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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30 August 2016 full episode written update: Lovi tells Jeevan that she’ll do anything to separate Raja and Rani

Jeevan seeks forgiveness from Rani and she agrees but Jeevan has some other plans to break her marriage with Raja.

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Jeevan comes to help in the marriage preparations but Raja stops him and asks him to get out. Jeevan seeks forgiveness from him but he shuns him out. Then Jeevan goes to Ambika and she forgives him readily. Raja interrupts but Rani Maa tells him not to let anything come in between.

Rani enters the room and is going towards Raja when Jeevan comes in front of her and tells her to forgive him by acting innocent and guilty. Ambika comes and tells her to do so as he’s guilty enough and she will have to live with him after marriage. Rani agrees and Jeevan tells them that he’ll never disappoint them again and goes away. Raja says they should begin but Dadu sends him back as men are not allowed in today’s function. He whispers to Rani that he’ll meet her tonight itself and she says that she’ll wait.

Ambika starts the function and Dadu explains the whole culture traditionally as and when Ambika proceeds with the function. Rani asks Dadu about how she knows all the traditions so well. Dadu isn’t aware how but she’s born here so it just came out on its own. Rani thanks Rani Ambika and she tells her that it’s time she called her ‘maa’.

Rani is removing her jewellery when Raja comes and helps her and she’s stunned. Raja is teasing her when their jewellery and clothes keep getting stuck with each other. Rani starts getting anxious about the future again and tells Raja that she fears if she’ll have to stay alone. Rani and Dadu enter the Mahal and Raja admires Rani from the gallery of their corridor upstairs. Kaal and Rani Maa welcome them all, at the gate. Dadu thinks about the past again and feels dizzy. She starts saying that she’s unaware of her attachment with the Mahal. She feels nostalgic the moment she enters. Rani tells her that nothing will happen and takes her in with Ambika. Rani walks in and Raja showers roses on her from upstairs and admires her. Jeevan is actively helping with all the preparations when Lovi comes and tells him that he’s too good an actor but she’s not convinced. Jeevan acts arrogantly and is going away when Lovi tells him that she had no part in helping Raja find Rani. She’s equally in despair with their marriage and she’ll do anything to separate them.

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