Friday, December 03, 2021

Obama administration


Amid opposition, Obama administration to defend Iran nuclear deal in Senate

July 23, 2015 11:17 am

Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are to pose tough questions to Secretary of State John Kerry, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz about the deal that Congress is expected to vote on in September.

2002 Gujarat riots: US court dismissed lawsuit against Narendra Modi

January 15, 2015 1:10 pm

US District Judge Analisa Torres said Modi is entitled to immunity as the sitting head of a foreign govt.

Govt to warn motorists about counterfeit air bags

October 10, 2012 10:41 am

Some of the counterfeit bags don't inflate or fail to inflate properly,says NHTSA

Suspicions rise after steep drop in US unemployment numbers

October 07, 2012 12:57 am

Conspiracy theorists came out in force after the government reported a sudden drop in the US unemployment rate one month before Election Day

To counter outsourcing,Obama admin unveils $40 mn 'make it in America challenge'

September 26, 2012 10:16 am

In an effort to accelerate the trend of insourcing,US announces an initiative for US businesses.

Barack Obama Admin braces for spread of anti-US protests on Friday

September 14, 2012 11:42 am

The protests being seen around the region are in reaction to the movie.

Egypt impulsive,Libya planned

September 13, 2012 1:10 am

Unarmed mob seen in Cairo; in Benghazi,grenades,mortars used

US set to brand Haqqanis a terrorist group

September 02, 2012 12:51 am

Several Haqqani leaders have already been designated individually as “global terrorists”

Romney blasts Obama,vows to act tough with Iran,China

August 31, 2012 1:05 pm

At the climax of the party's national convention,Mitt Romney,accused the current Obama Administration of being apologetic.

US denies Assange witch-hunt claims

August 21, 2012 10:53 am

Assange,who is living inside the Ecuadorian Embassy has been given political asylum by Ecuador.


Pak should specify grounds behind aircraft purchase: Defence Expert

February 14, 2016 3:19 pm

Bhopal, Feb 14 (ANI): Pakistan's Ministry of External Affairs (MoFA) spokesperson on Sunday expressed disappointment over the Indian Government's move to summon US Ambassador Richard Verma to express displeasure over the Obama administration notifying the sale of eight F-16s aircrafts to Islamabad. Speaking on the Pakistan's reaction, Defence Expert S.R. Sinho said that the Pakistan Government should specify the grounds behind purchasing F-16s from US. He added the reason given by Pakistan to the US that India threatened them is absolutely false. Sinho stated that these aircrafts cannot be used in Afghanistan as the dialogue for peace is in the process, so where else the Pakistan will use these aircrafts.