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Mahinda Rajapaksa


Sirisena is not the answer

August 22, 2015 12:00 am

Sri Lanka may get a stable government, but it will not be the promised new country.

Colombo beginnings

August 19, 2015 12:00 am

Sirisena-Wickremesinghe 2.0 must build on their project of good governance with reconciliation.

Sri Lanka polls: Wickremesinghe to return as PM, Rajapaksa concedes defeat

August 18, 2015 6:24 pm

Wickremasinghe was set to take oath in a simple ceremony at the Presidential Secretariat while the cabinet of national government was to be appointed later.

Sri Lanka headed for a hung parliament, Wickremesinghe's party leading in 11 districts

August 18, 2015 10:05 am

Initial results from the August 17 parliamentary elections show the Wickremesinghe’s United National Front for Good Governance leading in 11 of Sri Lanka’s 22 districts.

Lanka elections: Mahinda Rajapaksa concedes defeat in parliamentary elections

August 18, 2015 10:04 am

Rajapaksa said that his UPFA has won eight districts and Wickremesinghe's UNP has 11 out of a total of 22.

Sri Lanka votes as former strongman Mahinda Rajapaksa eyes comeback

August 17, 2015 2:13 pm

President Sirisena has vowed not to make Rajapaksa premier even if his United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) wins a majority.

Sri Lanka polls: Sirisena, Rajapaksa, and the ‘unfinished business of January’

August 17, 2015 1:44 am

There is a fair possibility that the UNP and Wickremesinghe-led United National Front for Good Governance will win more seats than the UPFA.

A defining moment for Colombo

August 17, 2015 12:00 am

Could the outcome of parliamentary polls end Sri Lanka’s honeymoon with democracy?

Looking at Lanka: Rajapaksa hears ‘cry of people’, is 100% confident of party’s victory

August 15, 2015 4:02 am

If elected, Rajapaksa said, he would invite India to “join China” and finish projects in Sri Lanka.

Memory and forgetting

August 10, 2015 12:54 am

Sri Lanka poll outcome will hinge on whether or not voters remember why they ousted Rajapaksa as president in January.


Top Frames: Vladimir Putin's sea adventure, Rajapaksa's election loss

August 22, 2015 8:00 am

Vladimir Putin submerging into the waters of the Black Sea; Ranil Wickremesinghe to be sworn in as Sri Lanka's new prime minister in Colombo.


Why there is a political storm in Sri Lanka

June 18, 2020 2:31 pm

Over one weekend, there was a sudden change in the leadership in Sri Lanka. Here's what happened and how.