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Donate to help this 2-year-old innocent girl fight a rare and deadly kidney disease

Tapasi's dream of becoming a mother came true with a beautiful baby girl coming into her life. All the hardships and pain she had endured had been worth it.

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Just two years post the birth of her daughter, Tapasi was unnerved when she noticed her daughter was going through several episodes of fatigue and illnesses.

She would often have uncontrollable bursts of fever and would urinate far beyond the normal capacity of a two-year-old baby. Srishti was also unable to build an appetite and was finding it hard to put on any healthy weight for a child of her age.


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Tapasi consulted vasrious local clinics but no physician had the answer. A month ago, Srishti went through another episode; only this time, it was much worse and severe.

Tapasi was absolutelt petrified. She didn’t understand what her baby had been going through and rushed her immediately to the hospital.

Thankfully, the doctors immediately took her in to examine her in order to know the root cause.

Tapasi and her husband, Subha, sat in the waiting room praying for their daughter. “Oh lord, please help us, please protect our child…”

After some time, the doctors walked in to talk to the terrified new parents.


“We are sorry to inform you but your baby has a severe case of Cystinosis. It is a genetic disorder that targets the kidney. She’ll need to follow a treatment plan and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible,” the doctors informed the couple.


A mother’s heart was broken – Tapasi could not fathom the thought of something happening to her little girl and broke down completely. Subho was shattered after hearing the news from the doctors, but the parents knew they had to fight for their child and win from the disease.


After being transferred to the ward, Tapasi stayed with her daughter and Subho tried to arrange money for his child’s treatment.

The treatment needed was going to cost Rs 11.60 lakh ($ 15680.26).

Subho earned enough for the couple to get by without any complications, but his savings had been immediately depleted by the recent hospital bills and medicines.


Subho instantly took out the largest loan he could and borrowed money from any living soul who would spare it, but he still came up short and the figures didn’t add up.

“Why God, why my child.. why this suffering? He wept for days on end.


Srishti’s helpless parents have tried everything they possibly could and have now run out of options and also low on hope.

A month has passed since the tragic news hit the parents. Srishti’s condition has been deteriorating by the minute and her time is ticking fast.


They need your urgent help and prayers to save their baby girl from the clutches of the destructive disease. You remain their one & only hope now.


Please help their family survive through this utterly difficult time. Help them give little Srishti the gift of a second chance at life and live a life she really deserves.

Donate now to save baby Srishti. Your love, prayers and donations are her ONLY hope to live on.

First published on: 24-05-2021 at 14:22 IST
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