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Donald Trump has a mission: Ruin America

Trump is an indubitable sexist and misogynist. Sunday’s presidential debate proved it further and more.

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The past weekend has been tumultuous for the GOP and more so, for their presidential nominee Donald Trump. The release of his 2005 tapes where he is heard making lewd comments about women is not only lewd, but directly attacks consent and propagates rape culture.

The hurried disavowal of the GOP leaders for the republican nominee is too little too late. While they attribute their sudden disenchantment of the businessman to his current controversy, they should have seen this coming a long time back. An attack on the white woman, it seems, was greater than all of his attacks on blacks, Muslims and Mexicans. It seems one still can’t expect a conservative party to understand intersectionality.

WATCH VIDEO: US Presidential Debate: Clinton-Trump Spar Over Obamacare, Policies, Syria

Even in the apology that he tendered after the fiasco, he chose to defend his comments by calling them “locker room banter” rather than unequivocally apologising and condemning them. He set out to explain them.

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Trump is an indubitable sexist and misogynist. Sunday’s presidential debate proved it further and more.

The release of the tapes was rather well-timed with the second presidential debate, which ended better than the previous debate, but did not project Donald Trump any better than he was before it. That Trump is a novice in politics is evident in his brazen political incorrectness, which he likes to call the truth. That may, however, cost him his presidential bid as he stands against democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who comes with years of experience in policy making and public service, an advantage she chose to emphasise at every opportunity she received during the debate.


More than half of his talking time during the debate was verbal diarrhea against his opponent. He interrupted Clinton 18 times during the debate, brought a Bernie Sanders quote against her thrice, chose to drag her husband Bill Clinton’s sexual past into a debate against her and decried her for being a liar innumerable times. Trump made sure he attacked Clinton for being a woman more than once. The female moderator Martha Raddatz was not spared either as Trump managed to speak over her several times too.


His sexism is not the only proof of his absolute inability to stand as the commander-in-chief of the biggest nation of the world, leave alone to make it great again.

Donald Trump’s fledgling, incoherent speech gave away more than it should. It was punctuated by digressions, flitting from one idea to the other and did not allay women’s or migrant’s fears. Sample his answer to his lewd comments controversy: “This was locker room talk. I’m not proud of it. I apologise to my family I apologise to the American people…but this is locker room talk. You know, when we have a world where we have a world where you have ISIS chopping off heads…Can you imagine the people that are frankly doing so well against us with ISIS and they look at our country and they see what’s going on. Yes, I am very embarrassed by it. I hate it. But its locker room talk and it’s one of those things. I will knock the hell out of ISIS, we are going to defeat ISIS.”

Of course, he doesn’t have a coherent apology, but neither does he have a solid plan. His clear aversion to his own country’s history of foreign affairs is evident when he posits that getting together with Russia may be a good idea and together they could defeat the ISIS. It’s almost as if Trump doesn’t understand policy. For him, everything is in black and white, merely an in or out, together or not together. He refuses to acknowledge or understand context and history.


For those still wanting to vote for him, it was worth noting that he did finally admit to not paying his taxes, an admission rendered without apology but with an explanation that, funnily enough, came round to Hillary Clinton – had she, as part of the government, amended the loopholes in the tax laws, he would not have been able to evade it. The irony of it is not lost on the smart thinking viewer, Mr. Trump.

An increasing clarity on how badly Donald Trump has drafted policies throws a massive floodlight on how weak a president he will make. His unwavering stands on women, muslims and immigrants show that he is still catering to the “basket of deplorables” who only understand the language of hate. One can only smirk then when he says Hillary is so full of hate while he himself advocates to send “those criminals back to their country.”

With great power comes great responsibility is a cliche cited universally – but that is because it means a great deal. Getting great power indeed means handling more responsibility. Donald Trump, however, seems to be the lone wolf fighting against the cliche, juggling with the power dumped carelessly into his hands. He will take America to great heights, the great heights of ruins.

First published on: 10-10-2016 at 03:11:40 pm
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