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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th September 2016 full episode written update: Vidya tells Dharam to talk to Meera

Meera burns her hand and Dharam notices that. Vidya tells Dharam to talk to her once and not create further misunderstandings.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi |
September 15, 2016 10:17:37 pm
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Gopi tells Mansi’s friends to clean the floor since she is the one who spilled the food on the floor. Mansi and her friend are stunned to hear this. Jaggi comes in and asks how they started the party without him. Mansi yells but her friends go up to him and flatter him. He keeps them distracted from insulting Gopi.

Jaggi dances with Mansi’s friend and deliberately makes her fall. Gopi tells her that she did a bad thing by throwing food deliberately and now she fell too. She helps her get up by saying that they’re the guests so they won’t insult her. Mansi shouts at Gopi for insulting her friends when Jaggi says that you are only accountable for half of Modi Bhawan and that too only, forcibly.

Gopi agrees with him by saying that they have entertained them enough but Mansi cannot call her friends for a party. Jaggi sends all her friends back. Her friends tell Mansi that they always knew that she’s just a fake and now they won’t ever come to her parties. Mansi says that this wasn’t right and she’ll take revenge. Jaggi sends her off and asks Gopi to smile now that the party is over.

Meera’s friends ask about her husband and she takes them to meet Dharam. She introduces Dharam to her friends and he just greets and goes away rudely. Urmila sees this and goes towards Meera who is embarrassed and hurt. Urmila asks if she’s eaten anything when Meera says that she’ll eat with Vidya. Urmila asks about Dharam and if they have had a fight. Meera is about to tell her when Vidya comes and says that Dharam is only nervous about Naiya’s engagement. The photographer calls everybody for a family picture and Dharam stands away from Meera and Urmila notices that.

Sona tells Jai Veeru that it’s time to go back home now and Urmila bids goodbye to everybody. Dharam tells them they’ll have to come with Gopi is Kokila to the wedding or else he’ll feel bad.

Jaggi whines due to stomach ache and Gopi hears him. She says that he’s always eating so much and this is why it happens. Jaggi says that it’s her fault, she shouldn’t cook such good food all the time. She goes to get him medicine when he says that this is what his mother used to give when he usually had stomach aches. (Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th September 2016 full episode written update: Mansi plans to insult Gopi in her party with her friends)

Vidya goes to serve tea to Meera when she sees that Dharam is staring at her henna. She just goes upstairs angrily. Vidya goes to Dharam and he does the same thing. Vidya calls Gopi afterwards and tells her that they missed them all. Gopi tells her that Kokila is better now and they’ll definitely come to the wedding. Vidya keeps the phone down. Shravan compliments her by saying that she looked the most beautiful tonight. He takes the jug to refill when Vidya says that she’ll go to the kitchen.

Meera is sitting near the temple and thinking about Dharam when she sees the letter ‘R’ on her hands. She spots a small lamp and puts her hand on its flame. Vidya looks at her doing that and stops her. She sees that her hand is completely burnt and gets the first aid box. She asks Meera about what’s wrong and Meera tells her everything. Naiya and Payal hear all this from behind the curtain. Meera goes away by saying that she won’t take the first step this time. Vidya thinks this isn’t a coincidence and maybe somebody is creating differences between them.

Next morning, Meera is applying medicine on her hand when Vidya comes and helps her. Meera pours milk for Dharam when he comes in and tells Vidya to give it to him. Dharam says that food should be served with love when he notices Meera’s hands. Meera says that he’ll be happy now and goes away. Vidya tells Dharam to talk to Meera once and not create further misunderstandings. Naiya hears all this and thinks why Vidya is interfering.

Kokila and her family are doing the aarti when Mansi starts doing her aerobics at full volume. They anyway complete the aarti and Gopi goes to Mansi to tell her that she should lower the volume. Mansi says that it’s time for her aerobics and that they should change their time. Kokila says that they’ll change their time.

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