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Dear Zindagi, all of us are in the same mess as Alia Bhatt’s Kaira

Alia Bhatt's character from Dear Zindagi is as normal as you and me.

Written by A. Kameshwari | New Delhi |
November 24, 2016 8:09:01 pm
alia bhatt, dear zindagi, shah rukh khan Alia Bhatt plays the character of Kaira in Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi.

They said teenage is the most difficult phase of life but I believe the journey we make from being a teenager to an adult is just like making a choice between how would you want to die – naturally or an accident. I mean, you just cannot make sense of anything that’s happening, especially if you are the kind who believes in going with the wind.

I am in my early 20’s and like every other girl around me, I have too many things on my plate to handle – my career, my miserable life (which for everyone is awesome) and my troubles that I wake up with everyday.

And in the name of some guidance that I seek, I get – “you are a grown up, behave like one”, “you are a big girl, why cry?” and many other such useless suggestions.

While I was just ranting about all of this, I realised how I am the second Kaira from Dear Zindagi. Somehow, I relate to Alia Bhatt’s character on many levels and if you are a 20-something girl, you may too.

We want freedom but yet find someone to always hold onto:


Freedom is a word which, just like love, is undefinable. But both the terms have one thing in common, they both are equally desirable. We can’t let go of love for freedom and vice-versa but at times, we get to a point where we want to leave everything and rejoice ourselves. But have we ever been able to do that? At least, I couldn’t. Even in the first teaser of Dear Zindagi, Alia says she wants to set herself free but eventually falls and seeks for help.

We are a big attention seeker!


Believe me or not, everyone from our age group has an attention seeking disorder. Our dramas, dress ups and the reason why we often make ‘baat ka batangad’ is because we want the people around us to know we exist. Alia aka Kaira’s reason behind bad jokes seems to be for the same reason if you notice in the take 3 aka the third teaser of the film.

We fall in love and cry our lungs out when we break up


In our age or should I say in our Tinder age, the difference between crush and relationship has vanished. We fall in love quite soon and seriously. And within a few months, they become our exes too but does that mean we let go of it easily? No, we cry louder every time history repeats itself.

All of a sudden, the entire romantic relationship funda makes us unbearably unhappy, so much so that we can even kill couples who behave lovey-dovey around us.

But at times, we also think to ourselves that how cool it would be if we can recycle our relationships. Just like how Alia asks Shah Rukh Khan if he can repair or recycle people as well.


We are a big confused generation:

I think above all, you and I have to totally agree that our entire generation is extremely confused. We have no idea what we want from our life. We want to stop hurting ourselves but do not refrain from making the same mistakes again and again while expecting different results.

But having said it all, I am excited to know if Dear Zindagi has answers to my questions – to your questions. Or may be, the film will be able to throw a ray of hope that we shall find answers sooner than we know.

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This Gauri Shinde directorial film is about you, me and every girl who is struggling to rise above tantrums that life throws at us. Starring Shah Rukh Khan in an extended cameo, the film releases on November 25.

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