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Karma Sutra: Understanding, and moving with, the river of life

November 23, 2015 7:41 pm

Life flows, like the river. It is sometimes calm, sometimes rapid, sometimes quiet, sometimes rocky. We don't know what to expect along the way. This makes our journey interesting. And to survive, we learn to read the river.

Karma Sutra: What is charity, really?

November 16, 2015 8:29 pm

For a man who does charitable acts selflessly, there is no room for gratitude or ingratitude.

Karma Sutra: The code of dharma is to tame your demons

November 09, 2015 8:31 pm

This Diwali, let us vow to uphold the code of duty (dharm) and rein in our demons or be prepared to meet the fate that Ravan did.

Andheri family invokes ‘karma’ to get back at ‘dog haters’

September 21, 2015 1:15 am

The family believes that fellow residents of their housing society had a role to play in causing the disappearance of the stray that they had been looking after for more than a decade.

Karma Sutra: Is it possible to create our destiny?

May 18, 2015 11:56 am

The actions that we perform in our lifetimes return to us as our current reality in the form of persons, situations and things.

Steve Jobs afterlife: A ‘mid-level angel’ in ‘parallel universe’

August 24, 2012 11:03 am

A Thai Buddhist claims to know the whereabouts of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the afterlife.

On a Solo Flight

May 21, 2012 3:19 am

Delhi-based guitarist and music composer,Ssameer has been into music since he was in school.

The 3D Party Aftermath

June 08, 2011 3:28 am

Back in the 1980s,when Karma and Mr India released,I installed the 70mm screen.

Shilpa thinks karma brought her and ‘soulmate’ Raj together

August 26, 2009 10:28 am

Shilpa believes her husband-to-be jewellery tycoon Raj Kundra must have been part of her previous life.

Bollywood has become less "Hindustani": Shroff

August 23, 2009 1:29 pm

Shroff who has been a part of emotional films believes that Bollywood films are losing out on the Indian flavour.