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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th October 2016 full episode written update: Gopi gets shot and Mansi runs away

Jaggi takes Gopi to the hospital and breaks down thinking that she took the bullet for him. Urvashi handles him and Kokila prays to God.

Written by Shreya Mudgal |
October 11, 2016 9:52:14 pm
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Gopi runs to save Jaggi from getting hurt and takes the bullet on herself while pushing him away. Mansi panics seeing that Gopi has fallen down and Kokila is praying to God continuously. Mansi then starts smiling and points the gun again, telling Jaggi that she wanted to shoot him instead because he has broken her heart.

Ritesh is thinking to give the pain killer to Meera and Prakash tells him that he’s only unique to think like that about her. Prakash says that Meera is stressed because of the age difference in her marriage and Ritesh says that it’s not only about that. She is also tortured and Dharam is quite immature and insecure. Dharam walks by and hears him talking. He walks in by warns him and takes him out.
Jaggi tells the people around him to catch Mansi as she’s the one who fired the gun. He takes Gopi outside and calls for ambulance but finds none, so he places her on a cart and wheels her to the hospital.

Dharam starts beating Ritesh, saying he has no right to bitch behind his back. Shravan stops him but Dharam says that he’s only clearing the waste and Ritesh says that it’s Meera’s house too. Dharam pulls his collar and says that he cannot take her name. Ritesh says that he shouldn’t cross his limits and they get into a physical fight. Dharam slaps him hard and Naiya waits for Ritesh’s next move. Meera stops his hand and asks how he dared to raise his hand. She says that she considered him as a friend who understood her but he’s very immature. Ritesh says that he’s not right for her but Meera shuns her. She says that he is right for her and she took this decision years ago and nobody can disrespect her husband in front of her. She tells him to go out immediately and tells him that Dharam is her world, no matter how he is. Dharam gets teary by looking at whatever she is doing and Vidya smiles.

Jaggi brings Gopi to the hospital nad calls for a doctor.

Kokila and Urvashi worry about Gopi and Jaggi and why haven’t they arrived yet. Urmila tells them that Gopi will bring Jaggi back and Kokila agrees.

Doctors take Gopi in the operation theatre and Jaggi asks them to save her.

Vidya gets a call and Naiya listens to her. Vidya is leaving to meet somebody and Naiya follows her.

Urvashi asks Kokila about Jaggi again and she gets a call from him. She tells them that Gopi has been shot by somebody and all of them leave for the hospital. Vidya has gone to meet Ritesh and thanks him for helping her to make Meera realise that she loves Dharam. Ritesh gives her the credit as she was the one who told him about Naiya and Prakash and tells her that Meera is lucky to have her. Naiya watches them and thinks that she won’t let her win anyway.

Jaggi tells Kokila that Mansi wanted to kill him but Gopi took the shot for him. Meera tells Shravan and Dharam that Gopi has been shot. Vidya comes in and gets to know about it and all of them leave for the hospital. Dharam leaves Naiya to take care of Priyal and she tells them that she’ll do that. She is happy that Meera and Vidya are in pain anyhow.

Urvashi handles Jaggi and Sona brings water for Kokila while she prays to God.

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