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Is KRK so influential his tweets should worry National Award-winner Ajay Devgn?

Ajay Devgn rushed to the media alleging Kamaal R Khan has been paid by Karan Johar to promote Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and attack his Shivaay. Even if this is true, why should KRK's support bother Ajay?

Ajay Devgn, KRK, KRK ajay tweets, Shivaay, Kamaal R Khan, Shivaay film Ajay Devgn alleged Kamaal R Khan got Rs 25 lakh from Karan Johar to praise Ae Dil Hai Mushkil teaser and slam his film Shivaay.

Dear Ajay Devgn, I was surprised when an actor of your calibre chose to attach importance to a non-entity like KRK by slamming him. You are a Padma Shri and two-time National Award winner while KRK is nothing but a clever byproduct of the social media explosion. Your battle with him reminds me of Irish playwright George Benard Shaw’s saying, “Never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

And that exactly is what is happening. Your tweet and official statement exposing KRK have propelled him to unimaginable glory, something that he is relishing and cherishing at the moment. Why, he has even called a press conference to address the issue. Rest assured, it will be a packed house because a name no less than Ajay Devgn has chosen to give him importance. Now that brings me to the pertinent question, why is KRK so important and influential that celebs feel the need to react? Let’s take a look.

At 1.2 million followers on Twitter, there is no arguing that KRK has a massive reach on social media. His tweets are widely read, liked, retweeted and commented upon. But what is doubtful is whether he indeed is an opinion shaper with his tweets? Can he sway or influence people with his opinions? Not really. I haven’t heard anyone say I will or will not watch a movie because KRK has liked or disliked it. At best, he is the court jester whose opinions are entertaining to hear and watch when taken with a pinch of salt.

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KRK uses the most potent tool to grab eyeballs on social media — abuse. He spits filth. He is a classic case of verbal diarrhoea best enjoyed when viewed from a distance. But to think that people get even remotely carried away by what he says is wrong. He is not the nation-needs-to-know phenomenon. And for the minority who actually does, their non-viewing of your film will cause no real difference in the collection.

The other important thing to note is, did money indeed exchange hands? Did Karan Johar pay a staggering Rs 25 lakh to KRK for positive Ae Dil Hai Mushkil promotions? Assuming, without admitting, that Karan did pay KRK, the question to be asked is if it is wrong? Ethically yes, because you are then buying opinions for a price to sell out wrong information to your viewers by ensuring positive word of mouth. But then, if that is ethically wrong, so are paid tie-ups with media houses. Rarely will you see anything negative printed about stars or their movies. The huge amount of money pumped into positive PR ensures that the news that reaches the ‘mango people’ are those that stars want them to read. So what’s the harm in paying KRK money if one feels his opinion matters?

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Now what has got Ajay more upset is the continuous deplorable badgering of his movie, Shivaay, by KRK while he posted positive tweets about KJo’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Really, why should Ajay even bother about it? Regardless of what KRK says whether or not influenced by KJo’s allegedly paid money, the real game changer would be the screen numbers that both movies will get. That will be the deciding factor in the opening weekend.

A tweet from PVR cinemas saying that they dedicated one full day to promote ADHM and calling it the year’s most awaited blockbuster should have Ajay more worried rather than KRK. Does Ajay have enough clout to get enough screen numbers in multiplexes and single screens is the real question? KRK and his opinion will have no bearing on these things. Unless, of course, cinema owners decide to go by KRK’s ruling which, of course, is never the case.

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Finally, what is it about KRK that makes celebs react to his comments. Sonakshi Sinha did, Alia Bhatt did, Sidharth Malhotra did and now Ajay has joined the bandwagon. Barring Ajay, I have quizzed all the above three actors about KRK. And the one big inference that I can draw from their answers is that KRK is someone who shouldn’t be given importance at all. But then again, the man does have enough clout to rope in Big B to launch his magazine and to get Ajay’s business associate to call him and complain about his tweets. He gets a whole lot of exclusive news delivered at his doorstep by, at times, the same people who loathe him. Kumar Mangat, in his phone conversation, promised to give him some news in a week’s time. So is he a big enough brand that you give him exclusive news to be published? If yes, then grin and bear his idiosyncrasies or else ignore him and let him rot in oblivion.

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