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Monday, July 04, 2022

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Days and nights in the forest: 23 days with the Maoists in Chhattisgarh

May 03, 2015 1:00 am

Given rare access, Indian Express reporter Ashutosh Bhardwaj spent 23 days with the Maoists in Chhattisgharh, living in their camps, sharing their food, watching films on a laptop and debating Mao.

Spin a Yarn: Women and their love affair with saree

April 26, 2015 1:00 am

We talk to women who have always disregarded the definition of a sari as a length of unstitched cloth.

Here Comes the Son: A young man in rural Haryana is entitled to the best things of life

April 12, 2015 1:00 am

A young man in rural Haryana is entitled to the best things of life—from the extra glass of milk to the education that won’t be ‘wasted’ on a girl

Colours of Joy: Nature knows how to look its best at all times

March 29, 2015 1:00 am

Psychedelic colours in nature nearly always look stunning on the creatures that sport them.

Everything is a collaboration: Artist Sudarshan Shetty

March 22, 2015 1:00 am

Back in 1995, Sudarshan Shetty did 16 large installations for his first solo in India, “Paper Moon”. Several of them found no buyers and were destroyed over a period of time.

Bangladeshi bloggers talk about harassment and constant threats meted out to them

March 22, 2015 1:00 am

Bloggers and activists say no one who dares to express their thoughts, let alone raise their voice in Bangladesh is safe.

Caught in the Act: Is it a fair digital practice to share data without consent?

March 08, 2015 1:07 am

When you laugh at people online, remember you could be the next to be captured in a state of folly.

Girl No.166: Will this retired cop ever stop looking for Pooja?

March 08, 2015 1:00 am

In the police records, she is a seven-year-old, who went missing on January 22, 2013. She was last seen near her school at 8.15 am.

Rashtrapati Bhavan artwork now available to the public online

March 08, 2015 1:00 am

Using the detailed 1931 catalogue prepared by Lord Irwin, then viceroy of India, the process of digitising the artwork of Rashtrapati Bhavan has been initiated.

The Grasshopper’s Run: They’ve got to be every kid’s favourite insect!

March 01, 2015 1:00 am

Walk through a meadow and watch these creatures leap madly all around you