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Newborn’s life is hanging by a thread; Donate now to save her

13 June 2021 my lovely baby girl was born but, nothing went as planned.

My second pregnancy wasn’t as smooth as we all had hoped. My blood pressure and sugar levels kept fluctuating during the last few months of pregnancy.

Due to these fluctuations, the doctors decided to go forward with a C- section and hence I delivered my baby girl very early. She was not due yet.

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Just 2 days after her birth our world turned upside down. Because she was born prematurely, her body was so fragile and weak that she needed external support to live. 

The doctors explained that her body was not getting enough blood and oxygen supply. The medical term for such a condition is called perinatal asphyxia.

She was put in an incubator where she needs the help of machinery to continue breathing.

At the sight of my baby’s fragile, blue body and pricked with needles and tubes, I felt my chest tighten and my body go numb.


My husband tried to console me but I couldn’t bear to see my daughter like this. How can I be okay looking at my newborn struggling for a gasp of air? My eldest child was born with one kidney. Day and night I worry about his survival, he often gets sick and has weak immunity. 


Worrying about his health was bad enough, but now, I’m forced to watch my youngest as she struggles to breathe. Its truly heartbreaking!

My baby is still in the incubator… She needs a prolonged NICU stay and medical management to recover. However, the cost of his treatment is a huge sum of Rs 8 lakh ( $ 10772.10 )


I can’t afford it. I’ll never be able to afford it in this lifetime.


My husband and I come from an extremely poor family. He works as a coolie and earns a measly salary. We work tirelessly to make ends meet as it is- arranging funds in time to save our baby is completely out of our reach. 

With no option left, we’re asking you for your support.

Without your kind help, my child won’t be able to see the light of a new day and have a future – which she truly deserves. I cannot afford to lose her.

Please help save her before she runs out of time. Donate now and help my child live.

First published on: 19-08-2021 at 12:19:25 pm
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