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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2016 full episode written update: Aaliya sends Shagun for shopping so that she can take Pihu to doctor

Shagun is out when her car stops and she sees Aaliya in front of the child counsellor with Pihu. She panics and goes to her lawyer.

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The whole family is happy to have Santoshi back. She tells them that Adi told her that this will be a surprise for them, as she came unannounced. She tells them to bring tea and Indian food as she missed it all there. She asks about everybody else including Raman, Ishika and her mother.

Raman is angry that Mihir didn’t turn up for the meeting and then he receives a peculiar letter about him. Madhu asks about her husband and Mr. Bhalla tells her that he has joined the laughter club now. She is shocked to realise that she knew nothing about it and shares it with Santoshi. She tells Madhu that Vishwa was talking about her and said that she has turned very boring and wears the same old saris. She tells Madhu to try something new and wear jogging suit and get a makeover like her. Madhu goes inside after agreeing with her.

Aaliya goes to meet Shagun and suggests her to participate in the perfect couple contest. Shagun asks if she’s serious and Aaliya says that she is genuinely telling her to do that. Aaliya tells her about her friend’s brand and makes her fill up the form as she’ll be the first participant. Shagun thinks about Mani but Aaliya tells her not to. Shagun is happy to fill the form and Aaliya thinks that Amma will be happy to know this.

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Madhu goes to Vishwa with a glass of juice and he tells her to keep it aside. She tries making a conversation and asks about the laughter club. He tells her that he should not be disturbed while solving the puzzle and she offers the juice. He takes it and she talks about her friend who is getting a divorce because her husband now likes somebody younger than his age. Vishwa tells her that they only have one life and they can do anything that they like. She is shocked to hear his views and he just changes the topic. He goes away and says that he cannot be disturbed but gets a call from some other woman and gives all the attention to her.

Raman goes to Mihir and asks about his resignation but Mihir tells him that he was the source of this confusion and fuss. Raman shuts him up and makes him understand. Mihir then apologises after looking at how Raman reacts. Raman accepts it and tells him to go and get ready for the meeting. Mihir begs him to sort it out with Ishika.

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Madhu starts crying that she thinks Vishwa dislikes her. Santoshi tells her that she is pretty sure that he loves her. She takes Madhu and tells her that she has a solution for her problem.  Aaliya tells Shagun to go for a spa and shopping. She sends her without Pihu and calls Ishika, who tells her to take Pihu to the doctor. Ishika hopes that Pihu talks openly with the doctor.


Santoshi brings Madhu to a salon for a makeover. Madhu hesitates but sits down for the makeover and feels relaxed. Shagun’s car stops in the middle and her driver gets out to check what’s wrong. She looks out of the window and sees that Aaliya has taken Pihu to a child counsellor. She is curious about it and thinks what if Pihu tells the truth about the pills. She goes to meet her lawyer at his office.

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