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4 Ways Dads Can Be Heroes To Their Kids

Life is all about balancing responsibilities and cushioning for the future once you start a family. But remember that you can only inspire your kids when you are inspired yourself.

Papa ki Nayi Kahaani

Stepping into parenthood is inarguably a life-altering journey. As a father, you are suddenly cast into the role of a provider and nourisher, the minute you welcome your tiny bundle of joy into the family. Right from holding her little finger to help her take the first step, to rocking her to sleep after her midnight feed, you help your child navigate the world with your wisdom and experience. 

And then, all too soon, kids sprout their own wings as they start school, take karate classes and dance lessons and develop their own social circles. As a father, you are with them every step of the way – dropping them to classes, ensuring the best of education and overseeing their physical and emotional welfare. Over time, you smoothly morph into ‘dependable dad’, the head of the household who plans for the family’s future with as much care as he plans the next family holiday. On the way, however, did you stow away your dreams in order to be the perfect provider? Wouldn’t your children be even more proud of a dad who dares to dream? One who doesn’t just light the path for his children, but who leads the way himself?

This Father’s Day, we suggest ways in which you can strike a balance between work and family responsibilities on one side and your own personal wellbeing and self-realisation on the other. 

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Dream On!

It’s never too late to pick up a dream you left by the wayside when you started a family. If you have felt that urge to put pen to paper and become a writer, do it now! Who knows, you could be India’s next Chetan Bhagat! Or, if that MBA was left on the back burner ages ago, enroll yourself into a course – it might just be the catalyst that your career needs for that jump start. Alternatively, if you have a green thumb and always wanted to nurture a farm plot, start saving up to make it a reality. This dream won’t just help you realise your talents to the fullest, you could soon be making a tidy profit from your efforts!

Pursue Your Passion

Hobbies that give you sheer happiness often get sidelined in the business of everyday life. Do you have a yen for music that’s been put on hold over the years? Make time to join some music classes or browse those chor bazar lanes to complete your collection of vintage records to play over the weekends. If cycling if your thing, get yourself a pair of wheels and take off on weekends, keeping all work worries aside. Chances are your kids will want to have their own bicycle and want to go biking with their super dad! Not everything in life translates into money, but the joy that comes from sharing your passion with your child is priceless! After all, it’s all about apneliye, apnokeliye!

Take your kid to office on Fridays

Your child is likely to develop more respect for their father’s profession when they actually get to see your work space, colleagues and commute. Mark your calendar for a day in a month when your child can accompany you to your office and see you in your work habitat. It won’t just help some filial bonding, it will expose them to the wider world and help understand your work and life better. 

Plan your financial future

Super dads are those who know how to strike that fine balance between looking after their families and chasing their own dreams. So, even as you make time for your dreams and to spending quality time with loved ones, make sure they are sufficiently covered for all of life’s uncertainties. The prudent way to go about this is to get a good life insurance cover for yourself. In addition, salt away some of your savings in sound investment schemes that will reap good dividends when your child might need it for higher education, weddings, or even an unforeseen contingency. As the dependable dad, see to it that their present and future are secure. 


Life is all about balancing responsibilities and cushioning for the future once you start a family. But remember that you can only inspire your kids when you are inspired yourself. This Father’s Day, script a Papa ki Nayi Kahaani. Make a promise to yourself to do something different. Be a hero in your kids’ eyes. And grow in your own esteem!

First published on: 18-06-2022 at 10:34:09 am
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