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Karma Sutra: When waiting means having patience and faith in God

Those who advocate ‘action’ as a solution to our problems, can mock at us, but sometimes, inaction or a sense of resignation, is all that we are left with.

faith in god, waiting, waiting for something to happen, carl jung, god, divinity, spirituality Manipulating time, space and body may or may not deliver; divine energy (God) always does. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

More often than not, we find ourselves in a situation where we feel completely resigned to our fate. No matter how sincere our effort to change it, it refuses to budge. It can come in the form of a health problem, an unemployed state, a matrimonial alliance that refuses to click, an immigration call that never comes, a divorce/property/settlement case that takes forever to come to a conclusion.

Since there isn’t anything more at our end that needs to be done, that is to say, having done whatever was ‘humanly possible’; we now wait for ‘divine intervention’. Those who advocate ‘action’ as a solution to our problems, can mock at us, but sometimes, inaction or a sense of resignation, is all that we are left with.

Patience is the most underrated virtue, but something we need to practise the most in our life. Waiting and waiting patiently, is not something that comes easy to us, especially in this day and age of instant gratification. Hence, when we find ourselves in a situation where there’s nothing to do but wait, it gets the better of us, rather, the bitter of us.

The whole world around us seems to be moving on, moving ahead, while we stagnate under the burden of our situation. Our relationships, which were once healthy, are now tinged with envy. We envy the people who seem to be leading a life of joyous abandon, while we sink deeper and deeper under the burden of our situation. Waiting solemnly, for things to change, with every tick-tock of the clock.

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Carl Jung tells of an anecdote his uncle had shared with him. His uncle stopped him in the street one day and asked him — “Do you know how the devil tortures souls in hell? He keeps them waiting.”

So, how does one bide this period of waiting without going insane?

The only way out of this phase is, to “keep one’s faith”. Faith gives us hope; hope of a better and a brighter tomorrow. When our faith dwindles, we try to take the matter in our hands. In olden times, the rishis (seers) tried to manipulate the “energy” (existence) through the science of space (vastushastra), time (jyotishvidya) and body (ayurveda). While these sciences do ameliorate our situation, the challenge of our time is to find a genuine guru (teacher/practitioner). There seem to be more quacks, than qualified practitioners. However, an effort in this direction is permissible, since it falls within the ambit of dharma (righteous behaviour).



But, when we resort to unfair means, to solve our problems because of our impatience and lack of faith, we aggravate our situation. Our unrighteous ways, of cheating people, seeking revenge, ending our life — all out of sheer frustration, trap us in the web of karmas. Our present phase will pass, sooner or later, by the very nature of things of the manifested world, where nothing is permanent.

When we take matters in our hand, we spiral down in the whirlpool of our karmas. Our “bad or difficult phase” is the outcome of our reactions done in the past. By reacting yet again to our situation, we enchain ourselves to the consequences of our wrong actions.


Patience is a mark of strength of character and it stems from faith in the working of divine energy (God). When life seems to have stagnated, in spite of our effort to change it (within the ambit of dharma), we need not give up on our effort, but we also need to channelise our energy in the other aspects of our life. Perseverance pays, but to make the problem at hand, the repository of our existence robs us of all the other blessings that are still present in our life. It is a well-known observation that, when God closes one door, He opens another.

Our current obstacles are a manifestation of the wrong doings of our past. They were perhaps done in ignorance (avidya). Let us use our present knowledge of the Law of Karma, to earn ourselves a better, obstacle-free hereafter. Till then, let us truly and unabashedly wait for “divine intervention”. Manipulating time, space and body may or may not deliver; divine energy (God) always does.

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