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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th January 2017 full episode written update: Ruhi and Suhail to meet the blackmailer

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th January 2017 full episode written update: Ruhi is secretly meeting the blackmailer with the help of Suhail. Suhail assures Ruhi that he will end the blackmailer’s issue this time.

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Suhail asks Ruhi to cool down. He tells her to take back Ishita’s jewellery and he will arrange the money. He says it’s wrong to steal your mom’s jewellery. He assures Ruhi that she is very important for him. He says he will also come with Ruhi to deal with the blackmailer.

Shagun is depressed and lonely. Aaliya tells Shagun not to feel so bad, she asks her to be fair and honest with Mani always. She says that she can understand what Shagun is going through, but she tells Shagun to understand her Appa’s mental state too. She warns Shagun not to hurt her Appa ever otherwise she will be the one who will throw Shagun out of the house. Shagun is speechless.


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Raman goes to the cyber cell and tells the inspector about the missing tattoo artist.The inspector shows concern and assures him that he will find out what is happening. Raman gets a call from Ishita. He asks her to come soon, he is not able to handle the things here. Ishita says that she has to stay there for a few more days as she is taking care of one of the students who has tooth infection. She also asks Raman to pick Pihu from school.

Ruhi is putting back the jewellery in Ishita’s cupboard and Simmi comes. Simmi asks what she is doing in Raman’s room, Ruhi gets scared. Simmi finds an earring on the floor and asks Ruhi about it. Ruhi makes excuse that she was also finding the earring as it was lost from sometime.

Aaliya and Adi are in Adi’s room. Adi tells Aaliya that his mother Shagun is a manipulative person, she can do anything to fulfil her motives. He wants Aaliya not to take Sahgun’s side as he knows his mother better. Aaliya wants Adi to understand human nature and give one more chance to Sahgun. She says every person makes mistakes and Sahgun has accepted her mistake, she really wants Mani back in her life. Adi says Shagun has always embarrassed him and she can never change. He says it is so convenient for her to first love Vidyut and then when it fails, again develop the feelings for Mani. Adi gets so argumentative with Aaliya that to prove his point he says that Aaliya can understand Shagun better as she is also like her. She also had feelings for Mihir but when she got rejected then she developed feelings for Adi. Aaliya gets numb witg shock. Adi too realises that he has hurt Aaliya badly. Aaliya immediately leaves. Adi runs behind her to apologise, but Aaliya refuses to listen. Aaliya tells Adi that if he thinks that their relationship is on the rebound then they should end the relationship right here. She says that if he doubts her feelings than he can never understand her. Adi says if she would have been in his place, she would have done the same thing. Aaliya feels more sad, she says than you don’t understand me at all. She asks Adi to give each other a break so that they can have time to think whether they can spend the rest of their life with each other. Adi gets hyper and says, as you wish. Aaliya leaves.

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Toshi asks Raman why he looks so tired and tensed these days. Raman makes an excuse and leaves. Raman feels that someone is watching him secretly, but he doesn’t find anyone. Ruhi gets a call from the blackmailer, he threatens her to give the money today itself otherwise he will viral the video. Ruhi calls Suhail and tells him about it. Suhail tells Ruhi to get ready, the money is arranged and they will go together to meet the blackmailer. He also asks Ruhi not to tell anyone about it. Ruhi secretly leaves the house and sits in Suhail’s car which is waiting in the parking area. One more person sits in the car’s trunk secretly.

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