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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th October 2016 full episode written update: Urvashi wants equal rights as Kokila in the Modi family

Kokila tells Gopi about Jaggi and Urvashi's truth, and takes a promise that she'll keep it to herself. Urvashi comes to stay in Modi Bhawan.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi |
October 6, 2016 8:40:31 pm
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Kokila tells Urvashi that she remembers all about her promise and will fulfil it soon. Urvashi had asked for her share of property and reputation in Modi family and for Jaggi too, just like Kokila has. Urvashi taunted her by saying that she hasn’t ever learnt to give people, so how will she do it. Kokila promises that she’ll do it for her daughter, Gopi, who is her pride and love. Kokila says that she won’t ever go back to her words. Urvashi says that she had heard a lot about Kokila being true to her word and its proved today.

Dharam goes to Ritesh’s room and yells at him to move out of the house for he is the cause of all the fights. Ritesh says that he won’t go unless and until Meera tells him to go. Dharam grabs his collar for taking Meera’s name and Naiya comes in. Meera and Vidya come in and Meera tells Dharam to leave the collar. He says that she should tell him to go out. She says that his misunderstanding is his own problem and not hers. This house is equally hers so Ritesh will stay in the house till Naiya’s wedding, whether he likes it or not. He goes away and Meera apologises to Ritesh. He says that maybe he should leave and Naiya worries. But Meera tells him not to think about it.

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Urvashi does the aarti in the morning and the rest of the family is surprised. Kokila tells her to give aarti to everybody and Gopi wonders why Kokila let her do this today. Urvashi hints Kokila to start and she tells everybody that Urvashi will now live with them in their house. Urmila is excited to hear this and says that she was worried about how sad they will be after Jaggi leaves and now Urvashi will stay and it’ll all be normal. Everybody leaves for they have their own chores to do. Urvashi asks Kokila that why did she do that and not tell them the truth as this was the deal. Jaggi calls Urvashi and she goes. Kokila gets teary eyed and Gopi comes to her the next minute.

Meera is tensed about Dharam who wasn’t at home the whole night. He says that his presence never even matters to her. She shouldn’t behave as if tensed about him but she can do that for others in the house. She says that he is acting quite kiddish and he says that she was the one who said that he was acting like old people. He says that he understands that she wants to live with people from her age group so she should go to Ritesh. Meera slaps him in anger and gawks at what she has done and goes out of the room.

Gopi asks why Kokila didn’t tell her this secret for so many years. Kokila says that she would’ve easily kept this buried inside her for life, but the past always comes in the present. Gopi says that she’s astonished to know that her father in law could’ve had an affair. Kokila says that she was the other woman as her husband loved Urvashi before their marriage. His parents made him marry Kokila forcefully and he confronted with her. She made him choose between Urvashi and her. He chose Kokila and ended the relationship with Urvashi but Jaggi was in her womb already. So, destiny brought Jaggi in front of her and she had to take his help for Gopi. She makes her swear to not to tell anybody about this. Urmila comes and takes Kokila to arrange for Urvashi’s room and amenities.

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