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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd November 2016 full episode written update: Shagun gets irritated to see Ishita in Adelaide

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd November 2016 full episode written update: Raman makes Shagun believe that he will divorce Ishita. Vidyut is also helping him.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi |
November 24, 2016 1:30:01 am
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Raman and Ishita are talking to each other near a garden. Raman hugs Ishita and Shagun sees them together as she is also present there. Seeing Shagun, Raman and Ishita start acting like enemies. Raman asks Ishita to give him a divorce. Ishita shouts back too and asks Raman to end their marriage. Ishita leaves, pretending that she has not seen Shagun. Shagun confronts Raman and tells him that he is lying and he and Ishita are just doing drama. Raman denies and tells he has come to Adelaide to meet Pihu. She doesn’t believe Raman and says it is impossible that you will divorce your soul mate, Ishita. Raman decides to do some more drama in front of Shagun as she is still doubtful about him and Ishita.

Simmi waits in the restaurant to meet Ajnabi Chandu. Aaliya, Shravan and Ananya come there and confess that they wrote the love letter to her. Simmi gets angry with them. Ananya and kids tell her that they purposely planned all this. They want Simmi to feel good and desirable. Simmi gets emotional and hugs Ananya. She tells that she is very happy and she doesn’t want anyone in her life. Toshi asks Aaliya to come with her for horoscope reading. Aaliya is upset because of Adi. She tells Toshi that she is not interested in anything as Adi is no more interested in the relationship. Toshi asks Adi about it. Adi says that Aaliya is unnecessarily getting angry with him. Toshi asks him to give more time and attention to Aaliya.

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Pihu plans to have a lunch with Raman and Ishita. She asks Shagun to cook pasta for her with the help of Raman. Raman agrees, but Shagun doesn’t want to spend time like this. She is expecting Vidyut’s call. She lies to Pihu that she doesn’t have enough grocery items at home. Raman gives idea to shop the required items and then cook at his apartment. Shagun tries a lot to avoid them, but then she agrees. Raman takes Shagun and Pihu to the central market to buy his phone and grocery. Raman calls Vidyut and asks him to come to the same market with Ishita. Vidyut agrees and tells Ishita about it. While talking to her, Vidyut gets to know that Shagun is Raman’s ex-wife and Ishita is his second wife. Ishita tells him about Pihu and Ruhi. Vidyut wonders and tells Ishita that you and Raman have a very complicated life. He tells that he is totally confused. Ishita tells him to reach the central market fast and she will explain everything on the way.

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At the central market, Shagun is buying the grocery when Ishita too comes in the same shop. Pihu and Shagun get upset to see Ishita there. Shagun starts arguing with Ishita and tells that she and Raman can not fool her. She tells Raman that you must have called her or she purposely came to Adelaide to follow me and Pihu. Ishita fires back and pretends that she is not interested in following any of them. She even misbehaves with Pihu. She asks Raman to send divorce papers as quickly as possible.

Ishita furiously leaves the place and forgets to pay the bill. The shopkeeper claims the money from Shagun as she and Ishita were talking to each other. When Shagun denies to pay, shopkeeper runs to catch Ishita. He accuses Ishita as a shoplifter and calls the cops to arrest her. Ishita starts crying. She asks Raman to help but Raman just leaves her alone with the cops. He tells the cops that he doesn’t know who the lady is. Shagun smiles at Ishita’s miserable condition. She too leaves the place. Vidyut comes there to rescue Ishita. It was all Raman’s plan to create the scene in front of Shagun and involve cops and shopkeeper too. He wants to gain the confidence. He wants to portray that he and Ishita are still separated.

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