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Working It Out: How to master your career with NLP

Neuro-linguistic programming is a psychological approach to understand how our mind and body work together, which can lead to improving your life — at home and at work.

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NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, is the new science of personal success, achievement and fulfillment. It is a psychological approach to understand how our mind and body work together to create the emotions and feelings we experience and which, in turn, lead to the actions we undertake and the results we produce in our lives. NLP gives you practical tools and techniques to produce improved results in your life through mastery of communication and body language.

What does NLP mean?
Neuro: Neuro refers to the nervous system, of course. We experience the world around us through the nervous system and the five senses – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. If we change the way we process our sensory experience then the quality of our experiences changes significantly.

Linguistics: Linguistic refers to language; specifically, the way we use language to give meaning to experience. Once we use certain words to describe an event then the words determine how we feel about the event.

Programming: Programming refers to mental programming, and the habitual thought patterns and behaviours. NLP makes you aware of your old programming and helps you in replacing empowering thoughts and behavioral patterns.

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NLP as a form of transformative psychology studies why we do what we do. By becoming cognizant of our repetitive thought patterns and physiology, we can change them to produce the results we want. We can do more of what we want to do and less of what we do not want to do in our lives. NLP helps you in knowing your strengths and weaknesses and improving your performance at your workplace. By developing an understanding of human behaviour, you are able to understand and influence your colleagues and bosses for the outcome you desire.

Effective communicators get promoted faster
A lot of us think communication is only about speaking a particular language in a comfortable manner. I personally feel that our speaking skills are a lot like our physical body that needs regular workout. It has been proven through numerous studies that people who are good at expressing their ideas perform better at the workplace. They attract opportunities to them, and make the most of such opportunities. They maintain professional relationships effectively, and get appreciated by their colleagues and customers. Thus, they get promoted faster than their average peers.

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We learn the basic of language during our formal educational years and then take those skills with us to our workplace. However, we forget the impact that communication skills can have on our personal and professional lives. The quality of your life is directly a reflection of the quality of your communication skills. When was the last time you went for a communication workout?


There are few elements of communication that I would like to explore through this column:
1. Ability to handle your own emotions: A lot of people do not know how to communicate to themselves. They do not know what to say to themselves while handling stressful situations, professional problems and relationship failures. It is shocking to see so many people demeaning themselves, blaming others and living an uninspired life.

2. Ability to handle relationships: How you speak to your loved ones – intentionally or unknowingly — shapes the future of that relationship. If there is any relationship in your life you need to improve, you must work on the way you communicate in that relationship. You will be able to get much more emotional juice and fulfillment out of your relationships if you practice this advice seriously.

3. Public Speaking: Good quality ‘self-communication’ leads to good self-esteem and a healthy self-esteem gives you the courage to express yourself confidently in public. Each one of us must try to become the best public speakers we can be. Many people have little idea about how their life can change if they master the skill of public speaking. It is a learnable skill that comes with right practise and strategy. Your professional career will skyrocket because of this one ability alone.


4. Handling tough situations and converting them into opportunities: Every day we are required to influence others – influencing our family members to achieve their potential, guiding your kids, supporting your spouse, motivating a friend, resolving mental conflicts and inspiring people. Your communication skills can become your biggest enemy or your best friend irrespective of the profession you are in – a teacher, a business-owner, an employee, a lawyer, a journalist or whatever role you play – a parent, an educator, a social worker, or a leader.

NLP – a pivotal tool of Communication
NLP is a transformative psychology tool that gives you a perspective on your communication skills. You develop an awareness of your self-talk patterns and how you communicate to the outside word. By getting into associative and dis-associative observation mode you get a thorough understanding of your communication patterns. You can then choose to implement the empowering patterns and eliminate the disempowering ones. Good physiology automatically leads to good quality of internal and external communication.

You cannot do good things in your professional life without feeling great in your personal life. NLP helps you in taking charge of the internal and external communication in your life.

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