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Help My Child Recover. An Accident Has Put Him In A Lot Of Pain.

His extensive injuries include multiple fractures & damage to his left eye’s cornea.

Help Him Recover

“Just when I was about to place the telephone’s receiver to my ear, I had a strange feeling. The feeling a mother gets when her child is in trouble.”

The stranger on the other end of the call informed me that my son, Mubashir, met with an accident – he has lost a lot of blood & I should rush to the hospital immediately.

As I reached the emergency ward, I could not handle myself but cry when I saw my 17-year old son, with bandages wound around his face. The doctors told me that his extensive injuries included multiple fractures & damage to his left eye’s cornea.

Mubashir had suffered multiple fractures all across his skull. He was unable to move his head and had Left Eye Keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea.

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“From never stepping foot inside a hospital to now hearing all these terms to describe my son’s injuries, I couldn’t bear to hear any of it.

All I knew was that my son is in pain, and I need to help him with all my might.”

My husband, Shabeer, and I decided to sell all my gold ornaments along with our family land for our son’s treatment. We were able to acquire a total of Rs 28-30 Lakhs for the costs of the treatment and medication. We thought it’ll be sufficient until he gets better & his fractures begin to heal.


But it wasn’t enough. The doctors say that he still needs his physiotherapy & medications for another three months, the costs for which come out to around Rs 6,45,000 ( $ 8599.94 ).

“We’ve exhausted every possible source of money & we’re left with nothing to ensure that Mubashir’s treatment continues!”

Although Shabeer works as a carpenter & earns Rs 15,000/- per month, his income is barely enough for us to get by.


Days at a stretch my family wouldn’t be able to eat properly; we can’t afford a roof on our heads either. The hospital authority won’t let me stay the night with my son, hence I have to sleep wherever I find space outside the hospital.

We’ve pulled every string possible to pay for our son’s treatments; however, I am in desperate need of your help. Your generosity is the only way I’ll be able to help my son recover from his injuries.

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First published on: 18-04-2022 at 01:16:57 pm
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