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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th October 2016 full episode written update: Raman is getting impressed with Aliya

When Aliya takes good care of Bhalla house, Raman gets impressed. He even supports Aliya.

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It is early morning and Raman hugs Ishita. Ishita says she was thinking of Aliya. He says he doesn’t want to talk about her. They argue over Adi’s choice. She asks how will the matter get solved if he doesn’t talk. He leaves her hand with a force and she falls down the balcony. She screams and Raman gets shocked. Raman wakes up and realised that he was dreaming about all this. He checks Ishita in the room, but he doesn’t find her. He gets scared about Ishita and starts shouting on all the family members. Ishita enters in a jogging dress with Aliya and Ruhi. They all went for a morning walk. Raman shows his concern in the form of anger. He shouts at Ishita that she should tell him before leaving the house. Ruhi and Aliya try to make Raman understand but he stops them. He shouts at Aliya and tells her not to interfere in their family matter. Ishita is shocked to see Raman’s behaviour.

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Ishita asks Raman about his behaviour. Raman doesn’t say anything and just hugs Ishita. Raman tells he gets insecure when Ishita goes out without informing anyone. Ishita hugs him back. Shobhana doesn’t find some grocery items in the kitchen and taunts Shagun about it. Adi says he will get the things.

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Bala and Vandita are opening one more branch of their institute. She goes to Mani’s house and invites him and Shobhana for the opening ceremony. Then she goes to Raman’s place to invite them. She wants Raman and Ishita to keep fast on the pooja day (opening ceremony) so that they can sit in the pooja as a couple.

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In Raman’s house, everyone is having lunch. Raman again gets irritated after tasting one of the dishes. He finds the dish tasteless and when he gets to know that Aliya has made it, he shouts more. He insults Aliya and her cooking. Aliya looses patience and screams back at Raman. She tells him she has made that particular dish, especially for Ishita with less spice and salt as Ishita has BP issues. She asks Raman why he misbehaves with her every time. Raman gets stunned and has no words to say. Everyone enjoys and tells Raman somebody is there to shout back at him. Aliya wants to go back to her house but Raman asks sorry and requests her not to leave.

Next scene starts with Shravan’s Dadi not liking Aliya giving advice to him about a healthy lifestyle. She starts shouting at Aliya in front of Ishita and Ruhi. Aliya first requests Dadi to speak calmly as Ishita has BP problem. But she keeps on shouting at them. To stop her, Aliya raises her voice. Raman enters when Aliya was screaming at Dadi. At first, he stops Aliya but when he sees that Shravan’s Dadi is also there then he passes sarcastic comments at Dadi and she walks out.

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