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Tuesday, May 17, 2022



Is Donald Trump strategically pushing out non-Americans from the United States?

February 02, 2017 4:56 pm

If you pull back for a moment from the distracting cacophony engineered by Trump, you'll realize that there is a plan after all. The dots do connect.

How Yemen's wartime central bank keeps country afloat

June 10, 2016 1:59 pm

As civil war engulfs Yemen, the central bank is so committed to staying neutral that it pays salaries of soldiers on both sides

UN blacklists Saudi-led coalition in Yemen for crimes against children

June 03, 2016 10:21 am

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon placed Yemen's Shiite Huthi rebels and the Saudi-led military coalition on an annual blacklist over the deaths of hundreds of children in airstrikes.

Saudi Arabia intercepts missile from Yemen

May 31, 2016 2:29 pm

It was the second missile launch from Yemen on Monday since UN-brokered peace talks began in Kuwait on April 21 between the Houthi Shiite rebels and the government of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi.

Suicide bombing, claimed by IS, kills 37 police recruits in Yemen

May 15, 2016 3:33 pm

The bomber detonated an explosives belt as he joined a line of men at a police recruitment centre in the city.

Yemen suicide bombing: Up to four killed in Aden blast, say witnesses

April 12, 2016 12:15 pm

Eight people were wounded in the attack, which appeared to target young men queuing to register to serve in the military, said witnesses.

UN envoy welcomes Yemen truce as opportunity to rebuild violence-torn country

April 11, 2016 10:48 am

The coalition began a military campaign a year ago with the aim of preventing Houthi rebels and forces loyal to Yemen's ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh from taking control of the country.

Christian priest kidnapped in Yemen 'could be freed soon'

April 03, 2016 6:43 pm

Father Tom was captured from the southern Yemeni city of Aden by gunmen who killed at least 15 people at an old people's home in an attack that was condemned by Pope Francis.

Yemen govt forces takeover parts of Aden from al-Qaeda

March 30, 2016 6:50 pm

Troops and militia retook the central prison and deployed on main roads across the Mansura residential district after a three-hour gunbattle with the jihadists, the sources said.

Yemen: Catholic order trashes ‘rumours’ of IS plan to crucify Indian priest

March 26, 2016 3:02 am

A spokesman for the order’s Bangalore province said such reports were unsubstantiated and they could not ascertain their source.