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Bigg Boss 10, 16th November 2016 written update: Nitibha and Swami Om get into a verbal spat

Bigg Boss 10, 16th November 2016 written update: Lokesh Kumari continues to struggle in the house.

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After Manveer gets pissed off with what Rohan said and removes his mic in the last episode, the show opens where Manveer is upset and Mona Lisa starts consoling him. Bigg Boss calls Manveer in the confession room and then asks him what is he dealing with right now. Manveer speaks to Bigg Boss and feels content after that. Bigg Boss gives another task to the teams, in which Lopa and Gaurav compete. Lopa wins the task and Rohan’s team gains bonus points. Swami asks for his medicines and then sleeps on the couch. Bani, at seeing this, gives him a punishment and shifts his couch near Mona’s team. Manu asks Bani that why did she leave Swami beside their team. She says that Swami was sleeping and since he belongs to their team, she has punished him and shifted his couch besides their team.

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Another morning, contestants wake up to ‘Fattela jeb sill jayega’. All the contestants sleep in the garden area. Swami appeals to the audience to not vote in favour of Mona as he feels that she is a characterless girl. He speaks to Rohan’s team about how Mona and Manu were sleeping last night. He uses inappropriate words for Mona. Manveer, Manu and Mona wonder what is he talking about.

Nitibha and Swami get into a verbal spat and Manu blames Swami for scoring low in the task. Mona Lisa and team make fun of Swami and request Bigg Boss to throw him out of the house. Bani and Nitibha get into an argument about following rules. Swami tells others that Nitibha is like ‘keechad’ and Bani should stay away from her. Nitibha hears this and gives it back to Swami. She asks him to be respectful.

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Bigg Boss announces the purpose of the ‘Lock Down’ task and appreciates their efforts as the task has now ended. He even congratulates Rohan and his team for winning the task. Manu tells Mona that no one is good friends with anyone in the house. They discuss about everyone else in the house and how people are questioning their relationship. Bani tells Gaurav that she saw him looking at Mona while she was dancing. The celebrities are discussing about Mona and Manu’s relationship. The celebrities joke about Gaurav following Mona around and agree with Bani.

Bigg Boss asks the contestants to vote for the worst performers in the task. While the contestants are discussing whom to vote among themselves, Swami keeps his stuff in the jail. Manu asks Swami to play along with the team and vote for ones like them. Rahul tells them that they are voting for Swami, Nitibha and Gaurav while Mona’s team takes Karan’s name and asks Swami for his vote. Swami refuses to be a part of the voting discussion and creates a scene for targeting him all the time.

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Bigg Boss announces that he has sent food for contestants for performing well in the task. Since Swami and Nitibha are the worst performers they will not be allowed to eat what Bigg Boss has sent. They don’t have any rights on the luxury budget items too. At dinner, Swami and Lopa discuss his anger. She tells him that he cannot question a woman’s character on national camera. He tells her that it’s against the customs and traditions of the country when she gives it back to him saying he can’t impose his thoughts on anyone.

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