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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd September 2016 full episode written update: Kokila confesses to Raja that Kaal and Rani Maa killed Rani’s parents

Raja is given all the proof and confronts Kokila wherein she tells him the whole truth.

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Ambika blesses Raja for his future ahead when Lovi comes to see him. He gifts her a ring and she asks him to put it on her finger but Raja stops. She then says that she was kidding and that he is always looking for Rani. She says that Jeevan has gone to pick Rani and will be coming anytime. Raja shouts at Ambika for letting him go all alone and runs to find them. Jeevan is driving and plays an inappropriate song to which Rani objects. Jeevan changes his direction and Rani asks where he’s taking them but he tells them not to worry. Raja is about to go out when Rani Maa stops her but he says that its important. He meets Jeevan on the door and asks where Rani is when she enters from the door. Jeevan does not let him see her as its considered as a bad omen. Dadu is taking Rani towards the pandal when she tells her that her parents would’ve been very happy. Rani trips and is about to see her parent’s photo but Meenu comes in between.

Rani meets Raja on the pandal and Raja asks how he looks. The priest starts with the rituals when Dadu interrupts saying that nobody has put tilak on Raja’s forehead. She adds that tilak is an important factor in their tradition and tells them to get it from where its always kept. Ambika goes to get it. Raja asks how she knows all this and she replies that its her house and she’ll obviously know it all. They further proceed with the wedding when Ambika brings the tilak. Lovi comes and ties the knot for them and lights a small incense stick to cause fire. The priest asks them to take their patents’ names. Raja takes his parent’s name and Rani says that she is loved by her Dadu as a mother so she takes her name. The moment she takes her father’s name, Dadu calls out the real name of her father, Rana Indra Dev. Rani corrects her saying that its Lakhan but Dadu tells her that Lakhan was a mere servant and he only took care of her. She points towards Kokila saying that she knows about Lakhan very well. Dadu is about to faint when Rani runs towards her and asks again. Rani Maa says that she needs a doctor and Kaal calls out for one. Dadu still says that she’s only telling the truth. Raja thinks of all that has happened and is stricken with something. (Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st September 2016 full episode written update: Jeevan comes to pick Rani for the venue)

They make Dadu sit on a sofa and drink water. Kokila comes to her room and starts worrying if Raj Mata will remember everything. Raja walks in on her and asks why is she here. Dadu gets back to normal and asks why they’re all worried. The priest tells them that its time and Dadu sends Meenu to make Rani sit in the pandal. Raja then confronts Kokila with all the truth that Dadu claims to be true. Kokila hesitates and shuns him but he insists. The guests call Dadu crazy again but Meenu tells Rani to ingnore it. Shashi goes to find Raja and Lovi thinks that Raja isn’t here and wishes that he never returns. Raja asks about the necklace that Raj Mata owns and asks Kokila to show it. He checks if Dadu’s name is inscribed on it and he finds that it is. Kokila prepares to leave when he says that Dadu wasn’t lying. He pushes her to tell why she killed her kids when she says that Kaal and Rani Maa killed them.

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