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Articulation Programs: A Key To Lay The Foundation For A Successful International Career

NAAC A+ Chandigarh University has formed over 383 educational alliances with colleges, universities and industry worldwide.

Articulation Programs

The Articulation Programs, also known as Transfer Programs, are Inter-institutional agreements that allow the students to pursue and continue the same course in two different institutions with joint study programs in terms of academic credits and credit transfer. Under the articulation programs, the educational institutions review each other’s curriculum and level of instruction, after which they draw out if a specific program would satisfy course requirements in both the places. 

The articulation program agreements facilitate easy transfer and are mostly signed between institutions with the same 4-year degree. In the present day world, these programs offer you the opportunity to pursue your academics abroad as well. For instance, Chandigarh University’s BBA articulation program with Okanagan College in Canada allows the students to initiate their degrees at Chandigarh University and complete it at Okanagan College. 

Furthermore, there are multiple other aspects connected to the articulation program, which are quite beneficial especially for the students aiming for an international degree and experience. Some of those many beneficial aspects are as follows: 

  • Best of both worlds: After graduating from senior secondary education, a student often faces a dilemma where they have to make a choice for their future. Sometimes, the choice depends upon availability of a course, or other factors like distance from the family, or friends circle and much more. However, under articulation programs, a student gets the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. Apart from experiencing the atmosphere of two different institutions and countries, one also gets to meet new people and learn from different faculties.   
  • International degree: In the present day world, an international degree earns you recognition across the globe and exposes you to various international opportunities. Pursuing a degree under an articulation program with a foreign university will train you with the most in-demand and relevant skills that are applicable in other parts of the world as well. An international degree is also preferred by the employers who look to boost their operations with a workforce having an international experience or exposure. 
  • Easy Visa Process & Relaxed Entry Criteria: Even though the entry criteria varies with program and country, the articulation programs facilitate you with smooth transition from one university to the other. The visa success rate under these programs is usually high, however, it is crucial for the candidate to fulfill the requisite terms for the same. For instance, some international colleges do not ask for your IELTS score, while some have the minimum requirement of 6.5 bands each and overall. Hence, it falls upon the student to learn about the requirements and fulfill them.
  • Employability: As discussed before, an international degree is preferred by an employer, which enhances your professional portfolio and employability. An international degree certifies that you incorporate relevant and in-demand skills and exposes you to a plethora of academic and professional opportunities at the international level. This further ensures better opportunities and better pay. Also, many of these programs allow the students to do part-time work while they study.
  • Reduced Foreign Fee & Scholarship opportunities: Generally, an international student, applying for a foreign university, has to pay a fee higher than the normal one. However, this isn’t always the case with articulation programs. While you finish your course with an international degree from a foreign institution, the initial phase of your academics, under the articulation program, is taught in the sender institution, which saves you the foreign fee. 
  • Develop Social & Professional Network:  Allowing you to pursue your degree from different institutions in different countries, the articulation programs help you develop a larger social and professional network. One comes across new people and new cultures, which broadens your learning skills and helps you create an international network with like-minded students and professionals.

International and Articulation Programs at Chandigarh University

NAAC A+ Chandigarh University has formed over 383 educational alliances with colleges, universities and industry worldwide. CU’s educational alliances offer diversified learning opportunities in many different countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Italy, USA, United Kingdom, etc. The university, along with scholarships, also enables you to apply for loan facilities for study abroad programs. 

Chandigarh University offers 50+Degree Seeking Programs and 150+ short term programs in collaboration with foreign universities. 

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