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My daughter won’t survive without an urgent transplant; save her

When Uvaani was just 8, she underwent a vital heart surgery to fix the hole in her heart. Now, four years later, she needs an emergency heart transplant or she won't have a chance at life. Her parents have no means to fund her surgery. Please help them...

Updated: July 30, 2020 11:23:55 am

In 2007, God blessed us with a beautiful little angel and we named her Uvaani. We had been trying to have a baby for a while so it was all the more special for us. It was the happiest day of our lives.

On the day of discharge, we dressed her up in a bright red frock and waited for the doctor’s permission to take her home. He came to the room to check the baby’s vitals and suddenly his expression changed. He looked visibly worried and told us to get an ultrasound done.

Assuming it was just a routine procedure, we did not think much of it. When the results came back, we got the shock of our lives. “Your daughter has a hole in her heart,” said the doctor. I could not process it. I did not want to believe what I had just been told.He then went on to tell us that it was fairly common and that there was a chance of it closing on its own. We heaved sighs of relief and took our baby home.

Everything was alright until eight years later when Uvaani started complaining of shallow, rapid breathing and also lost her appetite. We couldn’t help but think of the worst and rushed her to the hospital. The doctors ran some tests and an ultrasound. We waited anxiously for the results.

I remember my daughter looking at me with her big, confused eyes as I sat her in my lap and hugged her tightly. The doctor came back and asked my husband to take our daughter outside and wait. My heart sank when I heard that. I knew something was seriously wrong.

“The hole in your daughter’s heart hasn’t healed and it is too late for it to be fixed by medicines. She needs heart surgery as soon as possible,” said the doctor.

I went numb- I couldn’t move or talk. They called my husband and my daughter back inside and when I saw her face, I broke down. She ran to me and hugged me, in an attempt to comfort me, oblivious of the fact that she had a deadly heart defect.

Donate Now to Save & Secure Uvaani’s life

We had no option but to lie to her that she had to undergo a small procedure and then she would be fine. We did not waste any time and immediately started her treatment.

My husband is a taxi driver and earns just enough to sustain us so we had to arrange for money to fund the surgery. We used all of our savings, sold off our house and other valuables, and borrowed money to make sure our daughter had a fighting chance at survival.

She underwent surgery and doctors said it was successful. She felt weak and drained but she was slowly recovering. We were happy again but the happiness was very short lived.

For the next four years, we took Uvaani to the hospital for regular post-operation checkups and everything seemed fine. Our lives were finally starting to get back to normal. However, one day when both my daughters were playing, Uvaani suddenly clutched at her chest and started crying in pain. We rushed her to the hospital praying it wasn’t anything serious.

By the time we reached the hospital her chest had swollen. She was taken to the emergency ward and immediately put on IV medicines to stabilize her. After a few tests and scans, the doctor told us that her previous surgery had not completely fixed her heart defect.

“She needs a heart transplant to survive this time.” The doctor quoted a sum of Rs 30 lakh ($ 42,120) for her life-saving transplant. We already exhausted all our funds four years ago and started saving from scratch. It is not at all enough to pay for her medical expenses this time around.

I feel broken, helpless, and hopeless. I cannot put on a brave face any longer. Just the other day my daughter said to me, “Mumma I have become a burden on you people, haven’t I? I cant see you suffer because of me anymore.” My entire world came crumbling down when I heard her say this.

I feel like I have failed her as a mother. Your donations are the only way for us to save her now. Please help us save our daughter.

Uvaani needs all your strength and help to get back on her feet. Only your donations can help her live. Donate for Uvaani’s heart…

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