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UPSC CSE 2021 | IAS Toppers from Rau’s IAS share their coaching experience

Shubhankar Pathak, AIR 11 and Pooja Jha, AIR 82, both cracked the UPSC IAS Exam in their first attempt. Watch their toppers talk to learn how to strategize your UPSC preparation.

IAS Toppers from Rau’s IAS share their coaching experience

An old proverb reads, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Same is true for churning out top ranks in the prestigious UPSC Civil Services Exam. To get top ranks in this exam, civil services aspirants require a learning ecosystem in which their minds can be trained to tackle the various challenges posed by the UPSC exam. In simple words, civil services aspirants require a learning ecosystem which can hand hold them at every stage of their preparation and address their doubts so that they could crack the exam in the shortest possible time. The learning ecosystem thus goes way beyond teaching and encompasses everything from:

  • Relevant Teaching – in accordance with the syllabus and trend of the exam,
  • Methodical Testing – which systematically helps in improving test taking skills
  • Continuous integration of current affairs – with the static themes of the syllabus
  • Targeted Revisions – to narrow down on the most important topics for the exams 
  • Doubt resolution and mentoring – to help aspirants always moving in the right direction

Let’s see what some of Rau’s IAS 2021 toppers have mentioned about Rau’s IAS learning ecosystem.

  1. According to Mr. Shubhankar Pratyush Pathak, AIR 11, UPSC CSE 2021 (first attempt), it is the learning ecosystem of Rau’s IAS that has given him an advantage over his competition and he dedicates his success to the teachers and mentors of the Rau’s IAS. Rau’s IAS is replete with teachers who understand the requirement of the UPSC IAS exam and are continuously updated regarding the exam’s evolving trend. He also mentioned that as he was a working professional with limited time, he could only use Rau’s IAS resources and that (keeping your resources limited as is repeatedly told by all toppers) helped him crack the IAS exam in his first attempt.”
  2. Ms. Sonali Dev, AIR-41, UPSC CSE-2021 who cracked the exam in her second attempt highlighted that she could comprehensively cover the massive syllabus of the UPSC IAS exam because of the disciplined schedule of classes. Mr. Shubhankar also highlighted that Rau’s IAS ensured timely and exhaustive coverage of the syllabus, which is rarely seen in other coachings.
  3. Ms. Anendeya Rajshree, AIR 68, UPSC CSE-2021, highlighted that Rau’s IAS learning sources for current affairs – which include Daily News Simplified videos, weekly thematic current affairs classes, monthly current affairs magazine (called Focus) and yearly compilations for Prelims and Mains respectively (called Compass booklets) – systematically cover all important current issues and provide multiple revision of the same. 
  4. Testing is an essential part of learning and improving. Ms. Namrata Chaube, AIR 73, UPSC CSE-2021 has highlighted that the prelims and mains test series of Rau’s IAS have helped her to get real exam like simulation in terms of difficulty level, coverage and experience. She also highlighted that the mains tests were followed by detailed evaluation, feedback and mentoring which helped her in continuously improving her answer writing skills.
  5. The extent of the syllabus of civil services examination is vast and hence, students require timely intervention in the form of revision so that they can focus on the most important themes for the exam. Mr. P K Siddharth, AIR 189, UPSC CSE 2021 has dedicated his success to the Prelims and Mains revision classes. In his case, he was undergoing training for the Indian Postal Services and hence, it was very difficult for his to squeeze time from his busy schedule. The Prelims and Mains Revision classes (which are part of Rau’s IAS – GSI QIP course) helped him to improve his rank significantly.
  6. Civil services aspirants require continuous handholding and mentorship to solve their doubts, stay motivated and heading in the right direction. Ms. Pooja Jha, AIR 82, UPSC CSE-2021 has utilized the one-to-one mentorship provided by Rau’s IAS in the right fashion and was able to secure top rank in her very first attempt. Through right guidance under the tutelage of Rau’s IAS teachers, she has become a role model for future aspirants. She has dedicated her success to the mentorship she has received during the preparation at Rau’s IAS.

Shubhankar Pathak, AIR 11 and Pooja Jha, AIR 82, both cracked the UPSC IAS Exam in their first attempt. Watch their toppers talk to learn how to strategize your UPSC preparation. Click here to watch now.


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