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Army Day

What you (probably) don’t know about the world’s most peaceful, yet most lethal army

Updated: January 16, 2019 10:45:33 am

The Indian army is one of the world’s most peaceful, owing to the fact that it has never initiated the first attack in any warfare.

The Indian army, ever since its inception, has been the home to countless heroes. The tales of soldiers’ valour have inspired generations and fill us with insurmountable pride. Our army is one of the world’s most peaceful, owing to the fact that it has never initiated the first attack in any warfare. Under enemy attack, however, we can be equally menacing. Most of us have seen the Hindi film, Border. It was based on the ‘Battle of Longewala’, which was fought in December 1971 between India and Pakistan. The aftermath of that battle saw heavy enemy casualties (around 200 soldiers killed, 34 tanks destroyed), while there were only two casualties on the Indian side!

And this doesn’t even begin to describe the admirable feats that our army has achieved during both war and peace-time! Here are some facts that will make you respect our forces even more.

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

There are several battlefields in the world. The highest of them is known as ‘Siachen’, a glacier situated 5000 meters above sea level. Here, a fruit can freeze and become inedible within seconds; temperatures can fall to 60 degrees below zero, and snowfall can stack up to 36 feet! India has around 10,000 soldiers camped here. More than 800 soldiers have died here because of the extreme conditions and yet, they continue to serve our country, living without any regard for their life, only to protect their motherland and her sons.

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

Indian army has contributed a lot to the United Nations’ peacekeeping efforts around the world. Taking part in more than 40 peacekeeping missions, we have deployed a significant number of soldiers and even lost some of those Bravehearts, all for the sake of peace. During the 2013 Uttarakhand floods, Indian army also carried out one of the biggest civilian rescue operations – ‘Operation Rahat’, with the help of the Indian Air Force.

Army sounded a high alert across Line of Control with army jawans patrolling in Nowgam sector after special forces had carried out "Surgical strike" to destroy 7 launch pads along the Line of Control where teams of terrorists had positioned themselves. Express photo by Shuaib masoodi 30.9.2016