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Sunday, August 07, 2022

Astrologer’s‌ ‌True‌ ‌Prediction‌ ‌Made‌ ‌This‌ ‌Engineer‌ ‌A ‌Millionaire:‌ ‌Astrotalk‌ ‌

The secret to AstroTalk’s success, according to Puneet, stems from hiring genuine astrologers and doing business with full honesty.

Updated: March 11, 2022 2:57:06 pm
Astrotalk‌ With Puneet Gupta

Indians have always believed in ABC, i.e. Astrology, Bollywood and Cricket. However, while there was always a platform to enjoy Bollywood and cricket, there was a huge gap in the online astrology space. And that’s exactly where Astrotalk found its niche to build the world’s largest astrology company that has served over 2-crore people in less than 4 years & does a revenue of over 41 lacs per day.

Although it seems, starting an online Astrology business was a very good decision when there was so much demand, but the truth is that Astrotalk was a result of an astrology prediction. 

An engineer who wasn’t even sure of what he has to do in future, was guided by an astrologer to build a successful business & become a millionare. Here’s the story of the Puneet Gupta, the founder of Astrotalk.

An astrology prediction that created a startup 

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In 2015, Puneet was working as an IT engineer in Mumbai when he decided to quit his job to do a startup. But like most of us, he too was very anxious about leaving the job security. 

That’s when one of his colleagues noticed his tension and asked him about the problem. On learning about his confusion, she offered to help with an astrology prediction.

Puneet, who didn’t believe in astrology back then, laughed at his colleague and asked her how an educated person like her could believe in astrology.

His colleague was however very confident about her astrology skills, and told him that she could tell him everything about his past.


Considering her confidence, Puneet agreed to give it a try as he had nothing to lose. The astrologer gave accurate predictions about his past but Puneet didn’t believe in it, thinking she might have heard that from someone.

Predicting his future, she told him that he would soon start an IT startup with his friend but it would shut down in 2 years as his partner will leave him. 

She then added that Puneet would start another startup, that eventually will become very successful. Puneet didn’t believe any of it, yet resigned to start an IT company.


To his surprise, 2 years later, his partner did leave leading to the shutting down of a well-established business.

It was then Punnet recalled the prediction of her friend. He arranged her number and gave her a call to tell her how her prediction came true.  

The astrologer ex-colleague then suggested Puneet to do something in the spiritual field adding that such a business will be successful for him. 

It was then Puneet started Astrotalk, a company that has grown at lightning speed to become the world’s largest Astrology company.

“I am humbled and proud at the same time that we could positively impact the lives of more than 2 crore people in just 4 years,” says Puneet.

Why Astrotalk became so successful


The secret to AstroTalk’s success, according to Puneet, stems from hiring genuine astrologers and doing business with full honesty.

“The biggest challenge for us right from the beginning has been to find genuine astrologers. We get thousands of CVs from across India but less than 5% of the entrants can clear our interview process. There are a lot of self-proclaimed astrologers in the market, so it takes about 5-7 interviews to identify the right astrologers,” says Gupta. 


Another reason why Astrotalk is famous among astrology lovers is for its 100% privacy. On Astrotalk, customers can chat and talk privately with astrologers.

“The only way to build a good product is to talk to the customers and keep doing the best for them. If you solve the problems of customers, they will solve all your business problems,” Gupta adds.

AstroTalk’s future 


Puneet claims that AstroTalk is generating a revenue of over Rs 41 lakh per day. The company employs over 2500 astrologers and is providing over 180,000 minutes of daily astrological consultation over chat and call. The most interesting thing about the startup is that it is highly youth-centric and 90% of its revenue comes from customers who are  below the age of 35.

With rapidly increasing demand from the customers, Astrotalk expects to hire 10,000 more astrologers by the end of 2022. And to create more impact, Astrotalk offers the first chat with an astrologer for free. 

To chat with an astrologer, one can simply head to and ask anything about their love relationship, marriage or career. The first chat is absolutely free.

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First published on: 18-02-2022 at 12:05:23 pm
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