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Six Ways To Make This Valentine’s Day Special For Your Special Someone

Even the most unique gifts you can give your loved ones don’t require much pre-planning. So here are some ideas you can take away for a Valentine’s Day gift that shows you’re really trying to break the mold.

Outgrowing the conventional this Valentine's Day
Outgrowing the conventional this Valentine’s Day

Ok, it’s time for you to sit up and listen. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you still don’t have a gift, do you?! Oh lord helps you if you completely forgot. Ok, Ok, don’t panic. You’re not completely up a creek without a paddle. That’s because some of the most unique gifts you can give our loved one don’t require that much pre-planning. So here are some ideas you can take away for a Valentine’s Day gift that shows you’re really trying to break the mold.

1. Volunteer with a charity

While everyone out there is spending money on each other, you could try something different. Instead of buying expensive gifts, instead, take some time out to do some volunteer work together. Maybe visit your local orphanage or old age home and spread the love you’re feeling. After all, as multiple songs proclaim, everyone needs a little love. And the best part is, volunteering to help those not as well off as you guarantee you’ll come away feeling like you were the one that received a gift. Central

2. Plant a tree

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Think about all the movies you’ve watched, where lovers carve their names in hearts on a tree. What a travesty! There’s no need to take away from the beauty of nature to show you care right? So how about you instead add to nature? Don’t buy a gift, just donate the money you would have spent to one of the many charities that will plant a tree in your partner’s name. Or better yet, go out and plant a few saplings yourself. Maybe you can even make a day of it! And when you’re old and grey together, you can fondly reminisce that somewhere in the world is a tree that exists because of you, giving other lovers shade underneath its boughs.

3. Adopt a stray animal

Maybe your job leaves you at work for long hours while your partner is home alone, and bored. They miss you, and don’t have anyone to give all the love they have inside. If that’s the case, they might appreciate an animal companion. Don’t spend a ton of money on a bred pup either, instead, you could adopt a stray dog (or cat) from a shelter. There are always adorable animals that were abandoned on our roads, looking for the love of a forever home. You could give them that, while also giving your partner another creature to love in your absence. Not to mention it’s definitely quite a surprise to show up with.

4. Craft something with your hands

If you’re the artistic sort, making something personal for your lover is a great way to go. You have options here too. If you can an evocative writer, write them a heartfelt letter, or a poem, maybe even a song! Or perhaps you’re good with your hands, in which case you could try your hand at woodworking and make them a piece of furniture for your home, or even sculpt a designer pot they can display in your living room. If you start early enough, you can even find classes to help you with the necessary skills and tools to do this. Or just put together a scrapbook or photo album of your time together.

5. Encourage their hobby

Not every Valentine’s Day gift has to intrinsically involve you. Instead, you could just try showing how much you appreciate them by encouraging their personal hobbies. Buy them art supplies, if that’s what they’re into, or the latest game for their console. Set up a pottery class, or a wine tasting session. Whatever they like to do in their spare time, get them something that ties in.

6. Buy life insurance

Now, this last one may be a little far removed from what you’re used to, but there IS a point to it. Buy yourself a life insurance policy. This shows your husband or wife that you’re thinking about the long term, that you want them and your possible children to be protected when you’re gone. It’s a romantic gesture in and of itself, but it also serves the purpose of safeguarding your little family from adversity.


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