The second just driting drifting on the leg-side and gets his bat on it. Four more

1227 hrs IST: A gorgeous cover drive from Vijay to bring up his half-century, India’s 100 and 100-run stand between Pujara and him. 15th Test fifty for Vijay. Excellent start for him

1224 hrs IST: Good over for India as they get some quick runs from the over. India are 96 for the loss of one wicket after 30 overs. Shakib to continue. Vijay on strike and he is on 45*

1223 hrs IST: Some quick runs from Che Pujara. First bouncing the ball over slip fielder for a couple of runs and then on the leg side for another couple, this was a tight one. Still gets there.

1221 hrs IST: A good cut from Pujara and that gives him a boundary! First of this session for India. Just perfect timing for Pujara. India move on to 92 for the loss of one wicket

1219 hrs IST: That is another tight over from Shakib. Just the single run. So three overs for him and only one run. Kamrul will bowl for Bangladesh again! Pujara on strike

1216 hrs IST: Good over from Rabbi apart from the no-ball that he began with. Bangladesh will continue with Shakib from the other end. He has not given a run off his two overs. Pujara on strike

1211 hrs IST: Kamrul Islam Rabbi starts the session with a no-ball. Getting his foot over the line and India get a run. Vijay is on strike for this over.

1208 hrs IST: We are back live in Hyderabad. The two batsmen, Vijay and Pujara are making their way back and so is the Bangladesh team. India are resuming at 86 for 1. Their partnership is worth 84*

1200 hrs IST: 10 minutes before the second session begins in Hyderabad. India will resume at 86 for one. Vijay and Pujara are nicely settled and they should not throw away the start they have got.

1143 hrs IST: Bangladesh should look to create more chances in the second session and not let the two batsmen settle down. Vijay and Pujara, both can play long innings for India

1138 hrs IST: Bangladesh will be ruing the chances they missed to get that second wicket. They got the outside edge off the batsmen bat and also had a open run-out chance but could not affect it. India remained only one down

1131 hrs IST: Lunch in Hyderabad. A good session for India as they did not lose their second wicket after losing KL Rahul in the first over of the match. Cheteshwar Pujara and Murali Vijay sharing an unbeaten 84-run stand for the second wicket to take India to 86 for 1 at Lunch

1128 hrs IST: A run yet to be scored off Shakib’s bowling. He bowls another maiden. That is two in two for him. India remain at 83 for 1. Mehedi Hasan to continue. May be the last over before Lunch in Hyderabad

1125 hrs IST: Mehedi Hasan is getting some drift but no turn so far. He costs three runs in his over. India move on to 83 for 1. Shakib is back into the attack after that one over. Probably the penultimate over before Lunch

1122 hrs IST: Just the boundary from Taskin’s over. India remain at 80 for the loss of one wicket. Vijay happy to play out the remaining over. Mehedi Hasan to continue for Bangladesh. Can he give them a wicket here?

1120 hrs IST: Exceptional shot from Murali Vijay to get a boundary! Gets a good ball but he plays it late, opening the face off the bat. Through the covers for four! Brilliant from The Monk

1118 hrs IST: Three from the Mehedi Hasan over. Even Pujara and Vijay are happy playing the ball around. Taskin will be bowling the next over. Vijay on strike for India

1115 hrs IST: Just 15 minutes remaining for Lunch in Hyderabad. India are 73 for the loss of one wicket. Taskin with another good over. Mehedi Hasan will continue for Bangladesh, who have been slow in their over-rate

1113 hrs IST: Taskin Ahmed has been bowling nicely for Bangladesh. He has given nothing away to the batsmen. But Pujara and Vijay have also done well to keep him from taking anymore wickets

1110 hrs IST: Just the two runs off the Mehedi Hasan overs. Two singles to both the batsmen. Taskin Ahmed will be continuing for Bangladesh. India are 71 for the loss of one wickets. They have managed well to see off the new ball

1107 hrs IST: Taskin Ahmed starts with a maiden after change of ends. India remain at 69 for the loss of one wicket. We are entering the last 20 minutes before Lunch in Hyderabad. Mehedi to continue

1102 hrs IST: So just the one over for Shakib. Taskin comes back for Bangladesh. India are 69 for the loss of one wicket. Bangladesh will be clearly disappointed at missing that run-out. Pujara on strike now

1100 hrs IST: Drama! Bangladesh miss a chance to get India two down. Vijay pushed it to square leg and took a couple of steps forward. Pujara, looking at the ball, responded to the call and charged for a single. Both were at the same end. Fielder throws at the non-striker’s end where Mehedi fails to collect it and Vijay comes down for a run

1058 hrs IST: Shakib starts with maiden over! Brilliant bowling from the left-arm spinner. Keeping it tight. India remain at 66 for 2. We have Mehedi Hasan back into the attack for Bangladesh

1055 hrs IST: Another nice over for Mehedi. Just one run off it. The pitch will start assisting the spinners later in the day. India are 66 for the loss of one wicket after 17 overs. Change in bowling as Shakib Al Hasan comes on to bowl

1051 hrs IST: A fine over for India. 10 runs from it and that will give a new confidence for Vijay and Pujara. The pitch is looking better to bat on. Mehedi will continue for Bangladesh with India on 65 for 1

1049 hrs IST: Murali Vijay is getting in his touch! Takes a couple and then goes after one short delivery. Flashed hard. Goes over the in-field and straight to the ropes. Brilliant batting from him now

1046 hrs IST: Outside edge again! This time it is Murali Vijay. Thick outside edge but it is away from the slip fielder. Closer than the previous one. 50-run stand between Pujara and Vijay. India are 55 for 1

1043 hrs IST: Outside edge but away from the slip fielder! Hasan finally induces the edge off Pujara’s bat but it runs down to the third man boundary. Some runs for Pujara. But good bowling from Hasan as well. 50 up for India

1042 hrs IST: That was the only runs scored off the Rabbi over. Pujara with a boundary! So Bangladesh continuing with Mehedi Hasan. Second over for him. Vijay will be on strike for India

1039 hrs IST: Wow! Pujara will not miss out on those deliveries. A half-volley from Rabbi right in the slot for Pujara who plays the off drive between and bowler and the mid-off fielder and gets a four for that

1038 hrs IST: A nice start for Mehedi Hasan. Just a single run off his first over. Good line and length from him in the first over. Bangladesh will continue with Rabbi. Che Puajra on strike for India

1034 hrs IST: Bangladesh with a change in bowling and it will be left-arm spinner Mehedi Hasan. He starred for Bangladesh against England. Can he trouble the Indian batsmen in Hyderabad?

1031 hrs IST: Just the 12 overs bowled in the first hour by Bangladesh and India are 40 for the loss of one wicket. It is a bit hot in Hyderabad and umpire call for drinks after the first hour

1029 hrs IST: Another four! That is brilliant from Vijay. Gets another short delivery from Rabbi and this times he puts it to the left of the fine-leg fielder. Gets the boundary and India get some important runs

1028 hrs IST: Some runs for India. First an overthrow then Murali Vijay gets an easy short pitched delivery that he pulls for four past the fine leg fielder. Brilliant batting from the batsman

1026 hrs IST: Pujara gets a boundary! Sarkar drifting on to the pads of Pujara and he has glanced it between mid-wicket and mid-on for four! Excellent shot! India are 30 for the loss of one wicket

1023 hrs IST: Okay! Interesting this from Bangladesh. Part-time seamer Soumaya Sarkar is into the attack. Mushfiqur trying to take the pace off the ball. School kids have come in number to the stadium

1021 hrs IST: So 10 overs bowled in the Indian innings and they are 26 for the loss of one wicket. This is a good start for Bangladesh but they cannot let the batsmen settle down. If Pujara and Vijay keep going, Bangladesh will find it difficult to get them out

1019 hrs IST: EDGED! But it falls short of the first slip! Cheteshwar Pujara pushing at the delivery outside the off stump and it takes the edge. Falls right in front of the slip fielder. Mushfiqur could have tried for that catch

1017 hrs IST: A nice over from Taskin. He kept it wide outside off stump for the first five deliveries but then bowls a delivery down the leg-side. Pujara gets a single to the fine-leg fielder. India move on to 25 for 1

1012 hrs IST: Four off the final ball of the eighth over. Pitched short but is slightly on the leg-side and Vijay gets a glove on it trying to pull it. Behind the keeper for four. India are 24 for the loss of one wicket

1008 hrs IST: Another good over from Bangladesh. Though five runs came off it, there were some nice deliveries from Taskin. India are 18 for the loss of one wicket. Rabbi to continue. Murali Vijay is one strike for India

1003 hrs IST: Nicely played by Vijay! He puts it straight down the wicket and the mid-on fielder tries to stop it but goes through him. Vijay and Pujara run three to the the long-on boundary. The gorund is actually big

1001 hrs IST: FOUR! First boundary of the match for India. Bit wide from Rabbi and Pujara just opens  the face of the bat. It runs between gully and point fielder. India are 13 for the loss of one wicket after six overs

1000 hrs IST: Rabbi has been bowling very nicely. Bangladesh have done their homework on Vijay, bowling him short stuff. Vijay has managed to keep it away yet.

0957 hrs IST: End of the fifth over and India are seven for the loss of one wickets. The Bangladesh bowlers have kept it really tight for Indian batsmen. No loose deliveries from them. Here’s Rabbi again

0951 hrs IST: Murali Vijay with a good shot on the off-side, just opening the face off the bat and runs couple. India slow to start in this innings. Very cautious against the new ball bowlers.

0948 hrs IST: Just the two runs from the over from Taskin. Pujara playing one on the leg side and running a couple. Rabbi will continue and Murali Vijay will be on strike for India

0945 hrs IST: A loud appeal from the slip fielders and keeper after a ball goes past Pujara. Doesn’t seem like it hit anything. Replays show huge gap, literally huge. Don’t know why they were appealing

0942 hrs IST: Rabbi starts off with a maiden. Murali Vijay just getting a hang of things in Hyderabad. The ball is showing some varied movement. Taskin to continue from the other end. Pujara on strike

0937 hrs IST: First over gone and India are two for the loss of one wicket. Ahmed with the wicket of KL Rahul. Kamrul Rabbi will bowl the second over. He impressed everyone in New Zealand. Can he do the same here?

0934 hrs IST: WICKET! KL has played on! Not a great shot from Rahul. He tries to play a delivery away from the body and gets an inside edge, back in the pad and onto the stumps. There was no foot movement from Rahul to a ball that was moving away from him

0931 hrs IST: India and KL Rahul are away with a couple. Taskin with just a warm-up delivery that is drifting down the leg-side. Rahul just tucks it to fine-leg. He will be on strike again

0930 hrs IST: KL Rahul will be on strike for the first ball of the match. Murali Vijay will be at the non-striker’s end. Taskin Ahmed has the ball in hand for the first over of the match. He will bowl right arm fast

0927 hrs IST: We are done with the national anthems of the two countries and the live action will begin shortly. KL Rahul and Murali Vijay will be opening the batting for India in Hyderabad

0918 hrs IST: Both teams and the match officials will walk out for the national anthems of both nations. The Hyderabad crowd is slowly getting into the stadium. It should get some good numbers later

0911 hrs IST: Playing XI for India

KL Rahul, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Wriddhiman Saha, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma

0909 hrs IST: Playing XI for Bangladesh

Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Mominul Haque, Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Sabbir Rahman, Mehedi Hasan, Taijul Islam, Taskin Ahmed, Kamrul Islam Rabbi

0903 hrs IST: Mushfiqur says “obviously it is a big moment as we are playing against the number one team for the first time in India. The wicket looks nice and it will help the bowlers as well. I hope out batters can come to party and when the wicket shows signs of spin, the bowlers can also perform. We have six batsmen, an all-rounder, two spinners and two pacers.”

0902 hrs IST: Virat Kohli says that “Hyderabad has always been a wicket where there is grass and it is nicely rolled out.” On team combination, Kohli says “we are playing with six batsmen, including the wicketkeeper and five bowlers. Unfortunately Karun misses out. Rahane comes back. We have Ashwin, Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar, Umesh and Ishant as the five bowlers”

0900 hrs IST: India win toss and Virat Kohli has decided to bat in Hyderabad. No hesitation from the Indian captain as he says they will like to put on some runs.

0858 hrs IST: The pitch in Hyderabad has a tinge of grass on it. It will help the seamers in the first hour but it still be bat first if you win toss. We are all set for the coin Test

0850 hrs IST: Mortaza, Bangladesh’s most loved cricketer, opened up to Sriram Veera and told him about the passionate fans and his adventurous spirits: I still climb trees, walk wherever, jump and swim in rivers, says Mashrafee Mortaza

0840 hrs IST: Playing a far lower ranked team, the World number one team has not given rest to its top players. But the bench strength is also very good for India. They can replace all players barring captain Kohli. Sriram Veera wrote that: The reserve bank of India

0830 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to the coverage of the only Test between India and Bangladesh from Hyderabad. It is a big match for Bangladesh as they continue their effort to establish them as a big and important Test playing nation. India will like to continue their winning form in the longest format of the game.

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First published on: 09-02-2017 at 08:30:27 am
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