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The Magic of Breastfeeding: When A Child Is Breastfed

Does it matter if the baby is breastfed? Does it matter only to the baby or also to his/her breastfeeding parent?

The Magic of Breastfeeding

Does it matter if the baby is breastfed? Does it matter only to the baby or also to his/her breastfeeding parent? Does breastfeeding matter just to the mother baby dyad or to the whole community? As our readers must know, a simple act of breastfeeding acts as ripple effect in the pond that ultimately affects far beyond the breastfeeding dyad! What a wonderful gift of nature it is!

When a child is breastfed, the effects can be felt not only to him and his family but to the community and to the world, let’s see how?

When a child is breastfed.

  • He gets a nutritionally complete food specifically designed for the human need.
  • His immune system strengthens to fight against many infections, allergies and childhood cancers.
  • His brain gets a food which improves the cognitive scores and developmental capacity of brain.

When a child is breastfed, he bestows his mother with.

  • Decreased risk for breast cancer, osteoporosis, ovarian cancer and anemia.
  • Balanced production of “mothering hormone,” prolactin, that calms her and improves her mothering skills.
  • A sense of empowerment that comes with giving an unmatched beginning to her child.

When a child is breastfed, he gives his father.

  • An opportunity to learn that parenting is just not all about breastfeeding.
  • An opportunity to support his mother during the most difficult though fruitful journey of life.
  • A sense of pride.

When a child is breastfed, he supports his family with.

  • A huge savings in family income of around 1-1.5 Lakh Rs annually per child.
  • A savings on medical bills to almost 50%
  • A saving of lost hours from work for a parent managing a sick child at home.

When a child is breastfed, he offers the community.

  • A more productive workforce with less sick children and more regular parents.
  • A boost to local economy by lowering the less healthcare cost for both mother and child.
  • A more intellectual adult.

When a child is breastfed, he gifts the world with.

  • Less pollution caused by the manufacture and transport of formula.
  • Less waste to dispose of in the form of tin, paper, and plastic needed in the manufacture of formulas.
  • A lower population growth rate, as breastfeeding is a contraception.

Breastfeeding Mother Needs Support

“… no mother has the responsibility to breastfeed a child unless she is completely— in every possible way— supported to make the decision and to succeed with her intentions to breastfeed. Hence, no woman can be “expected” to breastfeed unless she is “enabled”— by culturally sensitive, unbiased information and complete social, economic, and clinical support— to decide to breastfeed, and is then given every and all the social, clinical, political and economic support she may need to achieve her breast- feeding goals.”

Paige Smith and Miriam Labbok in “It Takes a Village: The Role of the Greater Community in Inspiring and Empowering Women to Breastfeed (2014)”.

World Breastfeeding week 2022’s theme is to step up for Breastfeeding, educating, and to seek involvement of governments, communities, and individuals. We, at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, support breastfeeding and understand the need to assess the impact of mother support groups. Similarly, our Breastfeeding Support Group was established with a vision to make a world where healthcare professionals and mothers are empowered with science and information, resulting in a healthy community, and a mission of maternal and infant health improvement through knowledge sharing, support, and advocacy. Through the launch of “Embrace Breastfeeding”, our 1st edition of quarterly newsletter for ‘Breastfeeding Support Group’ at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, we are going to celebrate this Breastfeeding Week (1-7th August 2022)!

Dr. Nitasha Bagga, MBBS, DNB (Pediatrics), IAP (Neonatology), Consultant – Pediatrician and Neonatologist, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Banjara Hills (Hyderabad)

Dr. Nitasha Bagga

MBBS, DNB (Pediatrics), IAP (Neonatology), Consultant – Pediatrician and Neonatologist

Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Banjara Hills (Hyderabad)

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