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Racist posters against Sikhs litter around Canadian varsity

September 21, 2016 10:11 pm

“This is shameful that people in Canada are doing this,” said Yadvinder Bhardwaj, president of the Indian Students’ Association at the University of Alberta, which represents more than 2,500 Indian students.

Canada police says schools closed in province after bomb threat

September 21, 2016 9:03 pm

Canadian police said they closed all schools in the eastern province of Prince Edward Island after getting a threat that a bomb would detonate in a school there on Wednesday.

Canada: Walmart to no longer accept Visa, says fees too high

June 12, 2016 7:21 am

The decision will not have any impact on parent Wal-Mart stores in US

Amid rising deaths by opioids, US, Mexico and Canada to reveal combat plan

June 10, 2016 7:45 am

The area under poppy cultivation in Mexico grew from 10,500 hectares to 28,000 hectares between 2012 and 2015.

Canada plans to legalize recreational use of marijuana in 2017

June 03, 2016 9:51 am

The second youngest Prime Minister in Canada plans to bring regulations which would help in 'protecting' young people from marijuana.

Oil dips on record US inventories; Canada output to improve soon

May 11, 2016 8:00 am

An ongoing fight by Middle East producers for market share in Asia also weighed on prices, countering production declines and disruptions around the world.

Oil traders cautious after plunge as Canada fires ease

May 10, 2016 9:42 am

Traders were also watching developments after Saudi Arabia's surprise replacement of veteran oil minister Ali al-Naimi with a close ally of Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Crude prices up on Canada fires, Saudi oil minister replacement

May 09, 2016 10:38 am

The raging wildfires in Canada's Alberta region has forced producers to cut output by a million barrels a day.

Canadian officials hope to put "death grip" on fire

May 09, 2016 8:04 am

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said the wildfire grew much more slowly than had been feared


Fort McMurray wildfire: Thousands ordered to flee as flames moved into the Canadian oil sands city

May 05, 2016 12:06 pm

The raging wildfire emptied Canada's main oil sands city, destroying entire neighborhoods of Fort McMurray.

Canada welcomes first batch of Syrian refugees at Toronto airport

December 11, 2015 5:06 pm

Canada welcomed 163 Syrian refugees, taking in the first of a planned 25,000 in a matter of months and promising them a better life as they flee their country's horrific war.

Niagara Falls freezes over, attracts tourists

February 20, 2015 12:33 pm

The sub zero temperature and bitter cold has resulted in a frozen spectacle of the Niagara falls in Canada.


Canada’s new marijuana economy: Meet the winners and losers

June 18, 2020 2:33 pm

After 95 years of prohibition, Canada has legalised marijuana. We met with buyers, sellers, growers and students to hear what they had to say.

News in Numbers: Skilled migration from India to US

June 18, 2020 2:46 pm


News in Numbers: Skilled migration from India to US

June 18, 2020 2:46 pm